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C.Ronaldo WHO?
Europe xaviesta 
Messi just scored 5 goals Champions league !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-03-07 22:32
C.Ronaldo? NO! NOT HEARD!
2012-03-07 22:35
Messi scored in the match as much as Ronaldo scored in the tournament))
2012-03-07 22:50
1+ both zlatan and Ronaldo have scored 5 goals this seasons cl. Messi just scored 5 in singel match haha
2012-03-08 00:34
messi scores 5 goals in 1/8 final of CL wheres real madrid in CL? I forget they didnt pass ...
2012-03-08 10:16
What??? RM vs CSKA 14/03/2012... LOL why u don't search 1sf and then talk?? btw, messi and ronaldo >>> all... sad for them they born on the same time and they will allways "fight" to know who is the best... to me they are allmost equal
2012-03-08 10:52
C. Ronaldo is struggling every day to prove he's better than Messi, Messi just plays football and blows everyone's minds. Guess who's better ?
2012-03-08 11:22
messi got 24 goals in CL best score in all history of CL.
2012-03-08 11:33
actually he got 49 goals) but RM win CL this year)
2012-03-08 12:28
dude i talk about this season.
2012-03-08 12:48
this season he got 12 goals...
2012-03-08 12:52
so far
2012-03-09 12:02
but far from 24...
2012-03-09 21:43
he hasnt score 24 goals in only one CL , he has more than 24 goals, i dont know homw many exactly but , he gonna be Nº1 in somo more years ;)
2012-03-10 04:04
Messi Champions League statistic: Messi has scored a total of 49 goals in the competition. Messi is the first play to ever score 5 goals in a singel match of the competition since it was formed to Champions League early 1992. Messi had already scored 4 goals once against Arsenal 2010. Messi broke the recored of top goals scored in the play-offs by scoring his 19th play-off goal against leverkursen first leg. Later on on the seceond leg vs leverkursen Messi scored 5 goals and he extended his world record of 19 goals to 24 goals scored in play-offs. Raul Gonzales has world record of 71 goals scored in the competition but 80% of them were scored in the group-stage. Messi has the world record most goals scored in the play-offs, 24 goals. Messi has reached 12 goals in 7 games this seasons champions league and its his third hattrick also this seasons cl. Messi has leveled up with his own record of most goal scored in a singel season which is also a world record shared with RuudvanNisterooy of most goals scored total in 1 season, 12goals. Messi is most likely going to break this world record next match and become the player that has scored most goals in a singel season of champions league. Messi has already won the top goalscorer in this competition 3 times in a row and is most likely to win it again this season, level up with some retired German player who have won it 4 times. Messi has played two finals both against Manchester United and he has scored one goal each final. Cristiano Ronaldo hasn't scored hattrick in Champions League yet and he has played more Champions League seasons then Messi.
2012-03-11 16:25
if u say it... when we see ronaldo trainning and after that stay 2 more hours to be better on freekick (for exemple), i bet that we don't see a lot of player doing that. Yes it's true that they will always compare, but as i said, they are the two best players in foot atm! Thay can't be compare for gools cause if we analyze the gols of Messi, almost were the midfield players (xavi, iniesta and fabregas) that pass the ball to him. And ronaldo don't play like that. He take the ball and run with it and score... It's a different football practice by this two, but both are a great players! If u said that messi score brilliantly gools (finalize) yes u correct. Ronaldo's gools it's almost a powerful shot. Allways will be a messi haters and ronaldo haters... I'm portuguese and hate the way ronaldo play for our country :s
2012-03-08 12:52
Messi haters ? Wow, I really don't think there's a lot.
2012-03-08 18:28
80% of ronaldos goals are with assist from his teammates, and only had tu push the ball into the goal , and messi scores goals 50/50 individual actions and groupal actions.
2012-03-09 12:05
Just comparing goal participation between Messi and Ronaldo, Messi is far above him. And yes, that's what he has to do, to produce (score/assist and similar) goals. And then he is chosen the best player of the world everytime.
2012-03-10 07:11
ronaldinho >> ronaldo
2012-03-08 19:13
so take him to ukraine, I realy don't want him in my team here in brazil anymore
2012-03-09 16:37
hahaha he is so fat! it's a shame =/ ronaldinho is a genious!
2012-03-10 18:59
messi > all Ronaldo is a normal player
2012-03-09 00:58
2012-03-08 12:27
LOL, u're dumb as a d00r
2012-03-08 12:49
don't insult d00rs..
2012-03-08 13:27
sorry mate, you're right. haha
2012-03-08 14:10
dude you are stupid, kick yourself
2012-03-08 16:45
Macau kek79 
c.ronaldo > messi
2012-03-07 22:34
?¿? seriously ronaldo its fantastic player ,, but messi>all
2012-03-07 22:59
true true true only haters cant see it
2012-03-07 23:54
true true true only portuguese fanboys can see it
2012-03-08 00:26
ofc ofc
2012-03-08 00:35
i can see it and im not portuguese.
2012-03-08 01:53
then u don't know what is soccer
2012-03-09 00:59
Yea, that's probably it.
2012-03-09 01:00
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
bad joke.
2012-03-09 03:19
Portugal hwz1 
What ? i didnt get :(
2012-03-07 22:37
barça won 7-1 against bayer leverkusen and messi score 5
2012-03-07 23:53
Portugal hwz1 
I know, i saw the game, i just dont know what c.ronaldo has to do with it...
2012-03-08 00:02
always comparing...
2012-03-08 00:09
2012-03-08 01:12
2012-03-08 09:14
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
2012-03-09 03:19
2012-03-07 22:39
2012-03-07 22:41
Only when he wins 3 world cups, only when he makes 1280 goals.
2012-03-07 23:24
2012-03-07 23:42
if messi plays only in his local league , with not offside rule, with dummy deffenders that not had any defense tactics and instide of foul you like nowadays, they only let you pass with the ball, FOR SURE he would score 1289381273178 goals... pele got this worlds cups with thw help of his fantastic teammates.. make more goal, not means that you are better .so... MESSI > ALL PLAYERS IN THE HISTORY
2012-03-08 12:10
if "make more goal, not means that you are better" then 5goals of this match vs BL don't make messi better than c.ronaldo...
2012-03-08 16:54
i was talking about pele .. ronaldo is a good player maybe best of the world ... but MESSI its simply god, he best of universe, incomparable , not for this 5 goals , for every match he plays :D
2012-03-08 16:57
The way you talk makes it seems tha the old football was so easy, which isnt. If it actually was easier, why only Pele had such a domination? The outside rule just made it harder. Pele, THE ONLY AND ONE.
2012-03-08 17:42
All players in history? I would love to see him vs Ronaldinho when he was on top of his game ;)
2012-03-08 18:32
ronaldinho > very good player a the moment MESSI > ALL , its simply to understand and hard to admit by somepeople
2012-03-09 12:00
Zidane ;D
2012-03-09 01:00
+100000000000000000000 pele>all :)
2012-03-07 23:45
2012-03-07 23:58
u cant compare football in pele time and now :) football today is more tactical more beautiful for watching then in pele and maradona time so u cant hate messi but 3 times in a row best player on a planet says something :)
2012-03-08 00:01
ofc, cuz u certainly watched a lot of pele's games so you know it wasn't as beautiful as today's.... what a joke
2012-03-08 01:05
actualy i have watched games from pele :)
2012-03-08 01:30
so, i don't know, two or three games from the 60's give you a complet knowledge of the whole football scene? watch out we have a specialist over here :D
2012-03-08 02:22
remind me a brazilian ...
2012-03-08 01:19
2012-03-08 00:54
1280 goals against low brazilian teams that Pele scored?
2012-03-08 01:54
Probably there are a lot of them involved on these 1280 gols, by the way, respect for the ONLY AND ONE player who has ever won 3 WC.
2012-03-08 02:03
Pele is a great player no doubt but football is still team game so in most it depends on team.
2012-03-08 08:52
Gerd Muller scored 1461 goals better than pele.
2012-03-08 09:13
Did the offside rule exist at that time I heard it was not the same as today
2012-03-08 12:51
Actually yes, this rule didnt exist that times, this is one of the reason which makes that football harder than the current
2012-03-08 17:38
I don`t think so ! It makes it much more easier to score imo
2012-03-08 18:25
Not really. On that times the players werent afraid of refeer send they off.
2012-03-09 01:59
i agree that he has to win 3 world cups. but 1280 goals, really? When pele played, santos had like 30/40 friendlies per year, or something like that, where he would score 1873781872312 goals... its unreal.
2012-03-08 12:21
Actually I dont know if these goals are being included on that list... but it doesnt matter anyway, Pele raped every team on every tournament.
2012-03-08 17:40
he scored about 750~ goals in official matches, still there are two other footballers which have better stats, also Pele played only in Brazil where level wasnt so high as in europe for example and there been so many matches against easy opponents and many many diffrent cups ;) Of course is impressive score and we shouldnt compare 60' with nowdays is impossible only dumbs doing that, now is imppossible to score 700 goals in carrer, even if Barcelona playing almost 60-70 matches in the season, Messi is player of our Era just face it, before was Ronaldo (brazil one) and Zidane era. And stop blame C.Ronaldo he is fantastic player one of the best atm, if Real gonna win LA liga and Champions league he is the only one who can take golden ball if no.. Messi will take it 4th time in the row and we cant say he dont deserve
2012-03-11 17:10
" Pele played only in Brazil where level wasnt so high as in europe " ??? That's why Brazil played 4 WC among 1966 and 1970 and won 3...
2012-03-11 17:12
most of his goals are from Santos matches, I just wanted say that. Pele is one of the best players ever I wont deny it, but its stupid comparing Pele to Messi and say that Messi should score 1200 goals.. stop being blind fan boy and stop comparing them, both are one of the greatest players in Football History
2012-03-11 17:16
-1 i think maradona was better
2012-03-07 23:53
Zinedine Zidane. The best one I watched. :)
2012-03-08 01:00
2012-03-08 12:51
2012-03-08 17:02
2012-03-09 01:00
Serbia HVR 
2012-03-08 00:19
lol u understand soo much of futball like my granpha understand about weed
2012-03-08 01:13
what u talkin about? my grandpa used to smoke weed..
2012-03-08 12:52
Yeah i know we smoke togheter a lot, he got good shit in his farm!
2012-03-11 14:30
2012-03-08 18:31
2012-03-09 00:59
Stupid topic, are there only 2 football players on the world? messi x ronaldo all the time
2012-03-07 22:43
Italy </3 
2012-03-07 22:45
2012-03-08 08:53
If messi would play in other team he wouldnt be so good. 5 goals is very good, just great score but Bayer play's like a shit. Ronaldo > Messi becouse he was and would be amazing in each team he play.
2012-03-07 22:44
Albania p4ch 
Right, you talk like you have seen messi in a another team.
2012-03-07 22:45
2012-03-07 22:47
I didnt, thats why I think like that. Argentina team - Messi play shit Barcelona - amazing Thats why I think he wouldnt be so good in other team.
2012-03-07 22:52
bENNY | 
Europe Naitee 
Messi > Leverkusen still Germany >>>> Argentinia :)
2012-03-07 22:55
+1 :)
2012-03-07 22:56
2012-03-07 23:34
2012-03-07 23:40
Netherlands washedup28YO 
true :D
2012-03-07 23:41
2012-03-08 00:00
Yeah you guys always take us down. Fuckin' Germans (jk)
2012-03-08 00:27
not germany, but Poland + Turkey = Germany football team...
2012-03-11 14:23
bENNY | 
Europe Naitee 
Only Germans in our Nationalteam :)
2012-03-11 15:10
its funny...
2012-03-11 15:43
bENNY | 
Europe Naitee 
Just to clear it up: There arent as many players with foreign roots as you may think. Podolski, Klose, Özil... who else? Now compare it to the players with german roots: Neuer, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Badstuber, Hummels, Bender, Kroos, Müller, Schürrle... I'm tired of people saying that the German team consists of foreigners. Where did Klose started to play football? Where did Podolski grow up? Where was Özil born? Right, in Germany. Foreign roots, German people. Or should the US-Team consist of Indians then?
2012-03-11 17:18
Sweden TLY 
look at Aguero same playstyle good in spain good in england... also he made hattrick in argentina last week its argentina team thats shit under Maradona not Messi
2012-03-07 23:08
messi made hatrick brah.
2012-03-08 01:30
Portugal maDAffFfF 
lol Ronaldo also sucks at Portugal Team that's because they are always under a big pressure of the opponents, with 2/3 defenders with them I'm Portuguese but i got to be honest. Messi was born to be the best. BUT Ronaldo for me is better because i think he works much harder to do what he does and he has beaten all the fuckin records in Manchester United and Real Madrid, he is just amazing. Messi doesn't need to work because he is was born with that special power on his feet
2012-03-07 23:51
both are amazing and we all should be happy and enjoying these two players at the same time. Thank God
2012-03-08 00:11
at least ronaldo brought portugal to the semifinals of the world cup....messi did not even manage to help his team win a CA in their own country
2012-03-08 00:56
and the final of Euro 2004. Portuguese people just say he plays bad because he doesnt score 3/2 goals every game, but he is already the 3rd player with more goals in history for Portugal...
2012-03-08 16:07
Do you really want them to be compared basing on their international achievements? Messi's achievements with Argentina : FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2005 Olympic Gold Medal: 2008 Copa América: Runner-up 2007 Ronaldo's achievements with Portugal : ...blank. cya.
2012-03-10 21:37
you are wrong lol he hasn't achieved anything with Argentina U-20 - not really big deal compared to WC Olympic Football = SHIT Copa - America - Runner up... OK! CR WC 2006, Portugal got to the semis EC 2004 Portugal got the silver Ronaldo WINS ! CYA PS: Dont forget to compare the team Messi has in Argentina and Ronaldo has in Portugal
2012-03-10 22:35
"Olympic Football = SHIT" - lol'd, nice arguments here, mate.
2012-03-11 14:14
Do you even know the rules for the Olympic tournament? Only 3 players above 23 can participate
2012-03-11 14:22
I do. That's why everyone has only one chance to win that. Also, I don't think that getting to the semis in any tournament is an achievement. Top3 is required, since you get rewarded for that. So, since they've been both runner-up's to Copa America and Euro Cup (they're equal, aren't they?), Messi has won the U-20 WC and the Olympics. And those two wins are better than leaving the WC without anything, having lost in the semis.
2012-03-11 21:43
2nd place at Copa America is not the same as 2nd place at EC Reason => European football is more competitive than South American WC 2010, 3 teams in top 4 were from Europe WC 2006, all 4 teams in top4 were from Europe 4 place at WC doesn't count? seriously? lold
2012-03-11 21:56
Yep, because I'm talking about ACHIEVEMENTS, in case you hadn't noticed. We could argue about that forever since it's getting too subjective. But the true fact is that Messi has totally outclassed CR in the terms of club football.
2012-03-12 18:51
just keep changing topics all the time, that's how you're gonna win Messi is a God, CR sucks is that what you wanted to hear? Now drop it already
2012-03-12 18:53
Did I say it? You're the one who is underestimating every Messi's trophy I had mentioned without even a slightly meaningful argument. "Olympic Football = SHIT" is an example. As you can see, I've just said 'trophy', not 'achievement'. Is it clear now why 4th place at any championship is nothing in that case?
2012-03-12 19:01
he doesnt score so many goals, but don't talk about football if you dont know a shit of it, especially if you dont see whole argentinian matches.. so STFU
2012-03-08 17:00
Argentina representation?
2012-03-08 16:55
that's the excuse now huh? ROFFFFFFFFL
2012-03-07 22:47
no excuses, I like messi. I just think He wouldnt be so good in other team. Barcelona fit to him very good, thats why he is so good.
2012-03-07 22:51
stupid logic. If Messi perfectly fits in Barcelona why he must play in other team?
2012-03-07 22:47
I didnt say that he must play in other. I just think Barcolona is 100% fit to him and thats why he is so good. In other team I think it wouldn be so good.
2012-03-07 22:50
So what? Football is all about teamplaying. If you can cooperate with those who also are able to do so, you're the man. Argentina needs a good manager with good tactics, that's all. The players are all spread around the world, unlike for example Spain, which consists mostly of Barca's and Real's players. He can't win anything in such conditions. Also, it's strange since you're saying this after his hat trick in the national team. Messi's achievements with Argentina : FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2005 Olympic Gold Medal: 2008 Copa América: Runner-up 2007 At least it's something. I'm still hoping for the world cup for him
2012-03-10 21:41
Messi can do everything on his own just look at him play. This is C. Ronaldo ->
2012-03-07 22:49
2012-03-08 00:02
2012-03-08 02:21
2012-03-08 13:16
so what? when he scored 4 goals vs arsenal? was arsenal shit those days? when ronaldo always scores 3 goals vs some lowbobs everyone saying "wowowow golden ball for him best madafaka of all" but i don't see him in the history books like messi is now. cya~
2012-03-07 23:28
today bayer = "lowbobs" and you said sth about books... LOL
2012-03-07 23:37
messi is one of the few 3-4 players who scored 4 goals in a single match in the champions league ( vs arsenal ) = guiness world records of football book today he scored 5 , not even in groupstages = only player that did that = guiness record , once again where is ronaldo? I don't see him breaking records , neither beeing top scorer in champions league , neither doing assists and helping his team cya~
2012-03-08 00:19
true :D
2012-03-08 05:27
if c ronaldo is so good why in gran derbi cant do nothing ? he just stand and watching like messi play football with teammates.
2012-03-08 10:24
bENNY | 
Europe Naitee 
German football ftw :D
2012-03-07 22:54
2012-03-09 01:01
it was only a game, with a team that some player said that he was travelling only to get messi's shirt.. what a motivation dude!
2012-03-07 22:58
the logic is clear: because messi scores a lot another human being disappears or at least becomes unknown. just stone hard logic :)
2012-03-07 22:59
becouse first match was 4:1 and then when they got the lead of 2:0 bayer gave up ...
2012-03-07 23:00
Albania p4ch 
2012-03-07 23:17
Barca Més que un club viva la blaugrana!
2012-03-07 23:01
soccer conversation, American football is so much better lol
2012-03-07 23:07
2012-03-07 23:14
american football isn't football, american logic is failing hard
2012-03-07 23:34
"Football? That's soccer!"
2012-03-07 23:39
American guy... can't spell own language. A N O N Y M O U S FOOTBALL. RUNNING WITH A BALL IN MY HANDS TRYING TO CROSS A LINE.
2012-03-08 03:12
2012-03-08 05:31
And dont is a ball too....
2012-03-08 06:36
i know its spelled wrong, its not my fault euros are frail and would rather kick a ball around than run into each other
2012-03-09 16:30
Yeah, because running into each other is so entertaining, much more competitive, logical and of course intelectually demanding than playing football. Why would we try to learn lobbing, juggling, spinning, backheeling,the ball or volleying the ball while we can just run into each other?
2012-03-10 21:52
2012-03-07 23:27
2012-03-07 23:31
Korea xff 
Create a post about Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo talking about that says a lot of envy that the Portuguese have to be the best player ever, cr7> messi
2012-03-07 23:32
Another stupid topic from ANOTHER rEtArD guY , OK MESSI SCORED 5 GOALS AGAINST WHO ? leverkuzen.... ohh my god
2012-03-07 23:32
this leverkuzen beat bayern munich in bundes ( last match ):)
2012-03-08 00:04
when was the last time C.Ronaldo scored a hattrick in a Champions league match? how about 4 goals? You are the retard here, fucking inbred.
2012-03-08 00:15
please dude dont be a stupid , i play football and i know much better than you what happened in stadium , i am not CR fun, andif you have brain logic atleast,C.ronaldo play in the team nobody help him in the team , and what about Barcelona and Messi? they have Iniesta and Xavi 2-3top midfielders , and also C.Ronaldo its good player also with National team
2012-03-08 00:58
C.Ronaldo is also a far better club player then a country player. He tied against.. what was it poland? Idk really buy hey? Messi just scored a hattrick with his national team for the first time against Schweiz ranked 13 in Europe(FIFA). Have Ronaldo done that with Portugal yet? Dont think so. Ronaldo isnt playing all alone. Real madrid has got a strong sqouad as barcelona perhaps even lil bit stronger. Muset Özil were Bundesligas best player before he joined Madrid. Di Maria dominated pretty much in the team he left for madrid. Benzema king in lyon. Xabi Alonso very important player from liverpool. Ronaldo got all the help he needs to win which he is doing actually(la liga 10points lead). You are a Ronaldo fan. Its clear. Oh wait you play football in stadium? Is it a huge one? Famous clubb? Are you pro? :o Even if you are, still it doesnt mean you know better. Mourinho failed at pro level as player but as coach. his most succesfull. You fail
2012-03-08 01:13
firstly i am not from Poland, i am from Georgia:) i play for Dinamo Tbilisi (U21) not big team in my opinion, who cares maybe i play someday in big club
2012-03-08 01:13
read my reply again please. Who said u were from poland?
2012-03-08 01:16
you say something about Poland:) read again your post you are high duDe ?
2012-03-08 01:17
I said C.Ronaldo played a tie against Poland lately. Same time as Argentina with Messi beat Schweiz, messi scoring a hattrick.
2012-03-08 01:21
Messi's achievements with Argentina : FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2005 Olympic Gold Medal: 2008 Copa América: Runner-up 2007 Ronaldo's achievements with Portugal : ...blank. yeah, Ronaldo is clearly better with his National team.
2012-03-10 21:56
i think he would suck in other team.. he is good because of iniesta and xavi anyway who wouldn't be good in such a team? even I would be
2012-03-07 23:32
easier said than done, bro.
2012-03-07 23:35
Iniesta + Xavi > all fact!
2012-03-07 23:43
67 - 57 = ?
2012-03-07 23:33
~10 i think
2012-03-08 16:18
Ronaldo who? The only Ronaldo I know is a brazilian superstar who's already retired. Other than that Ronaldo, I don't know anyone.
2012-03-07 23:39
Netherlands washedup28YO 
im sorry but the Ronaldo nowadays would have destroyed the old and fat ronaldo 100000times each game
2012-03-07 23:42
Ronaldo who?
2012-03-07 23:43
Then you haven't seen ronaldo play... best striker ever.
2012-03-08 03:51
more shits pls, LOL pele>maradona>ronaldo
2012-03-08 13:27
+1 , that ronaldo is one of the best players of all times how many times did he get hurt at the knee and overweight and he always returned on the field and played awesome. this arrogant fucker we have in these days just makes a shame out of a legend's name
2012-03-08 00:21
Nothing else to add. I think I just shed a tear :')
2012-03-08 00:22
i'm quite tired not in the mood to write much about him , but atleast a description for him : Legend. peace out
2012-03-08 00:24
Did Messi played against Ronaldo today?? Then shup up.
2012-03-07 23:39
Then why you mad?
2012-03-07 23:43
im not mad, its a stupid thread. Noone came here last year talking about the 40 goals ronaldo scored.
2012-03-07 23:45
2012-03-07 23:45
"I'm not mad, it's a stupid thread" Sounds like a mad kid to me. nvm bro, shit happens! And about the 40 goals, who cares? I mean, Ronaldo who? what? whoop?
2012-03-07 23:48
your the one whos acting like a kid ;)
2012-03-07 23:55
2012-03-08 00:12
yes, really.
2012-03-08 16:58
2012-03-09 00:03
Stop being childish.
2012-03-08 00:07
Stop being gay.
2012-03-08 00:12
Wow.. someone is mad about offending messiDWARF
2012-03-08 00:17
How am I mad? Tell me brozki!
2012-03-08 00:19
maybe by calling me gay? :)
2012-03-08 00:20
Since when is stating a fact a signal of being mad? LOL
2012-03-08 00:24
Wow, i guess you should talk to my gf about that. and even if i was gay, whats the prob? :) and btw, nice photo LOOOOL
2012-03-08 17:40
Well, put your hand over the webcam so I can ask her. You jelly cos' you don't even have a photo, you must be ugly as friggin' hell!
2012-03-09 00:06
Sorry if you dont have one, but with a face like that.. I understand mate, i really do! Well, i wont put a photo here because that will make guys like you feel really bad and eventually you might suicide. But if you want, search my name on facebook and you will find me :)
2012-03-09 00:22
No thx, no homo!
2012-03-10 13:26
AHAHAH, owned, big time :D
2012-03-10 13:37
how exactly lol you're so incoherent...
2012-03-10 13:46
ahahah, im so joking on you dude, stop humilliating yourself ^^
2012-03-10 13:48
Yeah sure you are, look everybody pointing at you as "the cool guy" get a life kiddo
2012-03-10 13:49
ahaha, and look at people pointing at you as the RUDE BOY AHAHAHAH
2012-03-10 13:55
Is that Portuguese humour? Pretty lame tbh
2012-03-10 13:56
bitch please, youre argentinan :|
2012-03-10 14:26
You the only one laughing. Must be retartet
2012-03-10 15:10
Only one? Try doing a topic about how argentina is great and look how many people will laugh at you, ive seen it and argentinans are known in hltv for being fanboys and trolls, apart from idiots like you. yes, im retart LOLOLOL
2012-03-10 16:00
You look mad bro, I've seen topics about USA being great and many ppl laughing, insulting, etc. (pretty much what you're doing) I guess you can't give HLTV trolls much credit, Mr. EconomistLOL.
2012-03-10 17:09
Do i? But im not :D Ehm, thats why im not giving any credit to you :')
2012-03-10 17:39
Yet you gave so much attention and did a whole of it... Pretty self-contradictory, if you ask me.
2012-03-10 17:41
attention? rofl, im just aswering for the lulz youre giving me, nothing else :D saying living in argenshit is better than in europe was a good joke :D
2012-03-10 18:38
You're terrified for something you don't even know. Still virgin?
2012-03-10 20:50
bahahhaha, you dont even deserve an aswer. have a good day mr argentinan AHAHAH RUDE BOY!
2012-03-10 21:21
Oh! I was gettin' trolled by a virg-O! I guess you don't deserve any more answers either, faggot! Portugal es #1 !!!!
2012-03-10 21:25
LOL, you really know much about my life. But dude, that virgin joke, did you know that the ones who are virgins are the only ones actually using it? Its so lame really, you dont know shit about me and yet you claim to! :D Like i said, have a good day!
2012-03-10 21:58
Portugal es #1 ! ! ! You madddddd
2012-03-10 22:25
Like i said, same argument over and over.. Get a life :D
2012-03-10 23:42
You're the one insulting, self-contradictory lad.
2012-03-11 01:41
Yeah, cool stuff, get a girl, i see that your right hand isnt enough
2012-03-11 16:50
Hate more, Portugal!
2012-03-11 17:14
Yeah, rude boy rude boy, what you gonna do?
2012-03-11 18:01
Nothing at all. You're doing the work for me :)
2012-03-11 19:52
Thats cool man, keep up the good work
2012-03-11 21:29
Die in hell
2012-03-11 21:39
You mad bro?
2012-03-11 21:41
Yes, umad!
2012-03-11 21:46
Yeah, im mad, bye now!
2012-03-11 22:46
messi dwarf ? u jelly bro? he got 3 golden balls going for the 4th consecutive top scorer champions league many goals many assists full or world records where's ronaldo? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2012-03-08 00:22
an italian talking about golden balls and all that, now thats a good joke ;)
2012-03-08 01:02
there is no gold in Portugal. Spain re-gained their founden gold!
2012-03-08 01:20
i love how you idiots start talking about a respective country everytime you don't know what to say about the respective argument. btw i'm not from italy , and even if i was i could tell you , 4 world cups? what do you have? so stop whining about country's and stick to the topic
2012-03-08 01:34
ok, ronaldo is at 30 goals in la liga and 10 points ahead of barça. in CL he might not have so many goals, but RM didnt play agaisnt a team who fought for a players shirt (i liked leverkusons highway yesterday.. were those defenders? they seemed pretty bad). ronaldo will win the golden ball and golden boot again this year and they will also win the CL while barça will win the copa. hmm, ronaldo has more goals per game and he is a winger.. i cant say the same about the dwarf, and he is a striker. and to finish you.. AHAHAHHAHA. pretty lame. bye
2012-03-08 17:39
messi is a winger too , oh wait , actually , the DWARF can play in more positions at the same time and he rotates confusing the defenders. too bad some players can't actually have that role. even if ronaldo wins CL he won't win golden ball , exactly like iniesta didn't win it even tho he won world cup scoring in final. been like this for 3 years now and i always was right , while you pricks kept raging about ronaldo's sick skills wich weren't prized by FIFA. and it's gonna stay this way , you'll see. pretty lame. bye
2012-03-08 17:44
Messi's natural position is striker atm. He does not play as winger. He can do it, but he isnt playing at that position. Im pretty sure Ronaldo can do every position in the game, even CB if he has to, while messi......... But thats not the topic. The topic is about how can ronaldo play as a winger and have more goals per game than messi has a striker? ;D If ronaldo wins the cl he will win the golden ball. Youre trying to compare iniesta to ronaldo ? ROFL. Iniesta is a playmaker, he does not score as many goals as ronaldo or messi do, so therefore he cant win anything while they keep scoring like this (and i do not agree with this). BUT, if ronaldo wins the CL he will FOR SURE win the the GB, because he has literally carrying the team this season like he did last season too, while messi is only playing really good at LA LIGA. So, the cl will define everything, but atm ronaldo has much more chance to win it since RM 67, BARÇA 57 at la liga ;). 3 years? 3 years ago ronaldo won the ball, since then messi has been superior, its true, no one can deny that. but this year, ronaldo>>>messi. at least, until this point. BYE
2012-03-08 17:51
the answer to your first question is : messi plays for the team , and thats why instead of some missing goals to arrive at ronaldo's numbers is cause he does assists , wich ronaldo doesnt do. doesnt mean that if ronaldo wins CL he wins GB , just like messi got GB when FCInter won the CL. and ronaldo isn't carrying the team in CL because messi is the topscorer atm , and the tournament is not even finished , and nobody does more 9/10 (max) , while messi has already 10+ like every year we'll see ;)) BYE
2012-03-08 18:53
bahahahahaah, ok messi plays for the team and ronaldo doesnt. it will determine that because when inter won the CL no one stepped out of the team (only sneidjer and milito) like ronaldo does with RM and if messi wins again it will be unfair cause he is only playing in the CL because in la liga = 0 compared to ronaldo. i really really hope that RM wins it this year so they can finnaly end barcelonas era of corruption and referee help. im not aswering to you anymore, its over for me. if you cannot admit that atm and this year ronaldo > messi then there is no point in arguing with you.
2012-03-08 20:13
la liga = 0 compared to ronaldo? 2nd top scorer and maybe will be 1st depending on goals , but second for sure , and he got like 10+ assists more then ronaldo? fifa awards the prize to a player who plays good with his team , not alone , not only individual skills but even teamplay , thats why messi won the GB even when inter won the CL , and thats why ronaldo won't get it.
2012-03-09 12:34
LA LIGA CR 30 goals 7 assists dwarf 28 goals 9 assists. WOW since when is 2=10? check your facts first please. no, messi didnt win the gb when inter won the CL because of that. i already told you the reason but youre too much fanboy to admit lol
2012-03-09 20:59
Congratulation. You are the first to mention Ronaldos 40 goal from last year. You did that only to defend your countryman. How is Sir C.Ronaldos statistic in Europa? Much much less and far away from Messis. Peace out
2012-03-08 00:17
want another 5-0?
2012-03-08 00:20
Cristiano Ronaldo SKills > Messi Skills Messi teamplay > Cristiano Ronaldo teamplay Is just like Na'Vi and SK SK skills > Na'Vi Skills without anydoutb. Na'Vi teamplay > Sk teamplay. fnatic Skills > Na'Vi Skills.
2012-03-07 23:48
maestrico gonzales > messi right?? come on!!
2012-03-07 23:58
Venezuela 1 - Argentina 0 Eliminatorias sudamericanas.
2012-03-07 23:59
Pero si te cogimos toda la vida
2012-03-08 00:04
I'm sorry this comment is getting deleted, it really made me laugh!
2012-03-08 00:13
jAJAJJAJAJ cual era la necesidad JAJAJJAJA
2012-03-08 05:39
not really...
2012-03-09 12:12
Portugal maDAffFfF 
Are there any Argentina CS teams??? :((
2012-03-08 00:03
Who cares bro? This is a football thread! Besides any Argentinian CS team > any Portugal team FO'SHO!
2012-03-08 00:14
fosho :D
2012-03-08 00:18
ooh wait.. He is from Portugal, the best country of CS..respect him!
2012-03-08 05:41
still better than Argentina lol
2012-03-08 16:59
its no way to know because never played against
2012-03-08 18:39
so what? PORTUGAL>ARGENTINA cs&football
2012-03-08 18:40
Messi > all portugal
2012-03-08 18:44
c.ronaldo>messi c.ronaldo+nani>>>>>>>>argentina
2012-03-08 18:59
2012-03-09 00:27
no, im not mad
2012-03-09 17:22
2012-03-10 13:28
2012-03-08 00:06
Messi too stronk!
2012-03-08 00:16
messi>fluminense>boca? xD
2012-03-08 02:37
That's for sure!
2012-03-08 02:49
i dont get it i cant understand people when they say bad things about messi what he need to done to be the best in ur eyes ??? or maybe you people dont want to be honest.... messi > c.ronaldo pele maradona ronaldo > everyone else FACT!
2012-03-08 00:08
"xaviesta" creat thread C. Ronaldo WHO ? And writing about Messi 5 goals ? That's jealousy on C. Ronaldo ? If Messi scored 5 goals why you need to mention about CR ? You are really sick :) btw Cristiano Ronaldo is more complete player than Messi :)
2012-03-08 00:11
haha you obviously dont get it.. you are an example why I created this thread. You think C.Ronaldo is better yet he has not scored hattrick in champions league match once. Ronaldo may be more complete but Messi is more effective.
2012-03-08 00:23
2012-03-08 00:23
more effective ? STFU dude. The last year Cristiano broken the record the goals in league history 41 GOLS, stunning huH? And also Cristiano have more beatiful style then messi, messi with Argentina is the worse player ever. Cristiano Ronaldo > messi anyday, anytime.
2012-03-08 01:49
bitch please. The League was already lost so all does 9 goals scored in 4 remainig matches of the league were total pointless. Madrid decided to help Ronaldo to win puskas award which they did. Passing him the ball all the time. Nobody else scored during these 4 last matches besides Cristina. They had nothing to play for besides helping him gain puskas and Messi were leading by goals when Barcelona secured the la liga win when they tied against madrid. Ronaldos 10 goals after were meaningless. LA LIGA WAS ALREADY LOST TO THEM Nice troll attempt. 2/10 fail
2012-03-08 02:24
you just are like Barca fanboys, always making excuse, crying like a child, Cristiano Ronaldo can score gols with the head, with right leg, with left leg, free kicks also he have more beatiful style and you know that. So,you say " Madrid decided to help Ronaldo to win puskas award which they did. Passing him the ball all the time " ( stupid excuse ) Ok, this season CR7 have 30 gols on 26 games, i think he can pass his score of 40 gols, i feel sorry for you but Cristiano Ronaldo have more INDIVIDUAL SKILLS that messi ONE VS ONE. Edit: SORRY FOR RAPING YOU MATE!
2012-03-08 02:32
+1 :D
2012-03-08 07:36
messi can score with head too -> ex : vs cristina ronalda in CL final 2009 (where ronaldo was completely useless all the match , like he was in final vs Chelsea a year before in moscow , not even scoring from a penalty) messi can score with right leg -> ex : nearly 40% of goals messi can score from free kicks too -> ex : rare but spectacular every time he makes them ronaldo has more beautiful style? -> what style is that? to not pass it and be an arrogant retard while playing? instead of thinking about his team he just wants to make good impression so he can be considered the best in the world by his retard fanboys(you guys) , cause cruyff and other football EXPERTS said that messi is absolutely the best there is at the moment. individual goals = 0 , he just wins some individual trophy , for the rest his team is failing (except for this year where they are 1st , not counting barcelona's matches where they had referee againts and they would have been 1st -> football site calculated all the matches/ocasions/points) ~ he can win the liga with real madrid this year , but still , EVERY TIME they play vs barcelona they lose. and dont even start saying shit like : messi is awfull with argentina. cause i never heard of ronaldo doing something with portugal. so be quite pl0x , your arguments are invalid. ciao ivan ~
2012-03-08 13:03
AND 80% of ronaldos goals are just in front of the goal line, and he just have to push the ball.. messi goals are fantastic , the individual ones (extremely precition lift shots) and groupal ones ( beatifuls 1-2 )
2012-03-08 12:21
Cant compare them you muppets
2012-03-08 00:11
We can! We are given the power to do what we want! No one can stop us!
2012-03-08 00:15
You have the power to compare the same type of players , they dont even play in the same position, there is no comparison, Hence you are stopped.
2012-03-08 00:18
I didn't want to be stopped!!! Please let me compare them! I will pay you 1 Canadian dollar! I swear! (I was trolling man, ofc u can't just go out and compare this two players)
2012-03-08 00:21
cool, now use that power to do me a sandwich
2012-03-08 00:19
Sure! I always make dem' biatches feel goodz!
2012-03-08 00:20
actually, its bitches who make me feel good, therefore you being the bitch.
2012-03-08 00:21
Oh, you're such a badass boy! Keep em' comin' biatch!
2012-03-08 00:22
dont be a mad dude who cares :P both are very good players :D
2012-03-08 01:02
Am not mad. Messi scored 5!
2012-03-08 02:48
What about you mr rude boy? ROFL. get a personality pls
2012-03-08 17:33
Is that all you've got? Wow, I expected way more, badass!
2012-03-09 00:04
All ive got? I couldnt care less with this discussion :) Youre known in hltv for being an idiot and a stupid kid so.. ;)
2012-03-09 00:05
All you've got LOL I'm glad I'm known in HLTV (although this is wrong as hell). And I'm glad I'm known for being an idiot and a stupid kid as well (lol u so mad bro haha). You're not even known, and if you were, you would be known for being Portuguese (enough said)
2012-03-09 00:07
1. Youre known by me as that, i doubt others care about an idiot like you. 2. Yeah, youre a rude boy, i guess being an idiot is an adjective for you bahah, mad? yeah this conversation is really is going to take my sleep off, first the gay joke, now this, oh man, you make me feel so bad :((( 3. I couldnt care less if im known or not LOL Im just here to watch fnatic's games and make some comments, not to look for fame (internet fame, WOWOOOO) or anything else from kids like you :) 4. Its pretty sad to joke with a portuguese when you are argentinan.. Just saying.. If you can leave the 3rd world i might consider your opinion :/ Bye, and please, fix that face, maybe i can send you some euros! :D
2012-03-09 00:19
I said I'm not known, I can send you some American dollars and get you a brain. All I see here is you being mad and insulting me all the time. You don't even deserve to watch fnatic...
2012-03-09 00:22
I thought you were refering to your description, dorry if your english is so bad i cant understand it. American dollars' Dude please, we both know that a South american sending money to an european is just wrong! Especially an argentinan AHAHAH xD Pay your debts before you can talk scumbag AHAHAH xD I'll send you some euros so you can eat tomorrow mate, dont worry you will no longer have hunger! :') yeah, im mad, ill break my keyboard next time you aswer me.. due to so much laughing xDDD yeah, because you can really judge people.
2012-03-09 00:26
Pay your debts before you can talk scumbag AHAHAH xD Unless you change your flag to the German one, you should for you own good delete that last comment. btw you should ask your teachers in that school for retarded kids you're attending about Argentina. I'm sure they can explain you what a nice country it is.
2012-03-09 00:29
Rofl, argentina was one of the few countries in the world to refuse to play their debts. portugal didnt :) rofl, i am an economics student and you should know that argentina is 3rd world compared to portugal or any european country :) i dont doubt that argentina is a nice country but living there? :X OH HELL NO LOLOLOL
2012-03-09 20:56
If you really studying economics, you shuold prolly dodge. Argentina is paying its debt normally dk whatcha' talking about. And it is so far a much better place to live compared to Portugal.
2012-03-10 13:27
LOL, you even know your own history? There, you defaulted in 2001. Portugal never did something like that, so please, stop talking about what you dont know. Argentina is a better place to live than in Portugal? ... AHAHAHAHAHAH Portugal is at 40 in HDI rank while Argentina is at 45. We are an european country, therefore much more developed than you or brazil. Im not talking about economy itself here, im talking about how people live, we have much better conditions to live here, so please, dont talk about what you dont know, cause afirming that argentinans live better than portuguese people is just making yourself looking like a even more idiot than what you already are. Go back to your pile of shit mate, LOL
2012-03-10 13:44
2012 > 2001 But I like how ppl like you get brainwashed to the point of "hey we're still in 2001, WTC's been blown recently!" Argentina is much better than EuroPigs, that's a fact you'll only realise about LIVING THERE. I know Europe, I know Argentina, I know Brazil therefore I know the truth. Go back to your books little fag.
2012-03-10 13:48
LOOOOOOL Doesnt change the fact you defaulted idiot! AHAHAH. Ahahahah, argentina can only possibly be at the same level as europe in like 200 years ahahah. your principal income is selling messi's shirts LOOOOL. Its not books idiot. ITS STATS, and stats show the world, and show how argentina is poor. Bye mate, im not even going to aswer you xD next time show me some stats and then we can talk.
2012-03-10 13:57
Your last comment shows your ignorance. So you believe everything that's in a book without checking by yourself? That's called "brain wash". Statistics are like a bikini, show the most but hides the most important, anyway check them yourself, not that it's very accurate to compare a BIG country with its own economic system with a small dumb no-one-cares-about country whose only real sustain is called GERMANY. "Open wide"
2012-03-10 14:01
LOOL, dude do you even know what HDI is? youre trying to look inteligent, but youre not, i bet you never came to Portugal and all you did was staying in argenSHIT 3rd world country... Stats show that portugal > argentina, YOU MAD BRO?
2012-03-10 14:28
Not mad. I told you I've been in Europe. Have you been in Argentina? Fill your mouth with shit so you won't look that retarded.
2012-03-10 15:11
No, but ive seen countries like yours. chile, argentina, brazil, panama, colombia, etc, etc, etc < EUROPE. You cant even compare them dude, youre 3rd world.
2012-03-10 15:59
"No, but ive seen" 0 knowledge!
2012-03-10 17:07
ok 3rd world, call me when you can afford a proper house :)
2012-03-10 17:38
I do have one, thx. Call me when you can afford a brain, Pig.
2012-03-10 17:40
Yes, you might have one, but nowhere near a proper one! ahaha. ok moneky
2012-03-10 18:35
So you make fun of someone that has a brain, even if it's not a proper one by what you said, whilst you admit you don't have one? You're hummilliating yourself badly, girl.
2012-03-10 20:50
i was talking about your house, idiot.. =|
2012-03-10 21:20
orly? write properly then, idiot
2012-03-10 21:24
i did, not my fault youre an idiot and didnt have proper english classes in argenSHIT
2012-03-10 21:55
You so mad bro!
2012-03-10 22:25
Yeah man, the same "argument" over and over..
2012-03-10 23:42
2012-03-08 00:16
2012-03-08 00:23
2012-03-08 00:25
Serbia HVR 
Messi > All.
2012-03-08 00:21
Messi> All :D
2012-03-08 00:22
mEsSi-dA-KiNG The best player of the world...
2012-03-08 00:24
Messi > C.Ronaldo Argentina STRONG Portugal WRONG
2012-03-08 00:25
2012-03-08 00:25
2012-03-08 00:26
Messi ACE gg=))
2012-03-08 00:26
another proof that messi is the best player in the world thanks xaviesta for making portuguese fanboys mad tonight :( u jelly br0s?
2012-03-08 00:27
u guys are all noobs , u dont understand a shit of football , u re all fats and ugly people with bubles in face , messi and cr are diferent players , but if u saw individualy ronaldo is the best player ever , but in some aspects messi is better cuz is more teamplayer than cr, and got more imagination
2012-03-08 00:52
and more unpredicatable
2012-03-08 00:52
messi is more unpredictable as I said. You never know what he is going to do. when to shoot etc..
2012-03-08 02:02
messi has got more creativety. Ronaldo is similar run sraight and shoot. Messi ether dribble past defenders or pass the ball throw them cold way.
2012-03-08 02:01
You're saying that CRonaldo is the one running straight, and Messi is dribbling? I think you've been watching the wrong CRonaldo and the wrong Messi, bro.
2012-03-08 02:55
Ronaldo is on top in spanish league, dont care how many goals u score in a game, you can score 8 goals in a game and if next 10 match you dont score a single goal, you suck, and.. respect BL but is a weak team
2012-03-08 01:03
xaviesta who ? :D .. cmon people use your brain :) Everyone just hating each other ? wtf is that ! Ronaldo poor when he was a child look at him now :) football star he's successful dont be jelous remember practise practise practise ... messi the same :) They're both great and football is all about the teamplay if Messi would play for his own 1vs11 do you thing he would score 5 goals ? too many kids in here .. who's googling fucking shit and comparing trophies etc. GO TO SLEEP ! I'll ban users who's making such useless threads.. Peace :*
2012-03-08 01:22
2012-03-08 05:50
banmaNius has banhammer?!
2012-03-09 02:12
retarded thread, just like who created it
2012-03-08 01:24
hey thats not nice. I like k1d0r..
2012-03-08 02:03
I know it's not nice, but these kind of topics are all over, and it's really annoying to see them pop up every 2h.
2012-03-08 10:12
again cr7 vs messi...oooooold
2012-03-08 01:25
Here are some interesting facts and stats about Leo Messi in international competitions: • Messi is the first player in the history of the UEFA Champions League to score five goals in one game • He’s the first player in the history of the European Cup (in all formats) to score five goals at this stage of the competition • The Argentine has scored 12 goals in this edition of the Champions League, the same amount that he scored last season (he was the tournaments highest goal scorer) •It’s been a year (March 8th, against Arsenal) since Messi has scored at the Camp Nou in the Champions League •Messi is the second Barça player in the history of the Club to score five goals in a single European match (Zaldúa did it on October 6th, 1965) • With his five goals, Messi is only seven away from being the Club’s all-time highest scorer (235) • He’s the first player to ever score five goals in the Champions League for a team that plays in the Spanish League • Messi is the 11th player to score five goals in a Champions League match (the last plaeyr to do it was Lerby, with Ajaz, in 1979 against Omonia) • Messi’s 49 goals in the competition see him level with Alfredo Di Stefano as the sixth highest goal scorer in the history of the competition • Of his 49 goals in the Champions League, 25 were scored at the Camp Nou, and 22 away from home; 2 of them were scored in finals • He’s scored 54 goals in international competitions: 49 in the Champions League, 4 in the Club World Cup and 1 in the European Super Cup Ciao Cristiano <3
2012-03-08 01:36
nice bro
2012-03-08 02:03
• Messi is the first player in the history of the UEFA Champions League to score five goals in one game • Messi is the 11th player to score five goals in a Champions League match (the last plaeyr to do it was Lerby, with Ajaz, in 1979 against Omonia) ?????????
2012-03-08 14:23
yep :p whats wrong?
2012-03-08 14:23
how is possible to be the 1st player and the 11th ,the same time?
2012-03-08 14:35
its old/new champions league , it made some changes since the old ages
2012-03-08 14:40
Its like comparing and arguing whos better beetwen neo and f0rest, THEYRE BOTH THE BEST! Its all a matter of personal preference god damn you and this retard topics over and over from people who dont understand ANYTHING about football. LONG LIVE THE IGNORANCE
2012-03-08 01:41
cogu | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Messi the living legend... OMG 5 goals in an champions league... this guys must be a alien!
2012-03-08 01:53
he aced
2012-03-08 02:08
cogu | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
HAHAHAH Messi > Neo/Markelon What a ace from messi... We wanna a highlight of it!!
2012-03-08 02:13
2012-03-08 02:18
they are both epic players , but i dont like messi and barcelona , to mainstream , long live Madrid and C.Ronaldo
2012-03-08 02:17
Who C.Ronaldo ? He is MILLIONAIRE ! Better then u I think
2012-03-08 02:18
Money makes you a better person?
2012-03-08 17:56
They say it does. Don't ask who "they" are, please.
2012-03-09 00:09
2012-03-08 03:12
Ronaldo is better with the awp, but then again no one is better than messi on a clutch situation.
2012-03-08 03:24
2012-03-08 10:14
hahahahahahahah great one
2012-03-09 01:04
clean'N'izi ace by messi
2012-03-08 03:28
France -huhu- 
comparing Messi with ....!?§ who did u say? can't get it someone to compare with Messi? no dont think so defently =] comon guys.. ronaldo is fcking good but no way close to messi. different play style
2012-03-08 05:01
take easy comrades... both are good players, both are on top nowdays... Messi is in the team with best playmakers... with best teamplay, best chemistry... even daniel alves play godlike in that nation team he did nothing otherwise Maicon played better... My point is Barcelona is a fucking good team make striker's life easier!
2012-03-08 05:45
CR Ronaldo, boy who had a dream......... of mating with 100 girls :D
2012-03-08 05:51
Italy </3 
probably already accomplished his dream. several times.
2012-03-10 02:55
there is a player that i will never forget.. ronaldinho in his best shape... he bring barça from ashes... won a match against "galacticos" that dream team who had...ronaldo, zidane, raul, beckan, roberto carlos, figo... scored 2 goals and got claps from crowd supporting real madrid! that player was a playemaker who could do anything(execpt goalkeeping ehehe) free kick, any trick, bicycle kicks ... that was most enjoyble player to watch... i miss him, i miss old brazilian team 1994-2002 rip brazilian football!
2012-03-08 05:53
Professional football - the poor are watching as play rich :\
2012-03-08 06:12
Ronaldo 30 Goals @ Liga BBVA, sorry :)
2012-03-08 06:29
Messi 12 Goals in 7 matches @ Champions League
2012-03-08 08:45
vs low teams.. ofc
2012-03-08 10:42
La Liga has 0 low teams. Tru story. I've seen it in da movies.
2012-03-09 00:11
RONALDINHO bets 4sho
2012-03-08 08:17
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
Messi >>> Ronaldo that's a fact
2012-03-08 08:22
Lerverkusen is bad, if CR7 play against them he would be shot 10 goals -.-
2012-03-08 08:20
Sweden TLY 
lol still they are one of best teams in Germany;)
2012-03-08 13:10
nothing compared to Bayern München or Borussia Dortmund
2012-03-09 01:07
Poland StC 
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH gj messi scoring 5goals agains 1 class lower team really gj :D he is great that obvious but there is nothing to be happy if he would score 5 goals against RM than i would say holy shit :O robot not human but against weak Leverkusen give me a break...
2012-03-08 08:25
+99999999999999999 mEsSSS1-dA-LOW
2012-03-08 10:42
yeah. against Leverkusn it's not impressive to score 5 goals in a champions league match.
2012-03-08 10:45
i ask again where is real madrid?
2012-03-08 10:52
they play next week einstein. when will legia warsaw play the next match in europa league? ohh, i forgot... they lost against Sporting, stopping talking about football, it's "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt".
2012-03-08 12:58
if bayer is so low why they win against bayern? i ask from next way if bayer is so low why real madrid is off of champions league ? low team >> real madrid ?:O
2012-03-08 10:51
Sweden TLY 
what u mean real madris is off of CL? they play next week vs CSKA
2012-03-08 13:11
wtf? RM plays next week LOL FAIL
2012-03-09 00:09
Messi has scored so many goals against Madrid. DK whatcha' talkin' bout'.
2012-03-09 00:12
2012-03-08 09:19
leverkusen is bots. Messi owns just bots with 5 goals. I can do it to.
2012-03-08 09:28
hahaha, so true +1
2012-03-08 10:15
+1 true
2012-03-08 10:43
Thats why you are a Professional Soccer Player for Barcelona from Uzbekistan - You must be the new rising talent of Europe
2012-03-08 13:07
Except for, that Uzbekistan isn't a country of Europe.
2012-03-10 21:42
my comment was related to the topic. daily i see much more stupid irrelevance fly past nose of all, and i why is ok? because admin like it? and not like mine? well good then i guess thats how works lol
2012-03-08 10:18
Lmfao, morons
2012-03-08 10:29
2012-03-08 10:56
2012-03-08 11:29
Nothing extraordinary, really. His goals against Real Madrid are much better and important, even he scores less. C. Ronaldo and Messi and two different players. C. Ronaldo has heading abbility and can handle tackles much better than Messi. Messi and whis dribbling ability is out of this world. Both are amazing goal scorers, but C. Ronaldo is slightly better ( usually scores more goals per season). I think Messi would do more than okay in other league. C. Ronaldo has already proved he can play in more phisically challenging leagues (like the Premier). I really like both and have a special admiration for C. Ronaldo being portguese, but Messi is right beside him. My favourite player has been Steven Gerrard, for ages. :)
2012-03-08 11:35
France kubZ 
so true :) i like both, but ronaldo is just amazing... dont forget.. ronaldo dont play at the same position of messi..
2012-03-08 12:12
I think Messi would do more than okay in other league. C. Ronaldo has already proved he can play in more phisically challenging leagues (like the Premier). Champions League says "Hi!, I've got Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Italian catenaccio teams, Bayern, Olympique, Ajax, and some Portuguese low-b0bs."
2012-03-09 00:16
what an accomplishment... not really and don't bother replying, i wont give a f. I don't get why people are comparing those two players? They are totally different and both are great. Fanboys have such an envy against eachother which is totally dumb and they should grow up and see the world isn't only black and white
2012-03-08 11:44
even i can score 5 goals vs leverkusen :) c ronaldo strong messi biceps
2012-03-08 11:45
u just dont get it do you ? PUT MESSI PLAYING WITHOUT INIESTA XAVI AND FABREGAS , then we can talk . messi in his national team cant carry, basically he does nothing . he scored a hat trick vs switzerland , but pls watch the goals , one guy give him the ball like 2 times . so think 1st then argue pls btw 192 goals in 190 games (cronaldo) so : )
2012-03-08 12:20
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
watch football then talk you say so much bullshit thx
2012-03-08 12:20
lol hard to face realities ?
2012-03-08 12:21
They are not realities, you're just being stupid :). You also have Pedro playing with Iniesta Xavi and Fabregas but you don't see him playing even remotely good as Messi. Messi is like without any doubt the best player ever to have played football.
2012-03-08 12:52
+ 1000
2012-03-08 12:53
nice troll attempt. 2/10 Messi was up to 2 goals when Iniesta and Xavi got subtituted out so he scored another 3 goals during their abbsens. And last week he scored another hattrick against Schewizerland with his national team Argentina. Go check out for yourself if u dont believe me. you fail
2012-03-08 12:54
no, he already had scored 3
2012-03-09 00:11
2012-03-09 00:47
in that game agaisnt bayer
2012-03-09 20:56
2012-03-10 00:30
lol, check it yourself
2012-03-10 01:49
I cant find. You are laying
2012-03-10 02:05
LOL. ok then.
2012-03-10 02:30
just face it. He has not otherwise it would be on youtube ;)
2012-03-10 09:15
wtf? im talking about messi you idiot
2012-03-10 13:37
That makes no sense, CR plays alone? He doesn't have teammates? 1on11? Face it, Messi > CR easy.
2012-03-08 15:10
Messi carries Argentinian team as much as he can (we have a low team). Ronaldo does the same with the Portuguese squad. They are both unsuccessful. No point on comparing them like that, better try the best Ronaldo (Madrid) against the best Lio (Barca).
2012-03-09 00:18
2012-03-08 12:44
2012-03-08 12:46
Indian football? hahahahaha cool joke India without football Argentina strong, Messi > ALL
2012-03-08 20:13
What has Ronaldo to do with Messi's goals?
2012-03-08 12:53
ronaldo who? messi who? I just know Zinedine Zidane
2012-03-08 12:53
2012-03-08 13:39
I would like to watch Messi playing in Premier League.
2012-03-08 14:27
2012-03-10 14:24
Messi is better not only for his skills, also for his humility. CR7, with his arrogance, makes me sick, i hate him.
2012-03-08 15:05
Messi is the best ever, simple as that. Messi > CR, Zidane, Maradona etc..
2012-03-08 15:08
i lold actually, thanks its too early to compare messi with maradona or zidane
2012-03-08 15:40
Why did you reply to me with that comment? Seriously? I couldn't care less if you lold or cryed. If you at least elaborated your post and provide me with your opinion that would be awesome. EDIT: Yes, it's early, but he will pass them easy.
2012-03-08 15:52
Lessi -10
2012-03-08 15:29
#231 Ronaldo struggles? were talking about the best scorer EVER in La Liga, why didnt messi archived that since hes playing in la liga for about 7 years? Ronaldo>Midget
2012-03-08 15:55
also, lets not forget ronaldo is a winger while that dwarf is a striker..
2012-03-08 17:41
messi is a striker? what the .. ? Oo
2012-03-08 17:50
Yes ?
2012-03-08 17:55
Do you even watch Barcelona's matches? Messi is number 10, which is different from a striker.
2012-03-08 21:08
LOL, just because he has a 10 on his back doesnt mean he has to play like it. his normal position is second striker but since villa is out he must play as a striker
2012-03-08 22:14
sup m8. well real had nothing to play for besides assesting Ronaldo 9 balls in the remaining matches of the la liga. title were already lost to madrid when Messi was leading topscore so all does 9 pointless goals was for Ronaldo to win puskas award. Real had nothing else to play for besides that and nobody else scored besides Ronaldo in does 4 matches when he catch up messi. Has Ronaldo ever reached 10 goals in champions league, any season? Has he scored a hattrick in that tournement ever? Answer is no. Messi = 7 games, 12 goals(champions leagie) Lets see if Ronaldo can top that. Messi is about to set a new record. He will pass RuudvanNisteroy next game.
2012-03-08 17:46
neymar will catch cr7 soon... messi do 5 goals neymar do 3 haha, but messi is and will be masteer.
2012-03-08 16:57
Messi no doubt one of the best BUT when you watched the world cup VS germany, yes yes its argentine and not barcelona but schweinsteiger didnt give him any room at all and what did messi do? just walked around, he wasnt able do to anything while schweinsteiger played offensive aswell but messi refused to go defensive wich lead to a 4-0 win to the germans I believe. no need to hate on this comment or anything, There's alot of ppl who are godlike on the field but there will always be someone who "counters" them just like CS teams. The only thing you can't counter like that is speed wich can only be countered by even greater speed
2012-03-08 16:59
they're n0thing without f0rests :D
2012-03-08 17:38
Italy </3 
Yea and that made totally sense.
2012-03-10 03:01
messi=NEO=chuck norris Barca, Poland STRONG C Ronaldo WHO?
2012-03-08 17:47
Cristiano Ronaldo is soo much more complete the Messi, and that's a fact. Messi only playies with left foot. Ronaldo? Right foot, left foot, head, even with his back. And messi scored 5 goals, that was amazing. But please, dont jizz yet, who's in the lead in spanish league? Sorry ;)
2012-03-08 18:30
Oh yea? More complete? Messi scores ~40% of his goals with right leg. His insight on the game is fantastic, he is a better passer and a better team player than anyone in the world right now. I'ts not my opinion, it's the opinion of Cruyff, AVB, Ancelotti, Wenger, Mancini etc. the list goes on to infinite. Usually CR7 fanboys arguments are that - Messi don't play good in argentinas national 11. Answer: He does. Maradona wasn't a good coach, no player can make wonders alone. Oh and yea, I didn't see C. Ronaldo doing good in the Portugeese team ever. - He would be crushed by defenders in any other league in the world. Especially in BPL. Answer: He is pretty much in the crosshair every time he's on the pitch. Since basically the only way to stop him is to play dirty. :D He was injured once for a long time 3 years ago. And since than? He CONSTANTLY plays. A proof that he has a superb condition. - He would have been a noob on any other team other than Barcelona. Answer: Anyone who says that has no clue at all. Of course Barcelona is the best team for him, he grew up there. He would still kick ass in any other team in the world.
2012-03-08 18:40
god bless ! someone that knows something here! :D besides the right leg goals , remember the 2 meter jump vs cristina's manchester in CL final rome 2009 :D besides goals of "ronaldo with his back" messi scored in international club cup final with his chest? XD bitches please ;DD
2012-03-08 18:57
yeah pleeeeeeeeeasssseeee
2012-03-08 21:19
Sometimes I'm just so mad for you Portuguese fanboys...
2012-03-08 19:25
2012-03-08 19:50
so what? he is shit without xavi and iniesta. ronaldo plays and scores in portugal just like in real madrid. where is messi in argentina? he scored 2 goals for national team. ronaldo is much complete player than messi. when did messi scored goal from 25/30 metres? Never! he only can score from 15 meters or shorter by xavi/iniesta pass. there is no player who has shot like ronaldo.. RONALDO > messi
2012-03-09 00:29
Wrong. Messi scored a hattrick lately with Argentina while Portugal tied against poland. Check you serb
2012-03-09 00:52
you should try to restrain yourself a little...
2012-03-09 11:09
In the land of blood and honey ;)
2012-03-09 11:21
yea yea messi and cr are the shit ,they kick the ball score and gets millions $$$ for that...and they get more attention than millions of ppl struggle each day to survive. must be nice do be kid not knowing shit and just caring for some crap and idolizing and arguing about djs eminem messi and c.ronaldo....
2012-03-09 00:55
Your country is responsible for alot suffering in Balkan mostly in Bosnia.
2012-03-09 01:19
sue me brainwashed kiddo fanboy... i have nothing against the people/countries surrounding serbia. but if you want to label me go ahead, i really don't care. i just hope that your knowledge about the war goes further that that new angelina jolie movie.
2012-03-09 11:07
Zidane > Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho etc
2012-03-09 01:09
True. This is my favourite player :d
2012-03-09 02:15
Lets get this straight, Ronaldo already proved that he is a soberb player in different leagues and teams, he was amazing at Manchester United and became even more amazing and complete in Real Madrid. 2007/2008 season for M.U »» 31 goals First Season for Real Madrid 2009/2010 »» 26 goals in 29 matches Second Season 2010/2011 »» 40 goals in 34 matches Third and Current Season »» 30 goals in 25 matches with 13 matches still left to play. He scores goals with his right foot, left foot, head, free kicks, penalty kicks, even with back heel. And those who say he doesnt have any teamplay, start watching more of his matches then... He's been at the top since Euro 2004, when he had only 19 years pretty much like Messi. But Messi has only one single advantage, Xavi and Iniesta giving him goals. I will only trully accept him as one of the best players ever when he proves that in another team like Ronaldo already proved. And i wont even discuss how Barcelona already won champions league with a lot of polemic.
2012-03-09 02:39
Haha the portuguese gonna portuguese :D:SD
2012-03-10 07:28
You just cant compare them dude.CR7 is a clown,messi is a football player
2012-03-09 12:08
World VN 
yeah messi is great,but who is that ronaldo ?
2012-03-09 13:30
at the moment 1. messi 2. c.ronaldo 3. van persie messi definitely the best but not so sure if he's the best player of all time. I can remember ronaldo during his prime was insanely good too
2012-03-10 04:15
couldn't agree more with you :)
2012-03-10 14:11
Belgium FnX^ 
messi is just great but imo it's barca in a hole that makes messi great imo xavi and iniesta are getting to little credit for there playstyle with all the possible assists they give barca can make like 200 goals of them if they finish at a decent rate ..
2012-03-10 07:52
iniesta > xavi > all
2012-03-10 08:03
Who? Who the fuck is C.Ronaldo? :O
2012-03-10 14:46
Im laughing alot, Messi: 8 seasons: 200 goals C.Ronaldo: 2 seasons: 100 goals who's better now?
2012-03-10 18:42
2012-03-11 17:35
2012-03-11 21:43
So, the point is? You suck Messi`s balls?
2012-03-10 20:51
real-10=barca ok?
2012-03-10 20:51
5 goals against a low team .. Lets take a look at the last match Barca-Madrid 2-2 real playd much better , messi did nothing "imma barca fan , i only telling you guys the truth" About Messi , messi is nothing without iensta en xavi --->> look when he plays for argentinia sometimes i think he doesn't play , about ronaldo he plays both teams very beautfull.. ronaldo is the must completed player.
2012-03-10 21:43
" 5 goals against a low team .. " lol
2012-03-10 22:31
header - ronaldo shoot - ronaldo dribble - messi shoot (power)- ronaldo free kick - ronaldo goals - ronaldo,messi tricks - ronaldo
2012-03-10 22:23
you forgot pace - Ronaldo, messi
2012-03-10 22:56
retard - tomikoff.
2012-03-11 14:26
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
you forgot assist; messi and how on earth do you only put ronaldo @ tricks :P
2012-03-11 15:57
Cronaldo is awesome, but Messi is just a god, Da BeST eVA
2012-03-11 14:39
Messi n1!
2012-03-11 16:19
^^ Fun !
2012-03-12 18:56
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