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Fallen is a douche
United States cloutboy lmao this toxic scumbag wants to kick a team because temposhitty beat vp so he thinks thats enough to be in the league. fucking load of shit in his favela brain. /discuss
2016-04-30 22:44
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i like fallen but that's super retarded...
2016-04-30 22:46
Germany No_Kappa
Retarded and disrespectful is to invite tier 3 and tier 4 teams instead of Tempo Storm. But, money talks.
2016-04-30 22:52
2016-04-30 23:48
"Of course I'm not serious about kicking a team. I'm making a point that they deserve to be in the league much more than others."
2016-05-01 14:27
he asked to remove a team, thats super retarded, you wait till next season to add them not to remove someone, who knows if the team that they would remove would become pretty great? and besides all that its a fucking private league they invite who they want, they could litteraly invite a silver 2 mm team if they wanted to.
2016-05-01 00:04
2016-05-01 00:43
Germany No_Kappa
2016-05-01 05:25
United States GeT_ReiCh
Fallen knows his followers are retarded monkeys, he should know he can't make a non-serious tweet without them going to do something retard and spam the hell out of others for no reason.
2016-05-01 05:45
You are all fucking idiots or just trying so hard to be.. He was not talking serious he was just making a joke to say that TS deserved it. He is pro and would never ask to kick a team.
2016-05-01 06:00
+1 for having a brain
2016-05-01 06:38
People aren't allowed to joke on the net, everything is taken seriously... :/
2016-05-01 08:28
2016-05-01 00:17
Ofcourse money talks you fucking retard. Do you think random people just creates an 1 mil tournament just for the fun of it? No ofcourse they want to make a profit.
2016-05-01 17:47
2016-05-01 19:00
Brazil edgy_man
+1, i guess he is just so fucking hyped rn that him went crazy... or he is showing who he really is.
2016-04-30 22:54
2016-04-30 23:31
calm down my fellow bacalhau. SK had their chance to qualify, they lost it. No one team who was invited to ECS.EU are worse than SK, while TS is clearly better than almost all teams invited to ECS.NA.
2016-05-01 05:32
So stupid omg! hope u get better mate, and try to be more racional
2016-05-01 06:05
see all the tweets he's just messing around
2016-04-30 22:57
can u please explain how it's super retarded? one of the biggest leagues and they invite team's that are not ever tier 2. and have no org? or complexity that doesn't even have a solid roster and would get beaten by a global or supreme mm team... Would u seriously give a spot to complexity over tempo storm? It is not Brands<Good Teams it should be Good Teams<brands but it seems the leagues don't understand this.
2016-04-30 23:09
Denmark LnDcsgo
Same with tempo storm, they would also lose to a supreme/global mm team. :D
2016-04-30 23:28
nice try at the bait. Maybe try a more realistic bait next time.
2016-04-30 23:30
Flipside are good + tempo played so bad at the major qualifier (choke is real) Obey.alliance have good fraggers and allot of firepower + slemmy is a good igl. hopefuly he can fix cloud9. obey.alliance and tempo storm could both beat complexity blind folded.
2016-04-30 23:35
Denmark LnDcsgo
You pointed my fact out, TS could lose to a supreme/global mm team. So fallen should stfu about TS.
2016-04-30 23:38
damn some1 retarded.... clearly doesn't know the NA cs scene. do some research on the obey.alliance guys. <3
2016-04-30 23:39
Denmark LnDcsgo
they're shit, so your point = invalid.. Losing to echo fox etc, mate they suck. But nt, you lost eod.
2016-04-30 23:44
Damn this guy.... really has some hate towards tempo storm and fallen. look just cos they better than any choke team from denmark doesn't mean you have to hate them. Stop changing the conversation and face up to the fact that tempo storm should be in the league.. Majority of pro players/analyst agreed with this. Guess this guy mad cos tempo storm beat dignitas... #rekt
2016-04-30 23:48
Denmark LnDcsgo
Worst bait mate.. :D They suck TS and they need to show they belong in the leagues with tier1/2 teams. :)
2016-04-30 23:49
As every1 said.. They did that today......
2016-04-30 23:50
By beating VP in a BO5? lol
2016-05-01 08:55
Yes? vp are a top 10 team, and its a b05 which tempo beat vp on some of there best maps.
2016-05-01 13:21
2016-05-01 13:36
not sure if???? sry i dont understand. i know germans find it hard to understand many things but ill make it clear for u. TEMPO STORM ARE A TOP 10 TEAM OR WILL BE VERY SOON. THEY BEAT NAVI ON 1 MAP. THEY BEAT VP IN A BO5. THEY BEAT DIGNITAS. THEY BEAT ENVYUS + VIRTUS PRO AT KATOWICE.
2016-05-01 13:42
i know germans find it hard to understand many things but ill make it clear for u. they still got 2-0ed by nv at malmö they still didn't manage to qualify for the major just because they won some random match they are not top 10 ofc they have potential, but i would definetly not call them a top 10 team atm
2016-05-01 13:45
Damn ur retarded.. dignitas rank 8 allways choke astralis rank 4 Sometimes choke Tempo storm are young pressure gets to them. When they stop choking. they will be top 10 team. if they somehow aren't allready. "just because they won some random match they are not top 10" There is NOTHING "random" about a bo5 match. In which ts beat vp on 2 of there best maps..
2016-05-01 13:48
mb u should try to read? Just take a look at VP's current form, many teams are capable to beat them atm. "When they stop choking. they will be top 10 team." First of all u said they are top 10 and now they aren't anymore? :o
2016-05-01 13:54
"if they somehow aren't allready." This is used in the context that im suprised they are not in the top 10. Not that they "ARE" in the top 10. vp current form is capable of beating nip who are returning to there peak form again. Please do research ...
2016-05-01 13:58
And they still lost against mouz for example. NiP played very stupid (they lost like 4 or 5 1v3s on Mirage. You can't really predict VP but they are in a slump atm. With your logic HR would be top 10 just because they won one of VP's better maps.
2016-05-01 15:12
Ok as it seems im the man. Ill admit maybe top 10 is pushing it. But top 15 for sure. So with that being said. My point stands. The biggest league in the world doesn't invite the top 15 teams in the world? Tempo storm beat virtus pro fair and square in a bo5 on there own maps. Proving they deserve the opportunity to atleast try and qualify. As for hellraisers. They got invited to the qualifier in which they lost to mousesports. A team which should have been invited straight to the league as they are top 10.
2016-05-01 15:45
Well it's all about the money. They rather invite trash teams with big sponsors and a hughe org than truly better teams with a small org. Ridiculous
2016-05-01 16:06
Not only do i completely agree, but its sad to say its true. imo complexity and tsm over tempo storm is ridiculous
2016-05-01 16:13
ikr Hope ts will have the opportunity to participate in the next season.
2016-05-01 16:35
stfu retarded u the typical esea pug uk tryharder fakgay... the danish guy is 100% right and confirmed... tempo is a piece of shit which can loose to ge mm teams
2016-05-01 17:39
bad b8 0/8
2016-05-01 18:03
Told ya tempo storm would be a top 10 team :)
2016-05-02 22:42
United States GeT_ReiCh
"Flipside are good" that's as good as a joke as coL making it to a major
2016-05-01 05:46
2016-05-01 13:36
Denmark LnDcsgo
yep :P
2016-05-01 16:51
he is literally asking for them to remove a team that is already on the league, you think thats normal? k den
2016-05-01 00:02
Its not necessarily normal. but its understandable.
2016-05-01 00:03
2016-05-01 00:08
Bro! just shut up! you have no scene! Only one bad player playing in a headless chicken team! FallEn is right, but it is clear that Stronger Orgs were the choice, not stronger teams!
2016-05-01 13:51
2016-05-01 17:25
it definitely isn't understandable... the way invites work,it's TS's fault they are not in.
2016-05-01 08:35
u dumb? the way invites work is allways brand<over good teams, this means it ain't ts fault. I don't care. They will be in the next season
2016-05-01 13:19
2016-05-01 13:27
"the way invites work,it's TS's fault they are not in" Clearly u don't know how invites worked, if u ever read twitter u will see the day of the invites fallen, Thorin, nbk, and many others agreed it should not be brand<good teams. This is the issue we need to fix. If you don't watch the game for 1 year. brands are more recognizable than the good teams. Invites should go out via top 20 on hltv or something similar not just because the brand is big/good at another game.
2016-05-01 13:36
2016-05-01 13:55
u clearly know shit about the current cs scene if you belive anything otherwise. Maybe listen or do research. before talking about a scene you know nothing about. #rekt
2016-05-01 14:01
well you obviously do research and listen a lot, but understanding all that is your problem.
2016-05-01 14:03
I understand you very clearly. Evidence. "the way invites work,it's TS's fault they are not in." I just did my job to prove that it's not ts fault. BRAND<GOOD TEAMS. Please explain what u meant by : "the way invites work" How do they work? Was i wrong about brands<good teams. Please prove me wrong.
2016-05-01 14:18
Portugal cufwipe
Lel retarded, he is absolutely right, trash them Fallen!
2016-04-30 23:13
He's like BullyRoid tries to act cool but deep down he is just toxic
2016-04-30 23:15
how much
2016-04-30 23:30
Portugal dracø
tbh what's retarded is to invite shit teams because of the $$$ they have instead of teams that actually deserve a spot for being competitive.
2016-04-30 23:15
Hope he dies irl, what a retarded statement, here we see the true favela brain. they only care for themselves, should be happy the US lets them stay in the US, because without Na no brazilian team would be pro atm.
2016-04-30 23:46
Fallen: Of course I'm not serious about kicking a team. I'm making a point that they deserve to be in the league much more than others. Basically, he's uneducated and doesn't know how to express himself correctly.
2016-04-30 23:50
And below that comment he said ''kick Col"
2016-05-01 00:38
That's not him.
2016-05-01 05:30
He said he wasn't serious after, read his responses
2016-05-01 05:39
because of all the backlash he got, has to lay off the heat and try to make an excuse
2016-05-01 08:20 ^ rekt this chat pls
2016-05-01 15:17
are u mad? cuz im not
2016-04-30 22:47
Sweden Froxez
Pretty disrespectful
2016-04-30 22:47
To who?, he mentioned no one besides TS. Although, he is right, there are a bunch of NA teams that doesn't deserve to be there more than TS. Period.
2016-04-30 23:58
Deserve. Should. Must. Lexicon of an HLTV/Reddit user.
2016-05-01 17:08
Cool story.
2016-05-01 17:34
you know what is disrecpectfull? not inviting a team like tempo storm but still adding echo fox... wtf he is so right!
2016-05-01 13:49
Brazil junera
This might be retarded of him to say stuff like that. But guess what? Truth comes out when drunk
2016-04-30 22:48
he is right
2016-04-30 22:49
of course he is kidding, the mistake was already made. But it's true, was very ridiculous that they didn't invite TS over coL and TSM fuck them
2016-04-30 22:49
He's not kidding, he's just drunk.
2016-04-30 22:50
"I dont care if you dont like me. Ill fight for what I believe and for what I think its right." guys, stop being retard. NA tears
2016-04-30 22:51
Then he should've also said SK, godsent,... in the tweet, he's just saying TS because those are his fuckboys and fallens getting his dick sucked by them. TS hasnt done anything remarkable untill now, and 1final of a tour w only vp (a slumping vp at that) and dig, = invitation to a big league ? I arent think that. Yes brand>skill but thats just how invitation and leagues work to get maximum revenue, nothing crazy here.
2016-05-01 14:15
United Kingdom Lionhart
so you think that tsm and complexity who have accomplished fuck all deserve it over ts? lol ok then
2016-05-01 16:41
I think you're braindead and unable to understand english.
2016-05-01 16:55
United Kingdom Lionhart
ok then
2016-05-01 20:48
Portugal rmindzstar
Lol are you kiding me? Do you think it was a fair choice? Putting coL and tsm instead of a top 15 team?
2016-04-30 22:53
um, top15 by which standards?
2016-05-01 06:13
2016-05-01 06:31
Brazil lNowayl
Retarded and toxis is invite teams like TSM and Comple and no invite tempo storm, this is retarded.
2016-04-30 22:53
Hong Kong korean
hes right na teams sucks lol, whats the ponit having a fucking tsm, col, echofox on those leagues? also he said he was joking since the tournament has already started stay mad na fat burger
2016-04-30 22:53
echofox at least qualified and have a solid roster now, the other though...
2016-04-30 23:10
Yeah, yeah. He's def being serious about kicking a team -.- He always said his main goal is to put Brazil on CS map once and for all, get used to it now that he's a major champion and have the spotlight on him. It's a thing called principles, you may never get it. ;)
2016-04-30 22:54
"Principles" LMAO you don't see fnatic acting cocky and demanding shit like this do you?
2016-05-01 06:44
No i see lower tier teams like dignitas demanding it. MSL literally said that NA should get less teams on ESEA finals. Later, he lost to C9 and TS on his first two encounters with teams that he wanted out so they could get their spot.
2016-05-01 08:27
Yes I see they acting cocky. And as long as I know Sweden is one of the most succesful country in the history of CS. So why would Fnatic players follow a principle of putting their country in the map??????
2016-05-02 02:33
cry is free murica
2016-04-30 22:55
yeah dont kick them...I love seeing na teams ggettin raped
2016-04-30 22:57
It sounds retard, but he's right. Lot of dumbass teams being invited and TS isn't. We have good players, lots of amateur teams that just needs opportunity and money to become competitive. The lack of investment and chances to play against high level CS:GO teams are issues for us
2016-04-30 22:58
Brazil diF1
Disrespectful, but hes right.. Its not fair
2016-04-30 22:58
FalleN is a fucking pussy
2016-04-30 23:00
I agree that TempoStorm should have been in the leagues (ECS and E-league) but now that it's decided and won't be changed (because of contracts and stuff), this is totally retarded to say that, and disrespectful towards the "amateur" teams he's talking about. We're finally seeing the limits of his infinite kindness on social media, as soon as his brazilian friends are involved. I always liked him (the only one from LG that I really like with steel [*]) but holy shit he's too nice to everyone, it almost scares me lel
2016-04-30 23:04
Haha, he's so drunk though. I don't think he really meant it the "kick the amateurs" part.
2016-04-30 23:12
its not disrespectful at all, fallen hate people that got tons of opportunity and dont take advantage on it
2016-04-30 23:14
Totally agree with you, FalleN is just too nice, I wish he was ruthless. He should be thinking about obliterating the NA shits instead of helping them improve and also winning every tournament agaisnt the EU. Helping other brazilian teams like tempo is the only act of kindness he should consider.
2016-04-30 23:18
2016-05-01 05:31
He was an amateur himself, apparantly he forgot that.
2016-05-01 14:20
if he say the truth does mean hes toxic ?? Guys i fucking need to learn what DOES MEAN TOXIC A
2016-04-30 23:05
S1mple also saying truth when he says somebody is shit and he's known for toxic, so yes fallen = toxic
2016-05-01 14:21
FalleN is like Pele, play better than talk.
2016-04-30 23:05
fallen is a fucking faggot. ROFL
2016-04-30 23:08
Wow this guy is getting more and more cocky every day lmao. Starstruck I guess
2016-04-30 23:11
exactly at first i really liked fallen since lg is in top 5 hes thinking he is the boss and everybody should do what he wants
2016-05-01 00:07
he is from NA after all ..
2016-04-30 23:13
im happy that fallen is not the owner of this league cause he would invite all br team retard
2016-04-30 23:17
World aagii247
Because Na cant beat them?
2016-04-30 23:51
"make this world fair" lmao big words from a blatant cheaterteam
2016-04-30 23:20
how much?
2016-04-30 23:21 One for now :O
2016-04-30 23:24
Wow, great bait, you really riled him up MingLee
2016-05-01 06:07 Two for now :O
2016-05-01 18:02
Serbia whoa!!
2016-04-30 23:27
Did he lied?
2016-04-30 23:20
he's right u retard, have better teams rather than better orgs -col +tstorm in ecs and eleague (i think col is in eleague)
2016-04-30 23:23
Well its same with Eleague fucking pathetic TSM and Col are in but not TS xD
2016-04-30 23:24
rofl arogant bitch
2016-04-30 23:25
Fallen gets drunk, Fallen falls to douche-bag level.
2016-04-30 23:26
Fallen is an all-out retard. He's now becoming a favela
2016-04-30 23:26
well i think he is right, teams like without a roof and many others just got invited instead of TS :A and obviously they gonna lose all of their matches like silvers .
2016-04-30 23:29
WaR qualified though
2016-04-30 23:34
lol nvm :D
2016-04-30 23:36
coL and TSM, got invited when they didn't even have a full lineup.
2016-05-01 00:02
It's unfortunate politics play such a big part of these types of things, but this isn't utopia and you need to cater to your audience and market (i.e., Americans with a ton of expendable cash who don't necessarily value high-level counter strike). I'd rather see TempoStorm in ECS/E-League over every North American team except for C9 and Liquid. Although, they did have an opportunity to qualify for ECS but turned it down to bootcamp.
2016-04-30 23:29
Germany No_Kappa
2016-05-01 05:24
hhahaha "toxic scumbag" for sure. In one year, brazilians accomplish more than any NA team who sit on their fat asses while being salaried. The only scum are people like YOU who think NA teams deserve to be in any 1+ million league while they have their dicks in their hands. All you're advocating for is complacency. All NA teams, minus MAYBE TWO from qualifier matches, ought to be banned from e-league. Maybe then NA players and orgs will wake the fuck up. /ban this shitter cloutboy from HLTV
2016-04-30 23:29
haha arrogant piece of shit "make this world fair" how retarded can you be
2016-04-30 23:31
World aagii247
Tempostorm even destroy all german teams rekt bitch
2016-04-30 23:54
what now?
2016-04-30 23:56
Brazilians are filthy creatures. spicadoodle fucks
2016-04-30 23:30
2016-04-30 23:30
Na tears.
2016-04-30 23:31
Europe KappaKaako
Tempo is better than whole NA
2016-04-30 23:41
And ofc he says something stupid... typical...
2016-04-30 23:42
Brazil sprk1
get a life
2016-04-30 23:47
2016-04-30 23:52
lmao cry babies calling that disrespectful and getting butthurt. Disrespectful to who?, he mentioned no one. Although he is right about it, there a bunch of NA squads that got a spot just because their ORG are some of the rich ones.
2016-05-01 00:00
I dont understand why everyone is crying that nobody is inviting tempo storm. Its their leagues, they can invite who the fuck they want.
2016-05-01 00:01
World aagii247
Because Na always scared of evrything. They are scared of only 1 man Putin Haha pussies
2016-05-01 00:07
2016-05-01 00:18
If they kick a team that they have already invited for a better team.. Speak for yourself. Its like they would invite you to play in a movie and earn $$, but soon they contact you to say that they are sorry and got better actors.
2016-05-01 00:01
Scroll down on the tweet tards and hes right as well. Tempo Storm is already 100x better than Complexity and TSM (not counting Echo Fox because its good that they are in). But it isn't E-Leagues fault because we didn't see Tempo Storm play that much. We pretty much only saw them on Katowice so Turner invites Complexity. Tempo Storm started to play more after TSM and Complexity got invited so it's nobody's fault. Pretty sure Tempo Storm will be in next season.
2016-05-01 00:07
not sure if kidding or not... TSM and coL ALWAYS sucked, Tempo Storm won NA qualifiers to events (like Katowice), did a good showing in Katowice all before the invites.
2016-05-01 00:19 "Of course I'm not serious about kicking a team. I'm making a point that they deserve to be in the league much more than others." cmon guys...
2016-05-01 00:09
they just need to make a pro player association to block orgs power
2016-05-01 00:14
He is right though. TS deserve a spot way more than the likes of col
2016-05-01 00:15
How is he retarded? The NA teams in this league are fucking dogshit, TS deserve that spot over every single shit NA team that's in this league. Try not to be biased you know that for a fact deep down inside scumbag.
2016-05-01 00:18
2016-05-01 00:19
Its not FalleNs league. ECS/E-League can invite who the fuck they want.
2016-05-01 00:39
Yeah that's true but it will be funny when no one other than gambling degenerates are watching cause the teams they let bribe there way into the league are terrible.
2016-05-01 00:42
This sentence is so stupid lmao
2016-05-01 00:52
Stop the hate Germany, bigger orgs are paying to get into the league with shit teams and decent/good teams don't get a spot. When this league was first announced I was hyped for it but the more I see this shit the more I think it's shit.
2016-05-01 05:00
Germany No_Kappa
"Yeah that's true but it will be funny when no one other than gambling degenerates are watching cause the teams they let bribe there way into the league are terrible." +1 perfect
2016-05-01 05:22
Yeah whats wrong about it? Its their leagues.
2016-05-01 14:35
I know it's their league did I say anything? All I'm saying is no one is interested in seeing these tier 8 NA teams play against eachother what makes this any different from CEVO P or ESEA nothing exactly and those leagues suck just like this one will.
2016-05-01 18:53
+1 nice post :O
2016-05-01 07:31
yeah, and people can complain as much as they want
2016-05-01 05:10
They should kick all NA teams. Because NA teams are all amateur teams.
2016-05-01 00:20
2016-05-01 00:43
He is right, who like these noobs teams at a premier league?
2016-05-01 00:43
So you honestly would'nt rather see tempo in ecs than shitters like tsm or col? okay...
2016-05-01 05:08
he already said it was a joke since the tournament already started..
2016-05-01 05:30
lol... he said he was joking when he said to kick the amateur team... you are the douche here for sure. Fallen is the best, amazing person and mastermind that has done so much for the game
2016-05-01 05:37
oh so when you say a stupid as fuck thing in life and make yourself look like a the shit coming out of a retards ass all you need to say was "I was joking" to make people like you believe he wasn't serious. Go to school, stay in school and don't come out till you don't believe retards like Fallen. :)
2016-05-01 06:07
Fallen retard? need a brain operation. see ya
2016-05-01 07:28 "Of course I'm not serious about kicking a team. I'm making a point that they deserve to be in the league much more than others." cmon guys...
2016-05-01 05:51
honestly that just makes it seem like he's trying to save face because he realized how stupid his original tweet was. doesnt look like he's joking to me. fallen seems like a great person but lately he's just been spamming twitter with unnecessary bullshit on how great brazil is at cs and why they're the best in the world. comes off as cocky and arrogant tbh, which I wouldnt have expected from someone like fallen
2016-05-01 06:09
the brazilian scene is growing, with his help i guess so that is probably one of the reasons he is saying that on twitter. and also they had a recent tournament there. Fallen is a great person ;)
2016-05-01 07:30
Brazil tcesarsc
I think his tweet was disrespectful, but since the first time I saw it, I know he wasn't serious (still disrespectful though). I mean, do you really think he is asking an org to KICK a team that was already invited? Unless he is extremely dumb which I doubt, he knows this would never happen.
2016-05-01 07:57
well no I dont think it was 100% serious but I do think it definitely shows that he is heavily biased towards letting tempo storm play over an american team mainly because they are also brazilian. of course, tempo are a lot better than some american teams in that league and they deserved an invite, but when he says "make the world fair" that's without a doubt going overboard, i mean this is an esport ffs. basically, I think fallen has put brazilian cs as a whole on a pedestal towering over any other region and it's starting to be too much. being proud of one's heritage is perfectly respectable, but being overly nationalistic to the point where you actually become racially biased is not.
2016-05-01 16:25
Yeah and ibp werent serious about throwing, all good now. Ibp unbanned!!!
2016-05-01 14:27
would be funny if the 'owner league' kicked them to add TS xD
2016-05-01 06:01
Thats not how contracts work.
2016-05-01 14:28
2016-05-01 15:46
United States yurr
wow fallen ...
2016-05-01 06:04
He is Br, most retarded nation on the planet, he doesn't have a brain he is a monkey. Dunno why you need to make a thread about a monkey been a retard, it's standard as fuck.
2016-05-01 06:05
Jcry more fanbabyboys! Dont hate us! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-05-01 06:07
We rape, we stole, we fuck, we are from FAVELAND!
2016-05-01 18:56
AZK | 
United States Dood
this is going to end up being another Denial situation.
2016-05-01 06:11
2016-05-01 18:58
Such a whiny child
2016-05-01 07:32
No? He wants to kick a team because their owner admitted he played a hand in them getting picked over teams that are more deserving. And TempoStorm>90% of the NA teams in the league exception CLG/LG/Liquid.
2016-05-01 08:24
ez Pepsilon.
2016-05-01 09:15
fallen getting really cocky, my respect for him is depleting fast seems like top 3 got in his head, come down from the sky, youre still a favela
2016-05-01 08:26
same thing applies to you
2016-05-01 08:34
what exactly applies to me, stupid favela?
2016-05-01 19:29
you're too stupid to notice, forget it and go back to garbage.
2016-05-02 01:26
your mom can go sleep in garbage ))
2016-05-02 12:05
Brazil hugoooo
There are absolutely no logical explanation or excuse of why TS wasn't invited, not even for the freaking qualifier, while teams without any relevant results like TSM, coL, EchoFox, and Without a Roof (!!!) were. TS is lan proven, and more than that, they are EU proven. Most important: they are a pro-team, while WaR is not, they shouldn't be on the qualifier, they don't even had a stable lineup nor organization behind them, total waste of spot.
2016-05-01 08:38
Its only because TSM and complexity are bigger organisations, hence they get invited.Its all about the money and i think FalleN is actually right
2016-05-01 08:47
Gaming stopped revolving around winning the moment big money came in.Its pr, marketing,hacks and CEOs
2016-05-01 08:49
he wasn't serious in that tweet, he tried to make a point.
2016-05-01 13:23
+1 fallen, lots of butthurt virgins will start crying now.
2016-05-01 13:23
No one would ever treat that tweet as a joke, he sounds dead serious. Then writes that it was a joke to save face. Seriously, if you say "kick teams to make place for TS/any br team" it makes you a massive douchebag.
2016-05-01 13:36
here we go again with fallen acting like our lord and savior.
2016-05-01 13:54
#177 agree he is fucking braindead
2016-05-01 14:18
Brazil rmarques Why not Tempo Storm ?
2016-05-01 15:10
breddy dumb tbh
2016-05-01 15:19
the bias is strong in this one
2016-05-01 15:25
fucking dumb shit TS did not even get to the major
2016-05-01 16:28
this was their very first LAN. FailFish
2016-05-01 16:55
nope. . nt Brazil. FailFish
2016-05-01 16:57
I have to say International LAN ? Really?
2016-05-01 16:59
I have to say Intergalactic LAN ? Really?
2016-05-01 17:00
he is right ts should have been invited so the league can be played with the best possible teams for a better show, but well its no his call so lets all leave this bs, the organizers invite who they want.
2016-05-01 16:56
Because inviting CoL and TSM over a team that is about to win an international LAN is right. Right?
2016-05-01 17:11
He has a good point.
2016-05-01 17:16
What team is he talking about? Who kicked who? What league hes talking about?
2016-05-01 17:43
after they won columbus he started acting like a bitch
2016-05-01 18:55
He's been doing this for over a year now. Fallen constantly begs and whines to get his teams into leagues since the esl katwoice or esea/esl etc etc.
2016-05-01 20:53
"Of course I'm not serious about kicking a team. I'm making a point that they deserve to be in the league much more than others." - FalleN
2016-05-01 18:57
Hes definately right on this one. Hr and tempo sports are definately the two teams that had to replace at least echo fox and col i agree
2016-05-01 19:12
Yes, he does not only refer to Tempo, other strong teams should've been invited
2016-05-01 19:25
Yugoslavia G30pr0x
Rasist bastards...buck frasil
2016-05-01 19:28
Gabriel FalleN T. &#8207;@LG_FalleN 20 hours ago. @AndriN27 Of course I'm not serious about kicking a team. I'm making a point that they deserve to be in the league much more than others. nt braindead!!
2016-05-01 19:36
lol you kids are honestly retarded, there isn't a single NA team that deserves an ECS spot more than Tstorm. It's a joke that teams like TSM and coL got invites over Tstorm when coL made like 3 roster changes and TSM didn't even have a full roster at the time, but if we're being completely serious not even C9 or OpTiC deserve the spot over Tstorm, the only NA teams on Tempostorm's level are CLG and Liquid. Nobody else. Edit: I forgot Tempostorm weren't even given an invite to the damn qualifier lol, even KKona got an invite to the qualifier. How much dumber can the situation get lol... there's literally NO TEAM who played the qualifiers that would even take a map off Tstorm.(Echo fox lineup was shit at the time)
2016-05-01 19:47
"Make this world fair." wtf
2016-05-02 12:06
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