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Wich Gin is good of these?
Germany Pusher 
Hello guys, i have an new favourite Drink: Gin Tonic Right now I have only drank Bombay and I liked it Wich other ones of these can you recommend? Remember i Drink it always mixed
2016-04-17 19:33 here's the link i forgot
2016-04-17 19:34
^^^^ |||| Here is what I can choose from
2016-04-17 19:45
2016-04-17 19:37
pekzarn | 
Sweden pekzarn 
Imo the best is Bombay Sapphire!
2016-04-17 19:39
Wyborowa/Sobieski/Finlandia PL vodka best
2016-04-17 19:39
Sweden CMF 
Bombay or Tanquerey. Hendrick's is alright too. E: Aside from a slice of lemon, try squeezing some juice in from the lemon as well. Acidity balances out the bitterness nicely IMO.
2016-04-17 19:41
Thanks for the tip
2016-04-17 19:44
Finland de_suomi 
Bombay is good but a bit boring. Try Hendrick's or Tanqueray.
2016-04-17 19:39
Hendricks, not even close :)
2016-04-17 19:42
But a little bit expensive
2016-04-17 19:43
Yeah, i don´t know about Germany but definitly is here in Sweden.
2016-04-17 19:44
Finland de_suomi 
You have to pay for quality, nazi.
2016-04-17 19:46
What about Bulldog guys?
2016-04-17 19:42
Germany GeoRg___J 
Bombay is good. perfect for gin tonic.
2016-04-17 19:46
In the cheap range, Tanqueray is definately the go to gin. Are you willing to pay a bit more then the Tanqueray 10 is a good upgrade. Hendricks and Monkey 47 are very nice as well. Also for a very nice gin drink try: 1 part gin 1 part whisky (some tullamore dew/jamison-ish) 1 part lime syrup/sour mix 2 drops of bitter (angostura is my go to) 1 slice of lime Pour into a glass with ice and top it off with ginger ale. Freaking delicious!
2016-04-17 19:47
Sounds great, will try
2016-04-17 20:40
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