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120hz or 144hz?
Israel RA1NBOWje 
whats the different between 144hz and 120hz? and what you prefer to use?
2016-05-04 20:11
Doesn't matter you'll never be good at cs
2016-05-04 20:12
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
says the guy from BRAZIL. R O F L
2016-05-04 20:24
nt nick bunyun
2016-05-04 20:49
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
thank you.
2016-05-04 20:56
What do u mean thank you. He just called you nick bunyun
2016-05-04 20:58
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
thats good :D
2016-05-04 21:00
Nick bunyun is not good. He is a cringe god
2016-05-04 22:24
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
ok then :D
2016-05-04 22:26
":D" geez
2016-05-04 23:46
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
anything else 15 years old kid ?
2016-05-04 23:49
all of you are 6th worlders uk > eu+na
2016-05-05 00:05
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
nt, you can't even take Vatican. i think you need more gas.. to calm down.
2016-05-05 00:14
look some video on youtube 120fps vs 240fps... and you will see the difference . p.s. 240hz monitor is coming this summer.
2016-05-06 22:18
24 hz ;/
2016-05-04 20:12
264 hz ;/
2016-05-04 20:22
United States cermis 
75hz masterrace
2016-05-04 20:12
GeT_RiGhT | 
Sweden gould 
50hz bestest
2016-05-04 20:13
24hz different. but better buy 165 ASUS ROG dude. its was amazing
2016-05-04 20:14
cant see more than 2.44fps so whats the point?
2016-05-04 20:14
go back to xbox m69
2016-05-04 20:15
lol why
2016-05-04 20:16
cuz only console owners are complaining that humen eye cant see more than 24fps....why ? console games only at 30/60 fps xDDDDDDDDD PC besttestestestetsetes
2016-05-04 20:25
wtf are you want X-ddd its a fact lol human eye cant see more than 21.6667 fps get ur facts straight pls thanks
2016-05-04 21:42
nothing bro , fucking Cechia cant understand simple meme......
2016-05-04 22:59
2016-05-04 23:36
2016-05-05 14:22
Brazil zlkz1 
human eyes can only see 30hz
2016-05-04 20:16
That's just a rumor in the favelas.
2016-05-04 20:21
It's not a rumor. Several scientific studies have proven that Brazilians lack certain eye capabilities, like the ability to watch fast moving objects (30+ hz). A funny thing that scientists noticed was that Brazilians have difficulties moving away from a coconut falling from a tree. I'm 100% serious. Brazilians won't have the same advantage with a high speed monitor that Europeans or Asians do. It's a very interesting subject and it might tell us more about human evolution some day.
2016-05-05 00:06
2016-05-05 01:07
luminosity from eu confirmed
2016-05-06 23:44
I got a 144hz monitor but run on 120hz. I heard it uses up to 75% less energy and I honestly couldn't tell a difference between 120 and 144hz when playing.
2016-05-04 20:18
i don't believe it uses even close to 75 % less energy.
2016-05-04 20:21
the reason people use 120hz is for lightboost/blur reduction it actually overdrives the back light to blink twice for every frame displayed, thus using more energy overall but giving a smoother appearance
2016-05-04 21:16
the difference is 24 hz? quite obvious. I prefer 144 hz - the higher the better.
2016-05-04 20:18
most of the pros use 120. why?
2016-05-04 20:21
United Kingdom Bo2s 
Poor 3rd worlders
2016-05-04 20:22
2016-05-04 20:22
As far as i know, most pro's are switching over to 144hz. That said, i don't think it matters much.
2016-05-04 20:23
lightboost, it takes away some color quality from your screen but fast motion is as smooth as CRT
2016-05-04 21:17
because a lot of events have old models of benq when they only had 120hz
2016-05-06 23:55
it's really not that much of a difference, and 120hz go easier on your gpu both on power consumption and temperatures
2016-05-04 20:19
easier on your gpu...
2016-05-04 20:22
2016-05-04 20:23
Please explain, how exactly is it easier for the GPU? Only easier if you have VSYNC on, or something like that - if you wanna play 120 fps instead of 144 - Then yes.
2016-05-04 20:25
a lot of cards do not downclock (if there is such a word) even in idle mode, and this means they pretty much go full frequency all the time, causing a lot of power to be consumed as well as heating up this is just one article, tested myself on an ATI gpu, same shit.
2016-05-04 20:28
Yeah! I believe downclock is indeed the right word :) I also have a AMD gpu, hopefully they fixed it/fixes it soon. Thanks for the link, btw.
2016-05-04 20:31
stick to 120hz imo, it's the sweetspot at the moment
2016-05-04 20:32
human eye can only see 30fps
2016-05-04 20:22
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
60* Although the human eye and brain can interpret up to 1000 frames per second, someone sitting in a chair and actively guessing at how high a framerate is can, on average, interpet up to about 150 frames per second. The point: 60 fps is not a 'waste'.22 Nov 2012
2016-05-04 20:27
DrLejos | 
North America hillR 
Sorry for interrupting you trying to act smart, but the eye is not a camera. We do not see things in Frames, therefore determining how many fps we see and can see is literally impossible and the most ignorant thing in the gaming community besides call of duty.
2016-05-04 21:49
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
2016-05-05 00:02
"" is that where Romanian schools source their education system?
2016-05-05 00:58
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
nice keylogger, are you trying to steal my pants faggot ? i have my mk belt as well.
2016-05-06 22:41
JW | 
Finland Ilucs 
2016-05-04 20:27
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
go suck allu's dick
2016-05-04 20:27
No, the job is reserved for romanian whores..
2016-05-04 21:13
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
says the 10 years old kid, go find a better name.. or just leave it like that.. i forgot you from russia.. ( no education there and just racism ) cya after ww3 if you will be still alive :D
2016-05-04 21:14
Yes, good whores come from there. The only problem is that they steal fuckloads of stuff. Propably bc they are gipsies
2016-05-04 21:31
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
who the fuck come from Ro to Ru ? we don't give a fuck about Russia and your language, nothing in common, and learn to write and to make a difference between Romanians and Romani its not same thing.
2016-05-04 21:38
Nah m8, dont trigger so hard. All whores come from Ro tu Ru. Putin best.
2016-05-04 21:40
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
Its not 1 april anyomore to say "Putin best" ruski faggot ^.^ go drink some vodka cyka blyat.
2016-05-04 21:54
Sa ii zici si de masa
2016-05-04 23:56
haha if u cant see difference between 30fps and 60fps ur dumb
2016-05-04 20:28
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
ROFL its same to play COBBLESTONE in 30fps or to play it on 60 ? you more dumb.
2016-05-04 21:37
2016-05-05 22:37
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
144 its quite better than 120.. imagine when you play csgo on a "wooden pc".. do you want to have 30-40 fps or to increase 20 in +.. thats the difference between 144 and 120.. 144 its better..
2016-05-04 20:26
Portugal mrsc 
not really cause when youre playing on a regular 60hz monitor you need at least 60 fps to have a smooth game. now say you have a 120hz monitor and 200 fps. getting 220 will NOT make a difference cause you already have enough spare frames on your game for the monitor to interpolate
2016-05-04 20:31
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
in cs:go pro scene every single frame per second make a difference.. its a reason why the majority of pro players are not playing with all the settings on HIGH - ULTRA HIGH and the resolution on 16:9.. cuz every single fps can improve the game. if you stay and think logic.. cs:go its a FPS game.. so CS:GO = FPS.
2016-05-04 20:33
Portugal mrsc 
if they have a good/top end pc they dont need to play with low, even though theres preference involved, not only fps. as i was saying you only need the same amount or more fps than your refresh rate. say you have 200 fps on a 120hz monitor, which is more than enough, if you add 20 fps to that it will not make a difference. if you want to know how it works its all explained in there skip to 3.10
2016-05-04 20:39
rain | 
Europe Draftt 
this guys says when the video starts : more fps = better gameplay.. so.. its a reason why a half of pros are playing like that.. i don't think flusha, olofmeister, jw or something else who won 6 events in a row.. its poor to don't have money for a high end pc.. and if we talk about fnatic.. they have MSI as sponsor.. which is making mobos / graphics cards.. which are special for overclocking / fps... its a reason my friend why a half of people are chosing 144hz.. even n0thing says one time on his stream : once if you had a monitor which has 144hz you never want to go back on a 120 / 60 one. and i know what im talking.. just try a test.. play on a 144hz and after play on a 120hz.. its a difference between these 2.
2016-05-04 20:44
Portugal mrsc 
never said there wasnt a difference playing on 120hz or 144hz cause there is. all im saying is that having more fps than your refresh rate wont make a difference. 200 stable fps are enough for either 120 or 144hz.
2016-05-04 21:09
DrLejos | 
North America hillR 
You're right to a point, you won't see a difference until you watch your mouse/crosshair move across the screen. The higher your framerate, the smoother your crosshair will move.
2016-05-04 21:51
60hz,supreme on fucking mm,8lvl on faceit) why pay more?)
2016-05-04 20:34
120hz, level 10 --> thats why
2016-05-04 21:46
Finland M0nzaa 
1000hz best. :()
2016-05-04 20:35
CIS skruxie 
165 with G-sync
2016-05-04 20:35
Japan enos 
60 masterrace
2016-05-04 20:35
144hz would be better.120hz - you can see game in 120fps, 144hz- you can see game in 144fps
2016-05-04 21:19
best logic ever
2016-05-04 21:48
There is alot of pros prefering the 120hz with lighboost or UML on over the 144hz with blackstrobe
2016-05-04 21:57
2016-05-04 23:00
it will not change much for you except that your eyes wont get tired as quickly as on a 120Hz (same goes when upgrading from 60Hz to 75Hz or 75Hz to 100Hz or 100Hz to 120Hz) Difference is noticeable only when you do a big upgrade (like from 60Hz to 120Hz)
2016-05-05 00:34
2016-05-05 00:41
I wouldn't know 60hz for the win
2016-05-05 00:48
lsd | 
Norway nuee 
Laptop masterrace
2016-05-05 00:54
60hz cuz human eye can see only 24fps
2016-05-05 00:59
120hz with 0.1ms lag or 144hz with 1ms lag
2016-05-05 01:08
100hz with 0ms lag is the way <3
2016-05-06 22:14
there is no point cuz human eye can only see 0.24fps
2016-05-06 22:17
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