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csgolounge being cheap af
United States kamideREK 
I bet 7 dollars on liquid to beat optic and I'm supposed to get 3 dollars back but they just give me 50 cents. This has happened about 3 times already and I feel that lounge is just robbing people of what they are supposed to get back and they just take the profit for themselves it's ridiculous.
2016-04-08 06:13
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Russia sone[slash] 
How much? Oh, wait...
2016-04-08 06:15
It happend 3 times and you still fall for it?
2016-04-08 06:19
I bet like 4,5 and 2e and got 0e lol. 68% and 64% :( e: they also might be slow. I usually bet with real money, so I dunno about these 2much
2016-04-08 06:23
United States ghd99 
ya i was supposed to get $7 winnings vs Optic on Cobble, they took forever and only gave me $ off
2016-04-08 06:31
United States kamideREK 
lounge is so shiet
2016-04-08 07:12
Denmark metoN 
Use Fanobet soooo much better
2016-04-08 06:32
Youre the one being cheap as fuck with your low ass bets
2016-04-08 07:13
sergej | 
Finland Mervii 
2016-04-08 07:19
Europe m9_ 
LOL lounge doesnt take any rake off of bet winnings....nt poorlak fake flagger
2016-04-08 07:25
There could've been a bunch of really expensive skins that were considered in the calculation for how much you should expect, and they're obviously going to give you the leftover shit skins rather than giving you the good stuff. Just remember that you're betting skins, all of which have a different value. You'd get the amount owed if they had a system where you convert your skins to a currency, then that currency is bet, but each skin is it's own denomination of value, and you're not always going to get the exact amount because other people have to get paid too. CSGL just loves you the least you dirty heathen.
2016-04-08 07:25
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