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#1 Doctor on HLTV looking for players
Switzerland DoctorFlatwanker 
Hello, my name is DoctorFlatwanker and I am the #1 Doctor on HLTV. Today I got my smurf on lvl 3 so I can finally play some matchmaking with it. A lor of people asked me, if they can play with me, so I made this account just for you. Feel free to add me, so we can play some matches FOR FUN. Im not here to boost you. I will try to start some matches tomorrow. Therefore I need at least 4 more people because I am unranked right now, so I need a full premate lobby or I can only soloQ. My profile: Just feel free to add me :) Sincerely, Dr. Flatwanker (
2016-05-19 11:57
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Lol who are u?
2016-05-19 11:58
Iceland fatboislim 
DoctorFlatwanker edit: you are in the right place because DoctorFlatwanker can maybe help you with your reading disability.
2016-05-19 12:03
Portugal Zedonp 
ahaha +1
2016-05-19 12:09
top kek
2016-05-19 12:18
2016-05-19 12:36 HAHAHHAH BODY WTF. Now i understand why they took in body. They want another Cheater like kqly now when he's banned. Just look at the last kill so obvious trigger
2016-05-19 12:30
ahahhahahah rekt n00b
2016-05-19 12:50
me? how?
2016-05-19 13:14
how was it?
2016-05-19 13:15
2016-05-19 12:01
Hungary FHarbor 
Hey doc!
2016-05-19 12:02
Doc, I cant play with you. My ping would be too high. What do I do?
2016-05-19 12:09
+1. healed my penis bleed
2016-05-19 12:09
Portugal Zedonp 
Hey doc, you still have those pills?
2016-05-19 12:10
Hey, I need a receipt to purchase medical marijuana, pleeeease.
2016-05-19 12:20
Denmark jkaemmeister 
thank dr flatwanker!
2016-05-19 12:25
I am hungry, what should i eat now? options are: bread with sliced variatons of sausage, noodles with homemade bolognese which i would have to defrost and lastly i could make myself rice
2016-05-19 12:34
how about rice with the bolognese
2016-05-19 12:37
O.o and this is why austrians commonly say that germans should not even think about touching italian food
2016-05-19 12:38
you wanna talk about food? you want to eat defrosted bolognese. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
2016-05-19 12:42
are you retarded? you make big badges of it -> 2kg of minced meat, 3kg vegetables etc and then you store it in a freezer because making that stuff fresh takes 3 hours when done properly
2016-05-19 12:43
you either do it properly. or not at all that means fresh. Frozen bolognese is just a bad excuse for not cooking. I'd rather do more sauce and do some fucked up leftover meal on the next day than freez my food. I.E. I often do the double amount of risotto to make arancinis (fried riceballs - i fill them with gorgonzola or morzarella) on the next day (which are even more tasty than risoto)
2016-05-19 12:48
guess what? sometimes you do not have enough time when you come home at seven and want to eat bolognese. the fact that you make a bigger amount than needed just helps those ppl working. if i would've have all day to cook and chill i'd play a little bit cs, then cook, then chill, then cook but guess what? i don't have this amount of time that i can waste every day for every meal
2016-05-19 12:52
then eat bolognese at the weekends and eat stuff such as cabonara or sphagetti con aglio or do some fast walnut pesto during the week. (if you crave for italian food) those are all done in less than 30minutes
2016-05-19 12:54
that is the whole point of doing big badges, so you can enjoy what you have done when needed :P
2016-05-19 12:58
I get your point, I just hate frozen-food. I think it tastes less good once reheated. PS: I still think that rice with bolognese is the way to go. (the more I think about the more I want to try it xD)
2016-05-19 13:06
thats the whole point in simmering it down for two hours, the flavour gets intensified *.* next time you do bolognese freeze a little bit and reheat it on the stove, just try the tiniest amount
2016-05-19 13:09
f0rest | 
India L1nu5 
Hi Doctor, I'm skinny & shy guy. What should I do?
2016-05-24 22:59
United States terd 
2016-05-24 23:06
+rep sucked so hard he sucked my aids away
2016-05-24 23:07
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