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Feminist logic
United States SpecSlayer 
>Women in easy job >Man in hard job >Want equal pay ???
2016-04-12 02:54
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Nepal Narstie 
This may be the wrong approach to the argument bud
2016-04-12 02:56
Men: Sewage, janitorial, waste management. Women: secretary, titty shaker, maid. >want equal pay LOL
2016-04-12 03:40
janitor and maid are basically the same thing wtf lol
2016-04-12 03:43
Honestly i think a maid should generally get paid more then a janitor, janitors have an easier job.
2016-04-12 03:54
Iceland Iceland 
How so?
2016-04-12 05:05
maid cleans already clean house, janitor cleans shit, vomit, piss and every other bodily fluid.
2016-04-12 04:01
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
haahahhaah so rekt
2016-04-12 04:13
its the same exact job dude 'cleans already clean house' lmao they wouldnt have a job if anything maids are kept more busy
2016-04-12 04:15
I'd rather dust your house and ensure that your dog gets taken out than clean up some kid's vomit at a school.
2016-04-12 06:01
u mean SAVAGE?
2016-04-12 23:54
pls google the meaning of "equal pay" AND UNDERSTAND IT before writing stuff....ty
2016-04-12 02:57
angel shita
2016-04-12 03:05
2016-04-12 03:21
Australia Champione 
unlike you
2016-04-12 04:10
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
hope u are troll
2016-04-12 03:28
hope you will understand the meaning of "equal pay" when you are older
2016-04-12 03:29
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
if u think there is a pay gap in western countries then pls say 1 and give actual proof which is based on money per hour ty but u cant :(
2016-04-12 03:31
google ?? kid...ujse it pls it's not that hard etc... for all the uneducated little kids on here... I won't respond to this thread anymore...because there is no need ...just google it EDUCATE YOURSELF
2016-04-12 03:41
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
fk ur retarded
2016-04-12 03:41
Yes he's the retarded one here...
2016-04-12 03:56
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
if you believe there is an actual pay gap then you're stupid as fuck
2016-04-12 03:56
There is though... but clearly you'll find out when you're old enough
2016-04-12 03:57
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
ok. show me the paygap then since you clearly know so much and you obviously can only compare a man and a woman who does the exact same thing e.g engineer/engineer and only by how much they earn per hour go for it educate me
2016-04-12 03:58
Haha not going to waste my time with you since I can tell you're all riled up like a child, pay gaps do exist in the world, especially in the corporate sector but hell Why don't you educate me then on how there aren't? Since you're the one acting so defensive
2016-04-12 04:02
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
thought so you're the one saying there is a pay gap im simply asking you to provide proof why do you state something as fact if you cant prove it? if anything is childish, that is. nt doe
2016-04-12 04:04
Ah so I'm the one that has to provide the proof, yet you haven't debunked your claim either... So you're just talking out your ass I see. You can believe what you want to believe.
2016-04-12 04:05
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
do you have reason and logic or do you only spew shit? If I say there is a potato on the moon, and you say theres not, is it your job to prove that there isn't? cos thats what you're saying. a good quote: "the burden of proof lies with who declares not who denies" but go ahead come with another bullshit reply
2016-04-12 04:07
Iceland Iceland 
He doesnt have to debunk it since there is nothing to debunk.
2016-04-12 05:07
You quote huffington post and wikipedia and then proceed to say that other people need to educate themselves. 10/10
2016-04-12 03:55
2016-04-12 23:50
links huffington post article as a source LOL
2016-04-12 04:08
"educate yourself" is usually used by people who are fed information and link articles that suit their narrative and then claim to be educated Oh look
2016-04-12 23:51
>women think they're disadvantaged in the job hunt >women twice as more likely to be employed than men >LUL SMOrc
2016-04-12 02:58
South Africa rAwRzZz 
They also take 5 millions years off when they kids and get payed for it.
2016-04-12 03:00
Lmao you are even more miserable than feminists coz you crying about it. Who cares about them
2016-04-12 03:02
Brazil junera 
Lol, I was watching a video of feminists being rekt just now.
2016-04-12 03:02
best kind of videos :>
2016-04-12 05:12
The pay gap exists, but only because men typically work more overtime and pursue more demanding and difficult career paths. I talk to the average college guy, they're going for electrical engineering. I talk to the average college girl, they're going for nursing or sociology.
2016-04-12 03:03
The problem with your logic is that's not the argument. Nobody is saying a sociologist should make the same as an engineer. The argument is that if a woman is an engineer she should get paid the same as a man with equal qualifications. It's comparing within occupations, not across them.
2016-04-12 03:12 Fucking kill yourself you uneducated retard.
2016-04-12 03:15
This is such a shitty article. Not just because of the ideology, but there are even typos and shit. Why would you link this. Sure I agree that there isn't a massive pay gap for the same work (although I do think the wage gap debunks ignore the possibility of women getting promoted less with the same work quality which is completely possible), but all those reasons justifying the concept of paying women less and the concept itself are just silly. 1. No sources provided on 'women liking getting paid less' and any argument of this is easily explained by gender roles that go further than biology that feminism tries to break down (which is the entire reason the wage gap gets cited in the first place, gender roles) 2. Again something gender roles cause, which feminism is trying to fix 3. Writer exaggerates. A lot. But yea, that's something we might want to fix along the way 4. If the man hasn't done something wrong it'll be generally split 50/50, if it's the woman's fault more will go to the man. It's a marriage, your assets are built up together. This same thing can happen to a woman who works. The whole idea of the man being the working member and him earning all the money that belongs to him is caused by gender roles, if it were 50/50 who is the working one this wouldn't be a gendered issue. 5. It's a problem, sure. Not a valid justification that women should be paid less. The prison system as a whole needs a big reworking in the US (which is something the left wants to do, but breitbart won't be talking about that) 6. gender roles 7. gender roles 8. gender roles, nothing to do with money 9. gender roles, women attempt less violent means of suicide which often results in more failed attempts as well. what a dumb side comment at the end of this one too lol 10. more gender roles, its almost as if evil feminism tries to fix these problems 11. China and india, the golden standards for high living standards. Notice how the writer talks about 'growing economies' rather than all the more leftist european countries that have significantly higher living standards and go against these listed values, ha.
2016-04-12 04:12
baited stay mad americano enjoy ur feminism and male oppression
2016-04-12 05:04
how is it bait if you actually believe it bait is meant to be funny btw, not showing the world how much of a dumbass you are and saying you were baiting when someone calls you out for being a dumbass
2016-04-12 05:07
2016-04-12 05:07
this isnt trolling ur just showing off u being dumb
2016-04-12 05:08
Okay Americano Your country is the laughing stock of the entire world. Don't embarrass yourself.
2016-04-12 05:09
if you're not fakeflagging that's a hilarious comment to make yourself haha
2016-04-12 05:11
You're retarded if you believe any of the cherry-picked, rhetoric laced statistics that these 'new wave' feminists throw out there. You say that the feminist movement is trying to fix gender roles and stereotypes; yet these same feminists would refuse to get their hands dirty at a construction job, or think that any man watching his children on the playground a pedophile. Feminists are retarded and autistic if they believe that women get paid less than men. Society and economics works on a meritocracy basis, and changing that will screw the entire system up. I work in corporate, and you're paid based on how good you are, not whether you're a male or female. I have coworkers who earn more than I do because they work longer hours and have additional responsibilities, likewise; I earn more than some of my female coworkers because they choose to clock off work early to go get their nails done, or they choose to have a two hour lunch with their girlfriends. You honestly can't tell me that mandating that companies have a female member on their board/senior management is something that will be beneficial? Get your head out of your ass.
2016-04-12 05:19
I've said none of these things. You've built up a gigantic strawman and have easily won your argument against it because you designed it. It's impossible to argue about feminism on the internet, most anti-feminists are like you, you have argued against zero of the content of my post and instead argued against a strawman that you think represents what feminism is.
2016-04-12 05:42
>doesn't rebut any points >brings up strawman >insults character and makes generalisations Checks out... must be an American 4Head
2016-04-12 05:44
It would be a waste of time arguing your points as you would just bring up more examples of things I didn't say that you think represent feminism. I put together a whole argument about the article you linked up there and you responded to none of it. I presented no strawman, did not insult your character, only generalisation I made was about anti-feminists on the internet but I was just speaking from personal experience. >responds saying I did things I didnt do >complains about generalisations and immediately after says "must be american"
2016-04-12 05:49
Iceland Iceland 
Real flag or not its still true.
2016-04-12 05:21
ok, you can laugh about my country or whatever while the eu countries doing it are allowed to have such high standards of living because they have no defense budget since they trust the US will do it for them
2016-04-12 05:43
Iceland Iceland 
I think you for having our back and I will not make fun of your country again. Papa bless
2016-04-12 05:48
... But they do make the same. So what's the problem? The pay gap only exists across occupations for reasons I just explained.
2016-04-12 03:17
Exactly. This is why educated people typically think that this pay gap problem that feminists bring up is BS, since it is.
2016-04-12 03:44
I notice the only people that think it's BS are men. Show me a job code and I'll show you that women within the same job codes get paid less.
2016-04-12 23:47
So, you think per job code that women make the same as men? You're delusional, if so. I'm a man so I don't have a horse in the race, but it's not fair to women.
2016-04-12 23:46
That is actual feminist logic. The argument is that there is a wage gap between men and women of the same profession. Feminists say that it's statistically proven and that the gap is 23%. The problem is that they are basing that on census statistics, which do not actually compare people of the same profession. Of course once they got called out on it they started using actual profession statistics. The problem with those is that that they are terribly nit-picked. The most famous examples are medical doctors and CEOs. Statistically a female doctor earns 30% less than a male doctor. The loophole here is that this is only true when you treat all MDs as the same profession and don't differetiate between, for example, a pediatrician and a neuro-surgeon. Among CEO, the wage gap is apparently as high as 50%, but that's irrelevant because pay on this posistion is performance based and highly dependent on the net-worth of the company.
2016-04-12 04:27
Not so. Within the same jobs, and job codes, women (not all, but on average), get paid less than men. There's a lot of anger on here from guys that think the pay gap is a myth, when strong statistics show otherwise. If you're worried about apples and oranges, compare just oranges to oranges (job codes within a profession). Women get paid less within the same job codes. Not everywhere, but in the US it's true.
2016-04-12 23:50
United Kingdom Kingcuz 
NA logic again at its finest
2016-04-12 03:13
nt cuck
2016-04-12 03:23
Top kek
2016-04-12 03:46
>Feminist >Logic Pick one.
2016-04-12 03:17
Are you talking about 1st, 2nd or 3rd wave feminists?
2016-04-12 03:46
Iceland Iceland 
2nd afaik.
2016-04-12 05:27
Women love equality. until divorce happens, then they love half of your shit
2016-04-12 03:52
By having daily contact with feminists, I learned that they want is not only equality of income, are things that men are not able to understand, and that we men do not have to give opinion with respect to fight them, just respect. Sorry for English!
2016-04-12 03:59
Brazil L4x @.@ 
2016-04-12 04:22
fuck this shit im moving out of america when im old enough
2016-04-12 03:59
Brazil coachdag3x 
Forum > Counter-Strike > Counter-Strike Global Offensive
2016-04-12 04:22
men: build bombs women: clean house/cave want equal pay
2016-04-12 04:28
Russia numanox 
she want be equil with man? so punch her!
2016-04-12 04:32
Iceland Iceland 
Equal* And why punch a woman that punched you?? Don't do that it just shows that you are as stupid as she is, instead you should report it to the police and move on with ur life.
2016-04-12 05:28
Russia numanox 
what? i just said then man and woman is not equal. was not, not be and never will be. she can be individual and have rights, but not equal.
2016-04-12 07:31
feminist: you're a man fuck you
2016-04-12 04:45
Iceland Iceland 
3rd wave feminist*
2016-04-12 05:28
I don't think you know what equal pay is fuckhead I hate feminists But I also hate people that don't get shit right Equal pay is when both genders get the same pay for doing the same job Not different jobs You can't say, "We do harder jobs!!! We should get more pay!!" No, it doesn't work like that bud
2016-04-12 05:35
more evidence that hltv average userbase age is 13
2016-04-12 06:34
the best way to rekt feminists is just don't give a fuck about them
2016-04-12 07:37
Didn't know Trump was a hltv user
2016-04-12 23:48
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