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is college worth it ?
Poland toiletcleaner69 
or a waste of time
2016-04-16 15:26
France SHW4Y 
depends, what do you want to do ?
2016-04-16 15:27
Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
2016-04-16 16:44
2016-04-16 16:48
Canada josef733 
Learning things yourself makes life easier on the future, thus saving money in every possible way. Oh and you don't have to pay for college tuitions for the next 15 years of your life.
2016-04-16 18:04
2016-04-16 18:04
Sweden BBW 
First of all as I reply to josef- College costs to you? Books are the only thing that cost where I live. Don't you have 40% tax to cover that? Countries with 20% and struggling still provide free education You can't learn every career yourself. Want to be a coder? Programmer? Self-learning is the way to go if you can live with your parents and you like it. Say you will be a mechanical engineer... you can not learn this from the internet or the books. The real work related experience (that in this field, WILL be the main thing to have in your CV to land a job)
2016-04-17 15:48
Canada josef733 
Many places in the world, college costs money, but not where I live so yeah it may not apply to you.
2016-04-17 19:36
Good luck with that LOL
2016-04-16 16:49
he is right actually if you look at Elon musk he learned rocket science and on his own and look how rich is he right now.
2016-04-16 17:43
Yes it's true in some cases, like 0,0001% of the cases, if you fancy those odds, go ahead, nobody is stopping you :)
2016-04-16 17:45
what is this a fucking jackpot? No I dont think so. If you put in enough dedication and effort into what you want, you can make it possible.
2016-04-16 18:07
Of course, go ahead, like I said, nobody is stopping you :)
2016-04-16 19:05
Sweden CMF 
Elon Musk has a degree in Physics and a degree in Economics from Wharton.
2016-04-16 17:48
yeah but he didnt study about electric cars, rocket science or solar energy in college.
2016-04-16 18:01
Sweden CMF 
No, but he himself is not constructing electric cars, rockets or solar panels. Do you really think that he's the main engineer on the innovations of Tesla and SpaceX? The argument that "oh but all of these multi-billionaires dropped out so I can drop out and become a multi-billionaire myself" is so fucking stupid.
2016-04-16 18:05
There are more cases of dropping out of schoolschool and becoming a bum, so that logic is retarded by default.
2016-04-16 18:09
Sweden CMF 
Yes, and I am relatively pessimistic in that the future Elon Musk is lurking on HLTV rather than doing something productive. @OP: Don't drop out.
2016-04-16 18:17
and there are much more cases of not dropping out of school and becoming regular person who just works for somebody who did drop out of school.
2016-04-17 14:54
Maybe in a 3rd world country, but not here.
2016-04-17 15:01
the only 3rd thing here is your brain.
2016-04-17 15:06
Sweden CMF 
Look at Fortune500 CEO's and see how many of them dropped out of university, and try that argument again.
2016-04-17 15:06
thoose guys are special cases you are pretty much better if you finish school and then follow your dream with dedication
2016-04-17 15:44
well you cant clearly become on of them if you dont believe so and dont have a plan.
2016-04-17 14:58
Self-education will make you a Bum.
2016-04-16 17:47
Or a programmer with experience... I stayed in college only to get scouted, but lots of my friends dropped out and are working as programmers/webdevelopers etc earning 5x average salary. But it IS a toilet cleaner country so we have huuuuge deficit of specialists in IT departments. Maybe because everyone good go abroad to get 150k$ a year for starters?
2016-04-17 15:42
IT is a little bit different, you have to be talented enough to get a job outside college, or you have to have lots of friends to get a spot. For the average job though its much better to go to a college.
2016-04-17 15:58
Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. - Hitler
2016-04-17 15:09
smooya | 
Ireland FooFoo 
to be a toilet cleaner you need extremely high qualifications. it's a must for you
2016-04-16 15:27
2016-04-16 16:32
Romania RiGoo 
it is
2016-04-16 15:28
Waste of time, just fap
2016-04-16 15:29
2016-04-16 16:26
Well if u wanna get a decent job I think you should consider attending college
2016-04-16 15:29
It depends, I went to college (didn't complete it (2 of 3 years)) the job I would get from the education would give me a paycheck of 2500 euro /month after tax. Now i have a job that gives me 2500-3500 euro /month after tax depending on extra working hours. I don't know how it works in Poland. In Sweden we have jobs that are well payed that doesn't require education.
2016-04-16 15:30
France SHW4Y 
nice what is ur job ? is life expensive ?
2016-04-16 15:32
warehousing during night :) i work minimum of 5 days a week (i often work 6 days/week) the working hours are 15:00 - 00:00. Best job I've ever had. just love it!!!
2016-04-16 15:34
lol u're lucky
2016-04-16 15:35
yeah i know right :P
2016-04-16 15:36
do u live in an appartment ? if yes how much is the rent ?
2016-04-16 15:37
i have a 2 room appartement its 42 sqm and I pay 400 euro / month and that includes 100/100 internet, tv, heat, water everything.
2016-04-16 15:40
2016-04-16 15:42
when i studied i had an appartement for 320 euro and it was only 21 sqm xD that was a shit hole i tell you that!
2016-04-16 15:44
Germany privatesx 
im sorry bro but you said when u studied you would have gotten a 2500 euro job. So why would you study then? XD or did you just choose the wrong university/subject
2016-04-16 16:29
didn't know that I could get that well payed jobs tbh
2016-04-16 16:42
Sweden BBW 
you can never regret education... you have a backup plan now :) because landing great jobs usually require connections and not all can have them. cant you finish college part time? i just read ur post now
2016-04-17 15:50
Cyprus Swishh_ 
>warehousing during night >hours are 15:00 - 00:00 nice one
2016-04-16 15:36
evening* sry dad. better than serving gyro all day for minimum wage
2016-04-16 15:37
Cyprus Swishh_ 
very related & intelligent answer no wonder you weren't able to finish college
2016-04-16 15:39
I was able, i just lost interest buddy
2016-04-16 15:47
u driving truck? what company? is it a big company? ^^ i work at Karl Hedins with less salary :( (day time tho)
2016-04-16 15:48
the company i work for only host warehouses and the "client" we have is a site called if u ever heard of it :) I often pick orders sometimes drive truck but its not needed during my current position in the company. The daytime workers at my job make way less money :P thats why i like to work late hours u get that dank OB m8
2016-04-16 15:52
im still new tho, but we have only 6-17 work times :/ i want to work OB time cuz chill and ez when im young and no fam :p but im ok with 16k sek after taxes ^^
2016-04-16 15:55
its still good money for daytime :) OB give so much money its insane.
2016-04-16 15:58
Finland de_suomi 
Damn, that much for warehouse work? I'm moving to Sweden. I also worked in a warehouse last month but didn't get anywhere near that kind of money. :(
2016-04-16 15:52
do it! but we do A LOT of walking. i walk 3-4 miles (30-40 km) during my working day. If u work here, u will be dead after the first week xD
2016-04-16 15:56
3-4 miles (30-40 km) you were attending astrophysics college?
2016-04-16 16:41
a 'mile' in norway/sweden is 10 km, not 1.6
2016-04-16 16:43
1 mile - 10 km confirmed
2016-04-16 16:42
Sry guys, is Sweden 10 km is "1 mil" i got a brain fart sry
2016-04-16 16:44
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
15-00 job = 9hr work Sleep 9hrs 00 - 09 6 hours of freedom until next shift. Growing up scares me, is this it?
2016-04-17 15:10
yeah that is life, but i stay up to 03 and wake up at around 11.
2016-04-17 15:54
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
[insert how freedom isnt free conspiracy] kappa, should i just loan money, travel the world then suicide or live in the forest with the samis?
2016-04-17 16:52
short answer yes. but it really depends. from what i make a living i could do it without degree but school helped me to make conections, learn faster and understand what is BS and what i have to change to stand out from crowd.
2016-04-16 15:37
It is worth it. Unless you major in something really stupid like Art History. Then it is just a waste of money
2016-04-16 15:31
Europe eebro 
Ye worth, especially if you don't have the head to do a non conventional job, like musician or video game playerer
2016-04-16 15:32
If you dont wanna become a white nigger then its worth it. But if you wanna be a white nigger then dont go to college and just play video games.
2016-04-16 15:37
If you want a regular employment all your life, yes.
2016-04-16 15:38
for party yes for education no for the money u spent on college u can go on world trip for 2 years and then commit suicide afterwards cuz uve seen it all
2016-04-16 15:43
Czech Republic jF. 
lol accurate :D
2016-04-16 15:49
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
2016-04-17 15:42
if u want to spend time and money on an college education study something that u really like and something that can give u a good future for u and ur future /or current family.
2016-04-16 15:49
It really depends on what you want to do.
2016-04-16 15:53
just clean toilets
2016-04-16 15:56
Bruh you're asking HLTV. nobody has been 2 college here.
2016-04-16 16:01
yes...plain and simple
2016-04-16 16:01
stick to cleaning toilets + csgo
2016-04-16 16:25
Cleaning toilets without qualifications is for 3rd worlders. In Poland we have advanced studies on Bathroomology
2016-04-16 17:51
Well do you want a qualification?
2016-04-16 16:30
Only if your profession requires a diploma. E.g.: MD, Engineer. Other than that you can learn by yourself.
2016-04-16 16:31
Europe g_G 
shut up and clean my toilet this is hltv
2016-04-16 16:32
if you want to have some skills yes
2016-04-16 16:32
Brazil inQl 
I went to college in America had evertime A+ I studied 6 hours per day, but now Had to go back to china because military, and when I went back to America they gave me a shitty job with low pay, then went to Portugal where im now they didnt accept my qualification that I got in AMerican university now im Working as enginner here in Vasco da game and im getting 3,000 Euros a month, and portuguese night life is the best in Europe so not worth it if you are good then you are done
2016-04-16 16:36
Vasco da Game Kek. It's 'da Gama', my man
2016-04-16 17:23
2016-04-16 16:38
Europe duke` 
i've never attended to college, i always wanted to work with my hands. don't know why, i just did. :D so i learnt a profession where i could create something, but still pays well :) office jobs are not for everyone!
2016-04-16 16:39
Sweden BBW 
experience is gold in non-office jobs :) so you're right
2016-04-17 15:47
Depends on where you are I guess. Friend from Australia didn't have a college education and was making enough back there but he went here and couldn't land a job cause he didn't have a degree. He's doing great now though with his current job that doesn't require an education. One of the lucky ones.
2016-04-16 16:46
depends what country, if ur in nordic countries than yes, if you are on balkan then no, jsut be a criminal like politicians, police officers etc.
2016-04-17 14:35
ne seri
2016-04-17 15:43
do a trade or something, get paid while learning.
2016-04-17 14:40
don't go to college
2016-04-17 15:08
South Africa rAwRzZz 
Depends on what you want do!!! If you want a job that needs a degree, go to college. If you don't then don't go. Don't go to college for the sake of going to college.
2016-04-17 15:41
WTF you on about collage is free.
2016-04-17 16:54
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