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NiP dodging fnatic
United States M3m3dream 
I believe NiP is throwing the match to dodge fnatic in the upper bracket. I know NiP have 2-0'd fnatic, but maybe they are dodging fnatic because they might have made some anti-strats for NiP
2016-05-11 18:25
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No shit sherlock...
2016-05-11 18:26
China aS^ 
Can confirm this confirmation
2016-05-11 18:27
dont think so it just seems like nothing is going their way just like first match at dreamhack malmo
2016-05-11 18:27
LULL, SOME new level of fanboyism
2016-05-11 18:27
can confirm not a fanboy, but their recent performances have been insane
2016-05-11 18:30
It's almost like saving strats after being kicked out of major...
2016-05-11 18:30
Germany 1criT 
NiP was always doing bad at their opening match of a tournament back in the old days. Same at DH Malmö. Not worried, yet :]
2016-05-11 18:28
It is my prediction too... Fnatic too strong for NIP afraid ladies
2016-05-11 18:29
why?, nip won 2-0 against fnatic last week or two
2016-05-11 18:31
f0rest | 
Romania front48 
People forget something...NiP dodge fnatic and luminosity till final . They will play c9 and liquid again then they will play G2 probably...which is kinda easy for them.
2016-05-11 18:32
can confirm they love to lose first match in a LAN game
2016-05-11 18:32
Hong Kong TurboJET 
322 confirmed
2016-05-11 18:33
They are playing bad because of Get_Right's IBS illness. It makes him shit his pants randomly. Of course they play bad when GT has shit his pants and everyone can smell it. If the guy next to you shat his pants after eating kebab + hot sauce you would play bad too. Use brain pls.
2016-05-11 18:33
United States Dahn 
lmfao +1
2016-05-11 18:36
Denmark slacking 
NiP is afraid of playing fnatic with a stand in? rofl how bad are they
2016-05-11 18:33
i mean wenton is fragging just aswell as some of the other members in fnatic, so i'd say just as scared as normal
2016-05-11 18:38
they lost 16-2 against dignitas in malmo and went on to win the tournament, no worries.
2016-05-11 18:34
its fucking insane how bad NiP are playing against Liquid
2016-05-11 18:37
they lost 16-2 against dignitas in malmo and went on to win the tournament, no worries.
2016-05-11 18:38
why would they not just beat liquid here and possibly beat fnatic to be top of group? #retardedfanlogic <:
2016-05-11 18:41
so they could dodge fnatic in groups and have an easier semi you stupid toilet cleaner :>
2016-05-11 18:44
They are throwing to dodge luminosity in the semis, that would make sense, they wouldn't really mind going up against fnatic in the upper bracket.
2016-05-11 18:45
No, they are throwing to dodge LUMINOSITY or ASTRALIS in the semis. They are gonna have a pretty easy semifinal so they're handling it pretty smartly actually.
2016-05-11 18:42
well... this is interesting
2016-05-11 18:58
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