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Faceit worth to buy?
Poland Mixerslayer 
Hello guys i have 3,5k hours in csgo 1.4 kdr on faceit 60% win rate ratio should i buy faceit premium and try to win some skins or even try to road to fpl? What do you think good idea or waste money?
2016-05-22 15:53
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reaching FPL == impossible
2016-05-22 15:54
You sure? There is a lot of random players in fpl right now
2016-05-22 15:56
go google it my friend almost impossible edit " Finish Top60 in the Master League. Join the FPL qualifier. Finish top2 in the FPL qualifier. Done, you're in for the next month.
2016-05-22 15:58
stinx | 
Sweden günT 
You can't get kicked once you're in FPL unless you're inactive or the pro's have a reason to kick you
2016-05-22 15:59
Yeah, true that i meant that you get in next month
2016-05-22 16:00
Denmark BassA 
its not haha, its pretty easy if you are good :)
2016-05-22 15:59
if you dont have a job, and ur godlike then you have a little chance
2016-05-22 16:01
Denmark BassA 
You can be good even if you have a job ;-)
2016-05-22 16:09
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
but if u dont have job u have more time to play
2016-05-22 16:12
Australia 100T_TOP_100 
Faceit not worth it. Spend money on hookas instead.
2016-05-22 15:55
Poland kaylo 
+1 I'd add alcohol.
2016-05-22 15:58
+1 I'd add cocaine
2016-05-22 15:59
can we call it a party ?
2016-05-22 16:02
+1 I'd add Krokodil
2016-05-22 18:00
I doubt you'll get much out of 5 euros.
2016-05-22 17:16
Australia 100T_TOP_100 
5 euros is plenty, just buy the hookas a drink after you finish then run.
2016-05-22 17:18
not worth supporting a site full och cheating admins
2016-05-22 15:58
Ireland Hezip 
the 2 times i bought out faceit for a month i came first in silver league, then after that i had 1.5k elo and was about to be in gold league and i went on a massive lose streak while playing solo and i got pissed off. If you wanna come first deffinetaly have some solid people to play with, theres still a plenty of shit people in premium
2016-05-22 15:59
How about ladders and skins? Hard to win? I usually play with 2-4 premade
2016-05-22 16:02
Like i said i came first twice in my ladder in silver league, out of the 2 times i bought faceit. The first time it was a close 1st place, but i mostly played with 1 other person only. the second time i dominated the ladder by over 50 points, and you get 12 per win, lose 12 per loss (sometimes slightly more or less depending on enemy elo) The higher you go in a league the harder it gets, the more dedicated people are. A lot of people in the ladder only play a few times and then never play again or just dont play till the end of the month. In bronze league most people are like LEM at best, silver is good supremes-globals most of the time, gold league is global+ i'd say.
2016-05-22 16:13
premium 5v5 faceit is totally retarded unless you are 1900-2000 elo
2016-05-22 15:59
which is impossible to reach if you are solo queue
2016-05-22 16:04
2016-05-22 16:05
I usually play with 2-4 premade and i will play faceit anyway so at least with premium i will have some goals and i can veto maps
2016-05-22 16:09
you can easily reach the top of the ladder then since faceit logic is: play 4-5 premades - get matched against solo players, play solo - get matched against 4-5 premades.
2016-05-22 16:12
Ye, just do it :)
2016-05-22 16:00
Bosnia and Herzegovina NED1 
Make a team than buy premium and play faceit tournaments than earn money. I dont see another way to make it worth.
2016-05-22 16:01
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ 
Buy Faceit, get first in silver ladder = 18k points buy t-shirt for 25€ and you made profit
2016-05-22 16:08
I rather recommend ESEA. Faceit premium queue is pretty slow in finding people. The website is quite bugged it happens a lot that the site gets "stuck" when players are accepting or even in the veto process resulting in even slower game starts because you often need to find a lobby multiple times. The ESEA servers are better than faceits although I did have some issues with ESEA too. But way less than on faceit both in quantity and in quality of lag. (When something happens it goes this way: ESEA - Everybody lags a bit/mediocre lag for 2-3minutes / Faceit - lagging like hell for 20 minutes. If there are no problems both run equally smooth) Im also quite sure I encountered a few cheaters on faceit whereas I dont remember one on ESEA. Overall I'd say ESEA 9/10 Faceit 5/10 Edit: In terms of buying premium: You get nothing special with buying premium other than Premium queue (which is slow) and leagues. No better servers or something like that.
2016-05-22 16:13
Can you win something in esea? I feel like esea=free faceit with few better features,options
2016-05-22 16:16
that 500.000$ tournament last week for example :P (If you wanna play @prolevel.) But there are many smaller leagues with prizes ranging from a few houndred $ to a couple thousand. Keep in mind that you wont win anything of value from faceit too if you're not playing on semipro level or higher.
2016-05-22 17:08
I was playing with team but its impossible to find good players in poland right now (yes im fake flagger or just too lazy to change flag) im pug player right now and need some goals like elo,rank matches etc
2016-05-22 17:17
13:25ViCi vs TYLOO
16:00DETONA vs RED Canids
RED Canids
23:00eUnited vs Brazen
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