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Will FaZe disband?
Norway TheGrandLeveler 
Am i the only one that thinks they will disband? I like so much the international team project but imo they might even drop out of DH cause of disbandment or being unable to get 5th in time..
2016-04-05 22:10
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Czech Republic GDom 
I rly want to know who will they pick up as 5th doe
2016-04-05 22:12
Germany GODsuNny 
the next international team is mousesports they already communicate in english
2016-04-05 22:23
4 germans international pick one
2016-04-05 22:25
Germany GODsuNny 
3 germans 1 dutch 1 bosnian they communicate in english u cyka blyat use your brain and look up the videos
2016-04-05 22:27
Be nice! Errone can make a mistake. Errone can't forgive Wanna be Errone, or sumone?
2016-04-05 22:57
K1o for sure bro
2016-04-05 22:24
lol, change one shit player to another. n1 logic
2016-04-05 23:31
Europe ^zk 
2016-04-05 22:29
k1o hypee
2016-04-05 22:12
United Kingdom jck0 
FaZe as an organisation spent way too much money to buy these players out of their G2 contract to just disband after a few months.
2016-04-05 22:13
World Noouf 
This lol they almost spend a milion on them
2016-04-05 22:21
source? And what if players want to leave by themselves?
2016-04-05 22:28
I think the problem with FaZe is that the concept around that team comes from 360 yolo noscope trickshots etc. Obviously you cant have a CS:GO team doing similare stuff, but atleast they should have insane players like Niko and ScreaM tbh. That are famous for being insane. I think a FaZe lineup with: Rain, ScreaM, Niko, oskar, chrisj would have been sick. Not saying that team would have worked, but the hype around them would have suited the hype that FaZe have brought to the table before.
2016-04-05 22:19
rain, jkaem, niko, oskar, aizy
2016-04-05 22:20
Thats not a bad lineup either, i just feel like "FaZe" need more hyped up players, like ScreaM and his insane aim. He is know for being the best aimer. A team like FaZe need some next level stuff.
2016-04-05 22:22
maybe scream instead of aizy but still niko, rain, jkaem, oskar
2016-04-05 22:23
I can agree on keeping jkaem though. But how sick is Oskar with the awp?
2016-04-05 22:26
"He is know for being the best aimer" You either woke up from 3 years ago or you saw the finalmouse add too much times.
2016-04-05 22:23
Who is better aim wise? Not overall skill, but pure aim?
2016-04-05 22:25
Alot of people lol, scream isn't even the best on G2 :facepalm:
2016-04-05 22:26
You might be right, but personally i havent seen anybody with that sick HS ratio and aim. I do however agree that there is alot of better overall players than ScreaM. But from a Marketing point of view, he is still known for being the best aimer.
2016-04-05 22:28
"from a Marketing point of view, he is still known for being the best aimer" sick argument bro, jesus christ. from a marketing pov Aquafina is still a great bottled water and not tap water... kappa
2016-04-05 22:31
How is it not? Im talking about hype here if you read what i wrote. I even stated it might not be the best team, but it would have alot of hype. Like FaZe is known for.
2016-04-05 22:33
And what hype gives to the team? Nothing... they need people who are skilled and they do NOT need scream, the team actually got better when he left.
2016-04-05 22:35
Hype = $$$$$$$. Sticker money, sponsors, gaming cloth and gear.
2016-04-05 22:57
sure, FaZe need $$$$... and they let maikelelelelelele go. Legit thinking
2016-04-05 23:00
the only way you can actually measure aim is by looking at the hs-ratio and i dont think anyone is on par with scream, but i certainly could be wrong. i mean, before he switched to his current style, he was unbeatable. and thats not 3 years ago.
2016-04-05 22:33
sure you can look on the hs-ratio... expecially on your team wins 16-3 and you do 14-15 on D2. Scream is so INSANE kappa Just wake up people ffs, scream was amazing for some months years ago, since the nerf he became normal and sometimes good (very rare). That's not a INSANE aimer ffs!
2016-04-05 22:40
what you say makes no sense at all.. but ok.
2016-04-05 22:40
since when is scream insane? I've lost myself in that
2016-04-05 22:22
He is known for his insane aim and its more about the hype really. As i said, its not certain that the lineup would have been optimal, but the hype would have been insane.
2016-04-05 22:23
FaZe should of formed their own team, rather than buying an already existing team.
2016-04-05 22:20
They should since the founders of the team ScreaM and Maikelele both left
2016-04-05 22:29
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
This team didn't work and will not, only option was to kick fox and aizy and pick up pronax and twist or schneider to make all team to comunicate in swedish but maikelele left so idk what is the future of this team
2016-04-05 22:37
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