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EnVy roster change
Slovakia Best_nV_fan_so_far Happy igl, caller, entry DEVIL lurk Nbk Entry kennyS awp apEX support
2016-04-14 13:16
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It willnt help'em anyway LOL -DEVIL -apEX +RpK +ScreaM DEVIL to a new Ex6's team with matHEND to1nou and Maniac
2016-04-14 13:19
If I recall correctly, ScreaM has been bottom fragging lately sooo...
2016-04-14 13:27
He did his job of opening sites, but the others just kept failing, so it's not his fault. apEX fails much more often.
2016-04-14 13:30
That is true, I guess it's just that G2 has kind of been shit and it's been up to RpK to carry the team. There always has to be one person on each team that isn't bringing much to the table and I guess apEX and ScreaM are just an example of that.
2016-04-14 13:43
2016-04-14 13:38
They need an openfragger instead of apEX that still can't increase his consistency from Cologne 2014.
2016-04-14 13:40
Or you could unnerf the AWP and make kennyS the entry fragger on inferno. :P
2016-04-14 13:42
I was trying to be closer to the reality xD
2016-04-14 13:42
Well if you want to be closer to reality then apEX and kennyS can't split up.
2016-04-14 13:44
Seriously? Nooo. Seriously? Nooo. Seriously? Nooo.
2016-04-14 13:45
This was before they started playing together m8. EDIT: Nvm but it was before they got known for their duo. EDIT 2: It was before they became really good friends was basically what I was trying to say.
2016-04-14 13:52
But the best possible lineup: kennyS - AWPer apEX - Entry fragger NBK - Support Ex6TenZ - IGL Shox - Lurker
2016-04-14 13:54
I think a team that wanna challenge the strongest opponents in the world, should have all 5 guys fragging like crazy when it's needed. Ex6TenZ: I'm really sorry for him, and I still think he wasn't the biggest problem for G2, but he's not a tier1 material as a player. fnatic kicked a tactical genius to pick dennis, and they improved from that. I think the only possible IGL for the best French team is Happy. And ofc shox can't play in a team that already has a dedicated IGL, because that kid will try to kick him and become the IGL instead, so either you allow shox to be the leader in everything, or don't bring him in a team at all. Happy - IGL kennyS - AWP ScreaM - open RpK - lurker NBK - support It's the best possible lineup that won't split up in 3 months. If you wanna bring shox into it - then remove Happy, and I still have many doubts that shox can leave his gf SmithZz alone.
2016-04-14 14:08
What's your point?
2016-04-14 14:32
Watch the video m8.
2016-04-14 14:45
"That could actually be good, not just a team on paper of the five best French players."
2016-04-14 14:12
#13 shox is a 23 y.o. kid with a mindset of 17 y.o. shox, that was kicked from VG a number of times for being an unprofessional kid, as you can see, he's still that kid like he was 5 years ago, nothing has changed since then. If you bring him to the team, you should remove Happy, Ex6TenZ and maybe NBK, because shox still thinks he's the one who can call strats better than everyone else in France at least. Then we have Ex6, I wrote everything about him in #23. His fragging ability is so extremely low that he can't win basically any clutch vs tier1 teams, something you do need to be among the best. apEX - I'm pretty sure Thorin "picked" him because ScreaM isn't French and he spoke about the French dream team, but just by look at their stats it's clear that apEX < ScreaM in terms of openfragging, at least in the past 3 months. I messed up with RpK's role, let Happy be also the lurker, and RpK will be a midround fragger. Or you can replace him with bodyy to bring in some "fresh blood", but I'm sure the rest of "my" team is the only possible and strongest one that you can ever build.
2016-04-14 14:49
Did you even watch the full video? He counters everything you just said. "I'm pretty sure Thorin "picked" him because ScreaM isn't French" So why dafuq did he pick Ex6?
2016-04-14 14:55
Dude, do I have this duscussion with you or with Thorin? Let's pretend you have your arguments on every point, so pls stop asking me to watch the video everytime I say something. He didn't "counter" anything concerning shox. shox already had all that shit Thorin talked about in nV, and still tried to backstab Happy, then he actually backstabbed Ex6TenZ, Thorin didn't know that yet when he made that video, and what would prevent shox from backstabbing the IGLs again? Money? He had it in nV. A chance to play in the strongest French team? He had it in nV, and G2 nicknames-wise looked strong too, but he kicked Ex6 anyway. Or are you trying to convince me that shox wouldn't kick Ex6 if his team had apEX and kennyS instead of ScreaM and SmithZz? C'mon man...
2016-04-14 15:05
What would prevent him from backstabbing Ex6 is actually winning Majors. But yes I get your point. /closed
2016-04-14 15:09
He was winning majors in nV, but guess what? He DIDN'T think SmithZz was the problem in nV AND in G2, you can see it by yourself - he tried to kick HAPPY and then left nV along with SmithZz, and he kicked EX6TENZ, keeping SmithZz when deciding to pick bodyy, and he didn't care that SmithZz was (is) shit. So, replacing SmithZz and ScreaM with apEX and kennyS would change nothing, like literally 0 changes for shox. It was nice to talk to you (-:
2016-04-14 15:14
Why do people still hype ScreaM? Dude has proved so many times that he is soooo inconsistent.
2016-04-14 13:50
Success in opening duels in the past 3 months: apEX 0.83 ScreaM 1.42 Both are opening fraggers, but apEX suxx in this role, while ScreaM does his job.
2016-04-14 14:02
Success in opening duels in the past 3 months: apEX 0.83 ScreaM 1.42 Both are opening fraggers, but apEX suxx in this role, while ScreaM does his job.
2016-04-14 15:11
-devil + rpktank
2016-04-14 17:45
Happy; IGL, lurker, secondary awp DEVIL, support NBK, mid-round kennys, awp apEX, entry
2016-04-14 13:23
apEX is shit entry, he can be good support, lurk is izi job so DEVIL will be lurk, Happy and nbk are realy good so they be entrys, kennyS stay awp
2016-04-14 13:36
I'd say apEX is good entry, but he's playing without support (Devil). For example, on Cbble apEX plays mostly A, DEVIL B, and Happy B (not good imo). I'd much rather see Happy lurking at A and apEX working with DEVIL at B. Maybe ur right but I'd first change the IGL and then shuffle the positioning.
2016-04-14 13:42
World Max_Eason
I just dont like Happy as an IGL. He clearly doesnt know how to best use his players and he is famous for not dropping the AWP even though he plays with KennyS. He also doesnt strike me as the right mentality, whenever stuff goes wrong he seems to bait horribly and that isnt a characteristic i like in a IGL. When stuff goes badly will he bait even more?
2016-04-14 13:23
If is Happy happy he getting nice igl but if Happy isnt happy he is getting shit igl.
2016-04-14 13:35
NBK- IGL Devil- support apEX- entry HAPPY- lurk KennyS- awp My personal pick, and I total agree with you.
2016-04-14 13:38
World Max_Eason
In general i dont like Devil in the team but the problem with france is that there are so many personal problems im not sure who else can fill. Love Shox maybe as IGL but too much personal shit there. Happy is the best French lurker but its always risky as i would rather have any other player when stuff starts to go wrong and he begins to bait.
2016-04-14 16:10
2016-04-14 13:47
ex6tenz is literally the worst player to ever touch csgo
2016-04-14 16:21
there are only two options in baguette land with IGL: crappy and Ex6TenZ. I prefer Ex6TenZ.
2016-04-14 17:40
People dont get how good an IGL ex6 was and is. He is literally the only IGL to keep a French team at the top of competition for several year and continued to dominate through a star change from KennyS to shox
2016-04-14 17:46
ex6 is a hasbeen. verygames doesnt mean anything and he doesnt either. that french fry should just go back to work at mcdonalds. they won some shitty irrelevant 2013 matches and thats it. Titan was trash and never showed for anything after 2 years. the problem with french cs is mentality not skill and ex6 does not help one bit. fuck him
2016-04-15 00:52
He is the only French IGL who knows how make a game around a star, he isnt frag hungry nor is he as arrogant as the nV guys. Happy thinks he some revolutionary with his style of calling and play when really its just pug style with insane players. What Ex6 did on VG and on Titian even with G2 was keep them at a consistent level of play that was usually always competitive even with the top level teams when he lacked skilled players. The problem with the French scene is lack of structure in a team and good tactical play. Which are two things ex6 has always been good at. If you cant see that he was a good IGL then ask yourself what all the NA IGls have accomplished since they ran the same style as nV for years and did absolutely nothing.
2016-04-15 05:50
agree that ex6 is the best french igl but i think there is no place for him as a player on a top team. the french scene needs something better than happy's anarchy or ex6 dictatorship. ex6 is worse than hitler imo. at least hitler won a few rounds
2016-04-15 20:34
Yea but its that leadership that made the French scene so good, i know the nV guys dont like ex6 style but bringing him in for like 6th months would for good habits, good tactic and team play that they could carry over with a new IGL when they kick him. The problem is they dont have anyone to teach them right now.
2016-04-16 07:04
-happy, fucking disgrace
2016-04-14 13:52
KennyS Star player, gets the AWP every round and has a similar team built around him like Titan Happy no IGL only Lurk and secondary caller NBK support IGL Devil 2nd Man in/Entry Apex Entry Fragger
2016-04-14 17:43
In game changes may work to fix the team but highly unlikely
2016-04-14 17:45
2016-04-14 17:46
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