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NiKo - Understanding his actual skill
Spain JonathanEbola 
- Probably the best rifler in the entire world atm - One of the sickest pistolers - Best deagle player - Biggest carry of modern era - One of the best hybrids,on the same level of hybridism with the likes of olofm,device,f0rest... - He's only fucking 19years old,so in potentially +6-7 years if not more - One of the best clutchers aswell Praise NiKo
2016-05-05 21:40
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hmmmm no
2016-05-05 21:41
hmmmm yes :>
2016-05-06 13:25
Australia weedloll 
hmmmmmm im gay
2016-05-06 13:31
Germany mkai 
tell me recent games were he really 'carried'
2016-05-05 21:41
he doesn't need to , this isn't matchmaking
2016-05-05 21:43
Germany mkai 
"- Biggest carry of modern era"
2016-05-05 21:44
Because when his team isn't performing he can carry alone like he did with fnatic . Mousesports are getting better and he's not needed to carry anymore
2016-05-05 21:45
the game like 30 minutes ago? more than double the kills of any of his teammates
2016-05-06 00:24
Germany Bier 
you can't call that a carry i my eyes when there is 1 kill difference between topfragger and secondfragger :D
2016-05-05 22:08
Germany ExoQ 
Yes but only because they carried together ^-^
2016-05-05 22:08
Portugal Zedonp 
You don't watch much cs do you? Olof and get-right are not the best you need to deal with that swedistan
2016-05-06 11:36
Are you retarded fox? go drop some glocks fagit
2016-05-06 13:12
Portugal Zedonp 
Triggered alot?
2016-05-06 13:12
no your post just doesnt make any sense
2016-05-06 13:12
Portugal Zedonp 
It doesn't make sense to say that the best player atm is the best player atm? Stop living in the past NIP is shit m8
2016-05-06 13:13
wtf im syrian why should i fucking care about swedish shits I know niko is one of the best i just said that he isnt carrieng as much anymore his team keeps up retardo
2016-05-06 13:14
Portugal Zedonp 
You only said that now retardo. Besides he still out frags everyone on his team pretty much every game.
2016-05-06 13:15
You don't watch much cs do you?
2016-05-06 13:20
Portugal Zedonp 
Not this week my net is down and can only comment on HLTV and see the scorebot. Now stop living in the past Mr.Freeburg
2016-05-06 13:26
u knub only luk on scorebot fknn knub git gud kid
2016-05-06 13:27
Portugal Zedonp 
Only need that to know NIP is as shit as syria. Now go blow up somewhere else
2016-05-06 13:27
syria just as shit as portugal hahhahaha more like poortugal
2016-05-06 13:30
Portugal Zedonp 
Sure thing suicide bomber. Now blow me fgt
2016-05-06 13:32
My brothers will, dont worry
2016-05-06 13:34
Portugal Zedonp 
you will too because you love this D...
2016-05-06 13:35
oh you are a boy, the way you typed i though you were girl anyway noscene fgt dont talk to me
2016-05-06 13:52
Portugal Zedonp 
ahahah says the sand monkey from syria.
2016-05-06 13:52
If he doesn't get any injurie he will be able to play for more ~12 years ( reaction time is on top at 30 years , after that it will be lowering ) so yeah... he have the potential to be a legend .
2016-05-05 21:45
And he is obviously cheating but ok.
2016-05-05 21:47
Italy Growl 
kys but ok
2016-05-05 21:55
Hungary Vitloksbrod 
2016-05-05 22:01
2016-05-05 22:03
Looks like a aimbot lock-on but could also just be blind luck. Got anymore?
2016-05-05 22:10 mor clear that way and yeah there ar more around just gimme a minute to fetch another one
2016-05-05 22:19 This one is fishy, but could be a bit of luck + infos +skills. But it's asking a lot of belief.
2016-05-05 22:21
thx man. Any idea how it would be possible to get away with that on LAN and why or what causes the announcers to ignore certain fishy aspects?
2016-05-05 22:27
Their job is on the line. Valve fucked up massively by not acting, kqly vac ban was enough to make titan go under >>they lost all sponsors because of it. Since some of those pros share the same cheat coder you can't ban one without having a couple other getting vaced, it would doom the scene nearly instantly. On Lan it's easy to cheat i saw some pros tweet about the fact they were not checking gear like supposed, then they said they were joking or removed the tweet altogether. Like chrisj for exemple. Also you can see the plushies multiply on the table of pro players, you can hide anything inside of them, making them transmit signals and allowing you to cheat. Also even if they check your mouse and keyboard it means jackshit. You can just make the cheat activate via a ciombo of certain keys rendering the checking totally useless. I saw many lans with 0 admins behind the players, like wtf..../ add the classical corruption if you want but i doubt it's relevant and done. Edit :I forgot to mention that if they really wanted to make the scene clean it wouldn't cost them much at all. Just provide players fresh gears before the game and compare mouse movement with actual movement via recording or some programm already exist for that. The fact they don't do it is a statement to how corrupted the scene is now.
2016-05-05 22:36
I'm curious though. At the LAN when the organizers, admins, and others are watching, how is it not possible to investigate it. Are they afraid of the backlash if they actually banned someone AT the LAN? The mouse and keyboard is an interesting theory, but we all use certain specifications with them, from the mouse being worn in and the keyboard precisely organized in the most comfortable way that we can play. They can't really provide fresh gear without buying the exact same gear each player is using. Aside from headsets and the PC itself. The rest of the stuff is the players. I have seen some techniques of hiding drivers in mouse and keyboards, but again, the organizers have the computers pretty much monitored throughout the entire process of them plugging everything in and until they are unplugging everything at the end of the game. It would be rather easy to see a new driver popup that isn't known and call them out on it.
2016-05-05 22:51
The thing is we have absolutely 0 proof of the monitoring they do. Rewatch malmo and try to spot a single admin behind the players, there are none. The backlash would absolutely destroy the scene and all teams would lose their sponsors since they wouldn't want to be associated with cheating. The fact they were supposed to already monitor everything in the past and yet players could blatantly download cheats from the workshop is mind bogling too. As for the gears they could ask the specific layouts etc before the very big eventS. Maybe not for the small lans, but i think for a 1 million $ major it's necessary. There is another form of cheat going by signal where you don't have to plug anything too. All in all, they should just provide fresh gears for majors. Metal detector before entering th stage. Signal jamming and no plushies and superflu think on the tables. It's their responsability after all to keep up and make the environment the most cheat free possible. ps : id'like to think no one is cheating, but there are a couple of oddshots i can't ignore. Also the fact only lower tier players sometimes get banned and never anyone near even tier 3 does is doubtfull.
2016-05-05 23:09
These guys have put thousands upon thousands of hours into the game, they are going to get a couple crazy shots. If you look at only a players top plays of course it will look like they are hacking because they are their best plays of from millions of rounds of CS, they are going to get lucky on occasion. If you watch an average game from any of these guys (even the Nikos, Guardians, and Olofs of the world) you will see them miss tons of shots. If they were hacking that wouldn't happen. As for your examples, the first one was a bit weird, however he easily could have just been lining up for a spray through the wall or flash and then decided against it or he could have been distracted by comms. The second one was certainly not hacking, because Denis just died from there so Rain would have run right in front of Denis's deathcam. If you had 10 to 20 examples of something like the first one then I would start to become suspicious, but if it only happens once I'm not convinced.
2016-05-06 01:51
Also for the first clip, if he really had hacks then he would have locked onto the first guy that was visible instead of the second one.
2016-05-06 02:19
Looks like his crosshair was slightly closer to the guy on the right when he pressed aim button
2016-05-07 18:43
You can also tell from the top right graph that his mouse is moving then.
2016-05-08 20:39
Yes but it is not like it is an aimbot literally giving them skills. It is subtle. EXTREMELY subtle. however it provides such a huge advantage. Take olofmeister for exmaple. Extremely smart and skilled player, can use any weapon. Now give him the ability so that when he hits mouse 4 (side button) it enhances his aim by 15-25% OR locks on (on hold down) so he can jsut tap the button in a clutch and no one would notice but he would figure out of the guy is in squeky or Quad on cache. These private cheats are impossible to VAC ban, so hell pay some guy 1,500 euro and give him 2% of your winnings to keep you unVacced and bam you instantly become #1 player and win every tournament. Small price to pay ... just my ideas and food for thought :) Tl;dr [private] cheats are easy, unVACCABLE and Cheap, combined with already skilled players = Top player in the world
2016-05-06 02:19
Yeah but my point is that any smart player wouldn't use hacks for those purposes. They would use them to make sure they never fucked up their sprays, not so they can make the occasional insane 1 tap because that would make it suspicious. If you do it to make your incredibly bad plays seem normal then it would be much harder to detect because to everyone it looks like just a normal spray down or whatever. Also your suggestion makes no sense for 1 taps because you would see a huge divide between when he had the hacks on where he makes insane plays and when he had the hacks off where he doesn't (if he makes the insane plays with the hacks off then he doesn't need the hacks at all because he already makes enough that it would only need them on occasion, so he would have to use it all the time for any benefit which would make it suspicious because he would be hitting tons of insane 1 taps so he would have to use it randomly which would cause either a suspicious divide or an imperceptible advantage like I stated above).
2016-05-06 02:57
You know, cheats have human aim and do not gurantee perfect shots. For example, KQLY has 3400 hours in the game, he was mostly in the middle of the scoreboard and he sometimes also had lucky shots. Also looks like those doors on dust2 are cursed ;)
2016-05-07 18:37
are you high its literally comms and checking if the guys pushed the smoke, sees he didnt, hears him running, sprays him down i usually let this stuff slide but god go back to nova's
2016-05-05 22:48
Now please, provide us with your insight on the other clips posted, mr silver.
2016-05-05 22:59
Thank you for being oblivious to the crosshair small dubious adjustement, i stated anyway that this one was most probably luck+skills+comms. Go ahead and explain to me the rest now. But yeah i have watched over 2000+ games since i bet for a living, i try t spot those little boosts some players can have in very important games. Who is able to have an edge on lan and not. Is it cevo/esl etcetc? I was sfmc anyway before stopping, not that it means shit regarding the matter at hands.
2016-05-05 23:15
At least one smart guy here, the rest of the community are oblivious af
2016-05-07 18:45 At 34 sec his croshair jitter just when he start he double deagle headshot. But to find vac sht like the one at dust 2 is asking a lot, he really fucked up there massively. same shit happen on cache where the aimlock doesn't recoginse some walls.
2016-05-05 22:25
If you are talking about how his mouse moves slightly at the end of the clip, that would have happened because he took his hand off the mouse to celebrate, so his aim would have changed slightly. Nothing out of the ordinary there.
2016-05-06 02:04
If you want to see this for yourself, set your mouse sensitivity to the lowest it can possibly go then put your hand on the mouse and quickly take it off, it produces pretty much the same effect as in the clip.
2016-05-06 02:22
What shocks me the most is the 1st shot which is clearly random asf, looks like the kind of shit that was made possible by psilent (which wasn't patched at that date). 2nd one is less debatable even tho I think he is shooting pretty fast and thus not waiting for the recoil reset. But well, the deagle is so random... Not talking about the movement tho.
2016-05-07 18:46
he sees the guy on the edge of the smoke and makes an insane flick, nothing weird about that one.
2016-05-08 20:40
He plays on one of the lowest sensitivities of any rifle player (1.55/400), so that kind of small movement with a gap in between isn't fishy at all.
2016-05-06 00:28
Snax | 
Other c.dallas 
1.55 is like 80% sens of most pros, that's not to low at all.
2016-05-06 00:44
Not at 400dpi
2016-05-06 01:03
Yeah, not at 400dpi - that's very much at the low end. If we talk "True Sens" (so dpi*in-game), he's at just over 600, where the majority of players are between 800-1200 (2-3 @ 400).
2016-05-06 01:21
Expected post from silver.
2016-05-05 22:49
Expected from German 12 y o cheater.
2016-05-06 17:16
yes he is but all pros are, besides that hes the best carry right now
2016-05-06 23:52
I don't think any of the NiP players cheats.. have you ever seen a suspect clip from them ?
2016-05-07 16:41
xizt has a lot of aimlocks if you pay attention, which makes sense since he'd be the most unlikely one to cheat
2016-05-07 17:52
Link me a clip where xizt cheats.
2016-05-07 18:10
pretty shitty example but i just searched for one anyway this is trash and the crosshair through walls stuff isnt great evidence but he was getting some really crazy shots in a recent ecs match (the one before fnatic vs nip) ill try to find it later
2016-05-07 18:24
yea.. that was not really a good clip. Come back with a better clip and I might believe you :P
2016-05-08 15:24
Titan kennyS in the end of 2014 was the best carry ive ever seen
2016-05-05 21:59
before the awp nerf, good ol' days
2016-05-05 22:19
xantares > niko
2016-05-05 22:00
ahahahahaha, but both of them are better than Fallen, thats for sure...
2016-05-05 22:04
fox > xantares > jw > niko > coldzera
2016-05-05 22:03
coldzera best (but only after he's plugged his phone in to charge)
2016-05-05 22:13
Spain akproxx 
2016-05-05 22:07
Expected from third worlder.
2016-05-05 22:49
I was just kiddin, ironic, do you know?
2016-05-05 22:54
Agreed. NiKo is the most skillful player in the entire world. Even VP players said that.
2016-05-05 22:05
2016-05-05 22:15
fuck you i want some dr oetker pudding now D:
2016-05-06 19:27
I love it too :D
2016-05-06 23:42
fox > xantares > jw > niko > coldzera
2016-05-05 22:06
If you put NiKo in ANY tier1 team, he will not have the same performance.
2016-05-05 22:11
2016-05-05 22:17
because of the role he's playing. whole mouz is playing around him so he can perform.. most of the time as a lurker
2016-05-05 22:20
Germany cyp3 
2016-05-05 22:34
He's not lurking rofl. You're right about mouz playing around him getting frags, but its exactly the same way that KennyS was played around in Titan.
2016-05-06 00:30
He is kinda lurking at least 50% of the time. Sometimes he's entry'ing with team, but most of the time he's on otherside of map while team is making some noise and shit..
2016-05-06 00:32
So by your definition Olof would suck on a tier 1 team because all of fnatic plays around him... oh wait, fnatic is a tier 1 team. Any player will be bad if you put them in a role that isn't suited to them, for example Guardian would not be a good support player and Get_Right would not be a good entry fragger because that just isn't what they do.
2016-05-06 02:08
Portugal Zedonp 
anyone with a brain can be a good support. And on ecos and force buys get-right does the entry.
2016-05-06 15:05
Yeah Guardian and Get_Right could be decent in those roles, but they wouldn't be the top 10 players in the world (top 5 in Guardian's case) that they are if they were forced to play them because that isn't what they are comfortable doing.
2016-05-08 20:36
Portugal Zedonp 
Ofc not. Just comented because any good pro player could do what you said. What the guy above said is retarded.
2016-05-08 21:18
Portugal Zedonp 
You really think so? He is even calling strats for them. if he focus on only getting kills i don't see why he can't out perform everyone on any team. Only rain and olof on some crazy days do what he does on almost every game
2016-05-06 11:41
He sure is up there
2016-05-05 22:11
+1 totally agreed not for being a br but, coldzera easily get into the top hybrids
2016-05-05 22:14
2016-05-05 22:18
Germany ynck 
do you even understand what you see?
2016-05-05 22:34
Yes i do, do you understand why they don't provide the players fresh gears and monitors mouse movement on lan as well? Or do you want to be reminded titan went underwater just because kqly vac drove all sponsors away.
2016-05-05 22:38
Germany ynck 
yes i understand why they don't provide new gear for events, since i played the game professionell before. But i acutally want to know from you what do you actuall see in there, since if you do, you actually understand that this is no proof at all.
2016-05-05 22:46
Why should i bother explaining something to an individual who claim they can't provide fresh gears while other esport do so. I'm not going to bother retyping 40 + lines explaining what's up with the doors here and at cache.
2016-05-05 22:55
Germany ynck 
before you blame yourself
2016-05-05 23:18
Kinda off. He doesn't know all adjustement other providers can make to make it look more legit. Ot do you think they use public cheat that snaps like mad. The thing is it slightly hover around, but is still accurate af. He doesn't say in any way it's not a cheat.
2016-05-05 23:22
Germany ynck 
the vid is coming from a germany community site called readmore and the coder posted the vid to proof the point the clip is legit and you just said the opposite. Also i feel like explaining why new gear is not a thing. It's the fakt that new gear feels and plays diffrently than used gear, particularly mices - worn mouse skates compare to new ones are like switching the mousepads to a speedpad.
2016-05-05 23:28
That doesn't change a thing about what i said. Link me the thread so i can see he really say it's legit *i know why supex0 is ofc*. From what i see he just mentionned a bit of and the rest of the text on the right is cut. The pro players need to adapt to the rules that's it, it's like that for all sports too. You don't see anyone bitching anymore about it on dota apart maybe because gears goes missing and that's it. They just need to have an habit of replacing mouse more often or the skates when they get a bit too worn. Once esport grow big enough all of this will be trivial and be the norm anyway. And if they don't it will be regarded as a joke and only watched by the players of said games.
2016-05-05 23:43
you know the thing is that it would be no problem at all the have a hardware memory check, but valve and the event hosters are not worried at all. So suggesting that players have to replace their hardware, instead of checking the hardware first is delusional stupid. There are so many ways, to make loading cheats through hardware, nearly imposible - but as you see, no one cares. I pm'd the link btw.
2016-05-05 23:57
Hey thank you dude. I will believe you on this matter by the way. I know it's asking a lot, but next time you discuss this matter share your knowledge about it. I didn't even consider the fact it would be way easier to prevent the loading of said cheat than going to the hassle of providing gears etc. *it doesn't even remove the option of cheating anyway*. Anyway, thanks again.
2016-05-06 00:08
Could you pm me the link please?
2016-05-07 18:49
That only proves he didnt cheat lmao
2016-05-05 22:41
Germany xlex 
2016-05-05 22:47
no aimlock here, see the right half of gif u posted
2016-05-06 00:55
He kind of reminds Neo in 1.6 early days. 1 hard carry + 4 bobs.
2016-05-05 22:20
I agree with the neo comparison for sure.
2016-05-05 22:22
No... Golden Five was Golden Five... OFC Neo was the best but not that carry...
2016-05-05 22:23
Brazil mth^ 
stupidest comment ive ever seen holy shit
2016-05-05 22:39
nah, neo was like olof now in fnatic, best player in the team but the other 4 were fucking good aswell
2016-05-06 13:20
you missed out hacker
2016-05-05 22:22
-example of aimlock at dust2 long a doors
2016-05-05 22:23
Germany cyp3 
stopped reading after "best rifler" ... xD so akward ...
2016-05-05 22:30
Ukraine  Pasha 
What's awkward is that you can't spell.
2016-05-05 22:40
Germany cyp3 
ohhhh i missed one key xD Tell it to your friends and mention it in your autobiographie ... maybe you can start a website or something or write a book about that ? xD Fucking faggot....
2016-05-05 22:43
insults someone as faggot and uses "xD" smileys what a strange world
2016-05-05 22:44
Germany cyp3 
whats wrong with that ? please explain it to me in a logical way would you prefer lmao or something ? maybe good old lol ? Just explain it to me, seems you are the master of keyboard signs
2016-05-05 22:47
xD = gay
2016-05-05 22:47
Germany cyp3 
thats just brilliant man, thanks that you gave me the chance to benefit from your mastermind...
2016-05-05 22:49
hes fucking crazy, but hes a step below some of the best carries ever, his rating is boosted by t3 events and fun events. his team is probably the worst team to date with a top 1 player tho
2016-05-05 22:41
Germany cyp3 
explain me the following then... mouse took over the core of penta. why did penta manage to leave major groups twice while mouse did not achieve that yet ?
2016-05-05 22:56
well i think mouz overall is better off with gob b instead of niko, i think the best lineup for germany is an all german speaking lineup as for penta, like gob they had a structured igl plus kRYSTAL was actually good back then. plus DHW2014 was one of the easiest groups ever since Titan was dq'd
2016-05-05 23:05
Germany cyp3 
Just watch the mouz games and try to analyse the setups etc... niko is doing what he wants. he is the last guy alive in nearly every situation. he is often getting easy kills while other players are fucked up because they had to bait for him etc. its more like 1 guy dictating everything while 4 guys have to follow. Thats not a way that will lead to real success and its impossible that he can perform like that on any other team. i dont want to say he is completely overrated but a lot of his plays are pre-assembled only by his mates.
2016-05-05 23:13
2016-05-05 23:14
Germany cyp3 
wow, finally someone who is not searching the truth on the scoreboard :-D
2016-05-05 23:20
by the way... your favourite player is the best example for what happens when a team is listening to the clueless community. They thought it would make sense to replace that mastermind IGL with a guy who is maybe a little bit "better" when pressing tabulator ... currently you can observe the real output of crap like that :-D
2016-05-05 23:35
actually bodyy is pretty good, but they should've removed smithzz not ex6
2016-05-06 13:22
ye of course he is but you cannot really compare his ingame skills with the skills that ex6 was bringing into the team
2016-05-06 15:34
The only one to blame on that is shox, not bodyy.
2016-05-07 18:38
i dont blame him, he just took his chance to play in a better team. :-D
2016-05-07 19:19
Friis | 
Poland Austinn 
he is good with awp aswell
2016-05-05 22:42
+1 Also very good crosshair placement
2016-05-05 22:49
Niko is #1 atm
2016-05-05 22:50
Brazil hugoooo 
Now thats some hardcore ball kicking. Not that you're wrong on your statements. NiKo was on the top of the 1.6 player stats as well, even when he played for lower teams, when he used to play as nikolinho. He was just a kid.
2016-05-05 22:54
Top 5 talents: twist rain niko s1mple XANTARES
2016-05-05 23:12
2016-05-05 23:33
someone read the HLTV stats... Xantares is good, but he faces mostly shit tier people, same with twist. Also where the fuck are the actual talents like Olof and Guardian and Fallen?
2016-05-06 01:26
Young talents* Fallen, guardian and olofm are not young talents, they are settled stars. Xantares is a fucking insane players. You must be blind not to see that. Twist have shown that he is a top level player so many times, and only fucktards like you could say he's not.
2016-05-06 09:27
I never said they weren't good (in fact if you actually read what I had said then you would see that I said that they are good) however he hasn't had much of a chance to prove himself against actual top tier opponents. He went mental against Dignitas, but I need to see more from him to put him above Olof, Guardian, and Fallen, but since you clarified that these are people 21 and under, I can see how he might be in the top 10. Twist had an incredible performance at Malmo, Not top 5 though, there are way too many good young talents. My personal top 10 21 and under would be: NiKo (19) KennyS (20) JW (21) Flamie (19) Coldzera (21) Device (20) S1mple (18) Scream (21) Twist (21) Boltz (19) Xantares and Twist might be as good as or better than the people I listed, however they haven't had a chance to prove themselves against tier 1 teams like most of the people I have listed (Xantares especially). Personally I hope they will get a chance to prove themselves soon cause I think they eventualy could be on the upper half of this list. Unfortunately SS got bodied out of the minor qualifiers (and if Xantares can't perform enough to win against a team like Game Agents, how is he going to do it against a tier 1 team). Godsent however is in the minor and Twist will get more chances to prove himself against very good teams like Hellraisers, Dignitas, and of course ENCE.
2016-05-08 20:33
+6/7? are you? ARE YOU SERIOUS? he can play cs like 10years more, just like taz.
2016-05-05 23:32
eports not old enough to set up a limit yet :-D
2016-05-05 23:47
yeah that was my point :D
2016-05-06 01:09
- Biggest carry of modern era I arent think that
2016-05-05 23:34
he is a realy good player and has a lot of skills but he will never play in a good team cuz he rages a lot, if he could just not rage and stopping flaming at his teammates he probably could join a top team :)
2016-05-06 00:23
Wait... When kennyS was 19 years old he was in god mode... And now NiKo at the same age?... The prophecy has been foretold...
2016-05-06 00:37
imagine a team with Niko, cold, olof, Guardian & tba
2016-05-06 00:48
I would take out coldzera (mainly just cause of language barrier) and put in Scream or Krimz. Also Pronax would be good IGL for that team. As amazing as NiKo is, he isn't that great of an IGL. He can make decent strats, but isn't that good at changing them on the fly when things go wrong.
2016-05-06 02:27
before awp nerf, kennys was the biggest carry, god i miss the old kenny
2016-05-06 00:55
Hi I´m a HLTV random, I know all the best strats and I also know who actually is/are the best player/s in CSGO. Regards.
2016-05-06 01:00
nt niko fangay
2016-05-06 01:32
youre fucking stupid
2016-05-06 01:34
he ain't MUCH better than most pros, he's part of the "better" half in term of skill, nothing more. Thing is, there isn't a top1 or a player that dominates everyone else, if you guys can't see this...
2016-05-06 02:40
NiKo is a white version of Rick Ross "BOSS"
2016-05-06 02:49
you forgot "biggest aimlocker in modern era" he is cheating you spastic kids. wake up
2016-05-06 02:59
best cheat in csgo right now
2016-05-06 03:00
2016-05-06 09:40
lol I used to see shox on this serv' nobody gave a damn about him. When NiKo came in he was basically god coming to cs:go world
2016-05-06 13:24
-he is a cheating little cunt even thoorin knows the aimlock was weird as fuck
2016-05-06 09:44
"Even thorin knows" lmfao
2016-05-06 11:40
ty for lulz
2016-05-06 13:21
np my pleasure
2016-05-06 19:20
so mutch haters because he is not from france/denmark/sweden he is bosnian and he is the best player in the world and you know it :))
2016-05-06 11:34
2016-05-06 11:39
our lord and saviour niko
2016-05-06 11:37
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
He is good, but I wouldn't go this far... - Rain is a far better rifler at the moment. - GeT_RiGhT is a better clutcher. - Age doesn't really matter.
2016-05-06 13:16
wrong on both
2016-05-06 23:58
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I certainly don't think so, but your opinion, however, is both noted and respected.
2016-05-07 16:45
how can you call him the " Biggest carry of modern era " You're so dumb... Stick any good player on a team with trash team mates and he'll carry hard
2016-05-06 13:31
Portugal Zedonp 
Its a dumb sentence but by now i think even you should know he is the best and most on form player atm
2016-05-06 13:54
I don't dispute that, It's a hard toss up between him and a few other players but yes that statement op made is retarded.
2016-05-06 14:23
Portugal Zedonp 
He clearly belongs to some cult of niko.
2016-05-06 15:01
Retardalert just went off, holy shit
2016-05-07 16:43
You forgot: one of the best entry fraggers.
2016-05-06 15:07
then again he doesnt see a good opportunity when he see one
2016-05-06 15:42
CAn someone reply to me i need 2 make my threads ;=)
2016-05-06 23:52
HF b
2016-05-07 18:25
+1 he is a beast atm
2016-05-06 23:56
He's doubtlessly one of the best players at the moment and probably the best young player but pleeease shut the fuck up
2016-05-07 17:54
also in game leader
2016-05-07 17:57
Other ToRu 
but stay in mousesports lel
2016-05-07 18:13
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