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How is this not a kill?
United States brento 
2016-04-23 03:34
ur bad
2016-04-23 03:37
even so.. the shot is right on his chest!
2016-04-23 03:38
the other guys even worse! lol
2016-04-23 03:40
Sweden thof 
what do u expect from NA?
2016-04-23 03:54
Belgium KappaDoge 
64 tick
2016-04-23 03:37
you missed and hit the bottom near his leg even tho his hand got the sparkle... bad 64 tick reg
2016-04-23 03:44
World ydj1 
lmaooo the other guy was freaking badd hahahaha. like 10 shots close range no hit? lmaooooo im done yo
2016-04-23 04:00
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