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is this aimlock??
2016-05-20 02:43
2016-05-20 02:46
Brazil KerimZ 
damn, xray is really making people paranoid.
2016-05-20 02:55
Explain that situation then, why the heck he shoots right there for no reason?
2016-05-20 02:59
Brazil KerimZ 
watch it at 0.25 speed, he actually shoots on the window then he flicks to the left, even if he was aimlocking (which he is not) why would he shoot there? makes no sense.
2016-05-20 03:00
Ye in 0.25 he shoots the window :) and im not saying he is aimlocking but pretty weird crosshair movement =D
2016-05-20 03:03
The crosshair wasn't even on the guy when he fired, if that's a cheat it's the worst in the world.
2016-05-20 03:01 If you can't see it, he obviously moves his mouse in time with the shot.
2016-05-20 03:18
he did a fake move, because he have to move it a lot for this distance (he's got low sensetivity, isnt he?)
2016-05-20 03:24
yes. Look at his swipes in the beginning of the video, for example the one between 4 and 5 seconds. He makes a BIG swipe to turn about 45 degrees on-screen. Then, look at the moment he aimlocks, 43-44 seconds. Just before he aimlocks, he moves his hand slightly off the left side of the mouse. It looks like he presses something, maybe mouse4 or a numpad key that hey was fiddling with earlier. But in any case, at the moment of the aimlock, his hand movement is a FRACTION of what his earlier swipe was.
2016-05-20 03:39
and also the sound of his mouse when he pressing mouse1, there just wasnt a sound of it
2016-05-20 03:42
The situation is as followed: NiKo fucked up whilst doing whatever with his hand. The real issue is however, you suck. You suck, therefore you have the urge to suckle on the teet of epic NiKo's skill, trying to bring him down to your level (which is anything but where he is obviously). There. Explained.
2016-05-20 03:22
ie user?
2016-05-20 03:02
If you question this then you're probably a bot.
2016-05-20 03:04
what does this even mean? you're saying that's a normal crosshair behavior for you?
2016-05-20 03:15
Bosnia and Herzegovina Cevap 
2016-05-20 03:17
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