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Battlefield 1
Sweden Drizzyy 
As a Call Of Duty fan, Im honestly speechless with comparing Infinite Warfare to this This game is crazy
2016-05-12 18:02
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Finland Helvetti
Why not just stick to Cs))
2016-05-12 18:05
Denmark U w0t m8?
Nah m8, I'll quit CS for BF1, if it is as sick as it looks
2016-05-12 19:08
Finland Helvetti
n1 there isn't even a gameplay available yet lol
2016-05-12 19:09
Denmark U w0t m8?
yes m8, I'm aware of that, but it doesn't change the fact, that I like the concept of the game going back to WW1, with blimps and horses
2016-05-12 19:21
you seen the graphics on star wars battlefront? the game will look like it does in the trailer.
2016-05-12 20:31
Finland Helvetti
The star wars battlefront also looked good on trailer :>
2016-05-12 20:45
yes, but the it also looked the same in game, although not the best game content wise, it was a good game.
2016-05-12 21:07
Worst game.. i bought it for 110$ and havent played even 2 hours
2016-05-12 22:23
cuz it's trash))
2016-05-12 19:20
mate there's no gameplay in that trailer
2016-05-12 18:05
there is if you watch it again you will see.
2016-05-12 18:17
timestamp. there's fuck all.
2016-05-12 18:18
2016-05-12 18:19
righto friend. this game will sell millions
2016-05-12 18:20
gazilions !
2016-05-12 18:56
2016-05-12 18:22
He said there was none. There is, it's not a lot but it exist.
2016-05-12 18:23
its still prerendered and not real in game footage
2016-05-12 18:32
2016-05-12 18:11
dice are so not creative or inspired that instead of making an actual respective world war 1 game with interesting game mechanics relevant to what war was like back then (doesnt have to be realistic) they fucking copypaste the battlefield formula over an 'alternate history' ww1 its trash, have fun with dlc packs you fucking tasteless consumerist tards
2016-05-12 18:15
yep, im thinking the same. and everyone is so hyped about it as always.
2016-05-12 18:20
Retard spotted.
2016-05-12 18:21
2016-05-12 18:22
its ok man, keep playing your uninspired, milkwater games designed for ADD kids
2016-05-12 18:31
go back to reddit, please.
2016-05-12 20:41
still better than cod
2016-05-12 18:34
wow what an accomplishment its only better because of scale, and because we're on a fucking cs website id hope you know that scale =/= objective superiority battlefield 3+ are just action grindfests with satisfying unlock progression for most of the playerbase, just like cod, nothing special
2016-05-12 18:39
its a joke that people throw tho like "still better than twilight" don't take my comment so seriously lol
2016-05-12 18:53
sry not much of a memer and i take certain things like games and music too seriously
2016-05-12 18:54
Battalion 1943 > overrated bf1
2016-05-12 22:21
nt fakeflagger
2016-05-12 22:59
nt t bone
2016-05-16 05:57
nt steffffan
2016-05-16 18:47
Nt burgerman
2016-05-18 17:20
you seem salty cus your cod just got buried by this battlefield trailer
2016-05-12 19:00
2016-05-12 19:01
dont cry bby, there will be a new, hopefully better cod next year
2016-05-12 19:02
you battlefield babies are probably so uppity now that your generic brown ADD shooter is finally passing the last big generic brown ADD shooter lmao stay mentally 12 forever
2016-05-12 19:04
you just described cod m8, same game since 2006
2016-05-12 19:05
hahahaha great reading comprehension buddy
2016-05-12 19:06
you seem to have "some" problems ... lol
2016-05-12 22:27
yeah, let's have trench warfare only, hf. trust me, it's better if they base it on a setting but are creative with it
2016-05-12 19:05
i said it doesnt have to be realistic so you use GAME DESIGN to achieve the 'feel' of a real life 'gimmick' like trench warfare perhaps you can make trench warfare its own new minimalistic gamemode and focus on tighter, urban warfare with authentic ww1 weaponry this is ZERO effort, making it ww1 based is not a creative decision to move the franchise forward, its a marketing decision to keep it new/relevant/fresh when the gameplay and design has been the same shit, they aren't creating anything new or breakthrough like most fans probably think they are by moving to ww1, but rather just creating a fucking facade of innovation while they fuck you up the ass with awful content/price ratios and pre-planned DLC packs it takes talent to take a seemingly 'uninteresting' (maybe to someone who has no real interest in that timeframes warfar) real life scenarios and repackage them in an accessible video game formula, dice doesn't have this talent and are just using an untapped timeframe so they have an excuse to move in a only slightly different direction to keep things from getting too blatantly stale like CoD made the mistake of doing its not like DICE are making little compromises here and there to make the gameplay work with the setting, they are creating an entirely NEW setting loosely based on WW1 because they literally arent creative enough, or simply dont have the freedom to do so because of EA's obvious corporate goal with the franchise
2016-05-12 19:14
ok, guess I got you a little wrong, I actually agree with most of your points. I agree that there hasn't been any notable progress since BF3 (which was a masterpiece for a game released 5 years ago and it still would be if you ignored the atrocious netcode) in the franchise and I also wish they changed more than just the settings between the releases. I still have hopes that the setting will encourage them to try new things but I'll probably be disappointed.
2016-05-12 19:20
dont really agree with you that bf3 was a masterpiece but i mean, look at the source material dice had for Battlefront and think about how much they fucked up the visual/sound authenticity was through the roof, but that didnt mean shit because literally all DICE had to do was live up to a 2005 PS2 video game (Battlefront 2) and they didn't even come close, so what should you expect with their 'new' ww1 setting? lmao
2016-05-12 19:26
saw 1 trailer, knows everything about the mechanics. ok mr dice
2016-05-12 19:12
all it takes is to watch the trailer and how its presented and what has been shown to know that theyve simply created an alternate reality in a loosely based WW1 setting so they can repackage BF4, fucking BF tards like to think theyre on some type of high ground for being able to see cod's lack of innovation when they've been buying into the same shit simply by a different company
2016-05-12 19:17
saw 1 trailer, knows everything about the mechanics. ok mr dice
2016-05-12 19:19
i feel sorry for you if you cant pull very basic AAA gaming business patterns and apply expectations to a company that has continued to do exactly what i just explained since bf3
2016-05-12 19:21
cool story m8. if the game is fun to play I dont see any probs there for me. hf building a time machine to experience the real ww1 or coding your own completely new game with new mechanics which haven't been there before.
2016-05-12 19:25
stay complacent you basic bitch xD being happy with mediocrity is a good thing if you dont wanna use ur brain too much :( id rather spend that $80 CAD on 6 months worth of potato chips, same fucking bland repetitive experience, only my taste buds are easier to tingle than my attention span because im not a fucking kid with no taste, cept when it comes to chips
2016-05-12 19:31
hf getting fat m8
2016-05-12 19:34
atleast those devs listen to their community :)
2016-05-12 19:21
their community? for some reason i own both bf3 premium and bf4 premium yet instead of ww2 battlefield game i receive ww1 version, i cant tell if its bad or not since i havent played it yet, but imo it wont be so interesting as ww2 would be.
2016-05-12 22:17
nt activision
2016-05-12 19:54
just chill bro, that's just a fucking trailer LOL games are usually 100x times shittier than what trailer shows
2016-05-12 18:17
not battlefield
2016-05-12 18:59
battlefield is always as good as the trailers they release
2016-05-12 19:09
xd fangay
2016-05-12 20:31
kepp sucking bf's dick xd
2016-05-12 20:33
better than suck cod dick, or worse, suck mixwell dick
2016-05-12 20:36
2016-05-12 20:36
Inb4 this game is a battlefront reskin
2016-05-12 18:20
Sweden 13338
a battlefield in third person?
2016-05-12 19:04
2016-05-12 18:20
stinx | 
Sweden günT
As a Call Of Duty fan Expected
2016-05-12 18:20
TaZ | 
Poland KrejZiS
26kk views fuck :o
2016-05-12 18:22
rip cod
2016-05-12 18:22
2016-05-12 18:41
bf1 > csgo
2016-05-12 18:59
Russia ReaZy You don't need to translate rus. comments, just watch the video and listen to the lauhg of commentator
2016-05-12 19:03
As someone who enjoyed the hell out of BF3 but didn't touch any other BF games, I'm really hyped for this. Hope it at least kinda lives up to the expectations.
2016-05-12 19:06
+1 bf3 was sick. gave bf4 a try, played 5 minutes got cancer and cried for the money i wasted.
2016-05-12 19:19
bf4 is a good game now
2016-05-12 19:42
>praising EA for a trailer have fun spending $100 on this game for 32 tick servers
2016-05-12 19:07
the tick problems have been fixed, there are 120 tick servers now bro
2016-05-12 19:08
some NA servers run at 144hz too
2016-05-12 19:10
I can't believe it took 10 years for people to realize COD is garbage.
2016-05-12 19:08
now it will take them another 10 to realise BF is garbage
2016-05-12 19:19
bf is the best war game out there, u are garbage
2016-05-12 19:30
i guess youve played shit for war games than hahaha
2016-05-12 19:32
Interested to hear what you play then?
2016-05-12 19:39
cod fans are unbelievable
2016-05-12 19:42
If he replies with COD, there's no reason to comment any further
2016-05-12 19:42
lmao i like how battlefield fans have this weird complex where everyone who doesnt like their game is a cod fan also if i were to list some of the best, it would actually include a couple of the oldie cods, along with battlefield 1945, battlefield 2, red orchestra, classic rainbow six.. theres no point in listing anything because people like you will pick and pull and made wild assumptions on taste because of blind hatred over a franchise
2016-05-12 19:48
in terms of 'war games' most of the classics and a few lesser known gems
2016-05-12 19:45
That tells us absolutely nothing :) I guess cod is a classic
2016-05-12 19:46
yes it is, CoD 2 and 4 are legit good games and are widely accepted even by people who dislike modern CoD as good games, what are you fucking 12 and just bouncing off of hate trends? not even a fan of CoD just baffled at how hypocritical battlefield fags have become after all that frustration has found a release now that their corporate cow has become fatter than the other one
2016-05-12 19:51
2016-05-12 19:51
You are calling people out on this thread a lot, you seem to have some problems.. I asked you a simple question.. What games if not battlefield do you play, since you seem to have a STRONG opinion on BF. I never said anything regarding my opinion on BF, I actually love COD 1 & 2 and modern warfare. The rest of it is mostly trash imo, so are most of the BF games.. And "corporate cow" and all that hate on the creators of BF is really hypocritical when you seem to be a big fan of COD.. Makes you just sound like a basic hater.
2016-05-12 20:04
what the fuck are you talking about? the 'creators' of each respective franchise (CoD and BF) obviously each had a unique, creative spark about how they think their shooters should function. In the early days both franchises were somewhat refreshing, and had their own unique features and gameplay aspects that made them fun to play. Now it's ALL milkwater corporate garbage. It was obvious during the BC era of Battlefield DICE/EA were really unsure about where they could take battlefield once they started to focus more on the console market, seeing as BF had been a very PC orientated game up until BC. Bla bla BF3 now it's just a fucking cash cow like CoD, you could even argue that started back with BC, but those games were a little more experimental so you have to give them credit. I have never made an impression in this entire thread that I am a 'fan' of CoD, or that I had a preference for CoD over BF, and here you are ending your post with making an assumption that I'm a big fan of CoD. So why the fuck would I sit and list games so you can cherry pick bullshit and form an opinion of my gaming 'worldview' by applying your own opinions about the games i list? fucking brain dead man
2016-05-12 20:11
Didn't you just imply that I was a fan of BF? Yes, you did. I wanted you to list your preference of games as COD & BF both have this money > anything else mentality. In the early days, yes both of them were creative and had their own thing going on, nowadays it doesn't matter at all, just splash out a game once a year ez $$$. And if you were giving so much shit to BF yet being a total COD gay, then your arguements make no sense.. Since it's both the same shit. I'm pretty sure we agree though that NOW, today, this minute, it's both total rubbish. My assumptions were correct then?
2016-05-12 20:19
uh yea theyre both garbage, i never really had a preference for either though because they were both decent in their prime you just seemed on that minimovz1 tards side so i was just making assumptions cus who gives a fuck were on hltv, but ya just trying to point out the extreme hypocrisy of the current BF fanbase, its just hilarious to see how deluded people can be feeling righteous over liking one uninspired cash cow over the other back in the day there was some justification for feeling a bit righteous for preferring say BC2 over MW2, barely. But now its just full blown retardism didnt wanna list shit cus i had the feeling the moment you saw the magic 3 words youd just act like a fag making assumptions, even though these types of games arent even close to being my favourite to play
2016-05-12 20:26
There are retards on both sides.. All sides actually, everywhere :( You have to say though it's refreshing to see BF going to the past for their new game. I hate this futuristic shit.
2016-05-12 20:26
its refreshing in some ways but at the same time its just fucking dumb theyre going with the whole 'alternate history' route just so they can have an excuse to keep the same formula, or add gimmicky shit just for the hell of it i would much rather see them straight up go back to WW2, that would make me happy just to see that timeframe reimagined with the type of sound/visuals that DICE can do, i wouldnt mind just having a pretty looking WW2 conquest mode, even if the gameplay is rehashed but instead they try to be 'groundbreaking' by just making a shit ww1 game, when id like to see someone actually try to make a fun game more authentically based around ww1
2016-05-12 20:30
How do you know it's shit though, you can't really base it off one trailer. You can dislike it or have a feeling that it might in the end be shit, there's a high chance they will try wayyyy too much and completely ruin it. I hope for a single player story line tho
2016-05-12 20:35
its EA, its a AAA FPS shooter competing with CoD, not much else to say buddy
2016-05-12 20:37
Well at least, BF has a lot more promise then the new COD game.. What a disaster that will be.. They even know it, putting the re-vamped modern warfare in the package detail?
2016-05-12 20:40
2016-05-18 17:22
This looks really dope. But after Hardline I'm still skeptic . That game was an absolute money-waiste and one of the worst games I've ever played.
2016-05-12 19:09
dice didnt make hardline
2016-05-12 19:10
Hardline wasnt the project of DICE. I also saw that they try to make the competitive from the beginning. Lets see and hope.
2016-05-12 19:26
BF2 4ever
2016-05-12 19:12
i love you
2016-05-12 20:29
Battlfield 1 - 3 Real Madrid
2016-05-12 19:18
Please don't fuck this up, EA. D:
2016-05-12 19:22
Knowing me I'll end up buying it play it for 2 weeks then come back to CS only to play it when I need a break from CS lmao
2016-05-12 19:22
rip cod
2016-05-12 19:22
Denmark U w0t m8?
Can't wait to see one of those blimps to explode
2016-05-12 19:25
1 Swedish company working on BF > 3 American companies working on CoD
2016-05-12 19:26
ever heard of DICE LA? the one that worked on last DLC's for bf4?
2016-05-12 22:18
No, why? What does that information change? lol
2016-05-12 22:31
there is not 1 company
2016-05-13 06:17
It would be fun if they made an update to CSGO with WW1 weps and outifts :D What usually kills the BF games is its lack of competetivness. Its more random then MM.
2016-05-12 20:29
i will buy it just because it's made by a swedish company
2016-05-12 20:39
terrible music with no real gameplay
2016-05-12 20:43
This is a fucking cinematic trailer you filthy cod autist. I hope you are looking forward to shittiest hitreg, cancerous colors and far too much lens flare as well.
2016-05-12 20:44
2016-05-12 21:11
ea puts more money into creating trailers for a game than for the development.
2016-05-12 22:29
dont forget that it's an EA game..
2016-05-12 22:32
lets see the netcode...
2016-05-13 06:44
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