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Skadoodle | 
Czech Republic darK_CO 
I have deposited like 50 dollars and now i can't withdraw... it's giving me an error message: An error occurred. Try again later. i am seriously scared that i got scammed now :(
2016-05-07 13:42
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I get 6k points yesterday and after some minutes 0...i dont used a script use csgopolygon,csgo2x,csgodouble not this fakes sites...
2016-05-07 13:44
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North America 4Head
nah visit
2016-05-24 23:16
too late because all my shit is on that site now
2016-05-07 13:45
Rofl, ppl actually falling into obv scam sites.
2016-05-07 13:52
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at the time it was not as obvious as people were telling that it's like the previous csgodouble owner and shit...
2016-05-07 13:53
I really want everyone to be aware of these scamms because i used to trust smaller sites, but i just don't enymore
2016-05-07 19:37
don't worry, you will get it back... when you earn again ayyee, feels batman
2016-05-07 19:39
They just ripped the source from double's site and made a new domain to attract braindead people like you. I mean which site would have 10 d lores and 500 knives within days of getting started? Use a brain next time and RIP your monies LUL
2016-05-07 19:40
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thanks for the support buddy
2016-05-07 19:49
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Np, you want some coins too? x) LUL
2016-05-07 19:49
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what is wrong with this community
2016-05-07 19:50
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What is wrong with your brain in not interpreting a simple scam LUL
2016-05-07 19:53
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in your opinion i should just go kill my self right?
2016-05-07 19:56
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80% of items are fake but you can withdraw cheap items..
2016-05-07 20:02
Deviating from the topic did no change my opinion LUL
2016-05-07 20:05
same as csgojek lost over 50 there
2016-05-07 19:40
now that gambling sites are popular, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and create them
2016-05-07 19:53
Canada wizQ
why wouldnt you use a known site dumb ass... your own fault bruh.
2016-05-07 19:54
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maybe because he thought smaller sites were easier to win on?
2016-05-07 19:57
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i just used a referal link got some money so i was like yeah i'm gonna deposit, play a bit more and then withdraw a knife
2016-05-07 19:58
i do realise that... do you think i would call it someone elses fault... look at what i wrote...
2016-05-07 19:57
2016-05-07 19:55
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2016-05-07 20:01
nevermind karma will strike them hope they get banned scammed and raped to nerdy ass
2016-05-07 20:03
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yeah... why do shit like this?
2016-05-07 20:05
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dont know actualy i just use free code got 2500 then to withdraw put 5 dolars and bet on green and i won over 60k and then i notice that its scam site..feelsbadman fuck skins fuck this cancer sites
2016-05-07 20:08
its a fake site?
2016-05-24 23:15 Legit shit xD 100M no problem Bought 100m for about 0.1 dollar form a guy on facebook
2016-05-25 21:56
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