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Loss / choke how to fix
Ukraine pzb0b 
hi i never had problems with my internet, but since 1/2 weeks i'm getting loss and choke on every server i play on tried checking my packet loss on but it was all fine reinstalled steam, csgo, verified game cache but nothing helped what can i do to fix this?
2016-05-05 19:05
Ukraine pzb0b 
2016-05-05 19:10
maybe use cable
2016-05-05 19:12
e thernet
2016-05-05 19:14
Ukraine pzb0b 
i am using cable
2016-05-05 20:09
Brunei Jizzy 
using the right rates?
2016-05-05 19:13
Ukraine pzb0b 
2016-05-05 20:11
Iceland SPUNJ 
leave team liquid
2016-05-05 19:16
Germany DomenicToretto 
rage ur provider tell them you will change your provider, because you have to work and need a constant connection this tactic works perfectly fine when my connection is down
2016-05-05 19:17
Turkey -Salo 
2016-05-05 19:18
other advices?
2016-05-05 20:40
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