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Dustin Mouret ELeague
Sweden wyv0 
This guy should be on more analysis desks, he seems to be well informed about teams and knows what he's talking about about the game. He's pretty confident and has a good voice too.
2016-05-24 21:11
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
2016-05-24 21:12
Sweden wyv0 
Also he can joke about his own region and not be salty about it, you can hear he wants NA to do well but he sees how the reality currently looks like.
2016-05-24 21:14
Thats cuz he is a psychopath who wants to be fucked in the ass by n0thing
2016-05-30 07:03
Thanks bro!
2016-05-30 06:49
Canada ragzy 
You're super good on the desk, and you definitely need more analyst opportunities after eleague; hands-down my favorite analyst due to how well you convey information that is technical and not necessarily obvious to even people with a sound understanding of the game (I've been playing CS since 2004 and you'll still often bring things up that afterwards I'm like "hmmm, he's right").. Hard to imagine that like last year you had a video out announcing that you were stepping back due to no opportunities with where you're at now. Keep working hard dude, hope to see more opportunities come your way.
2016-05-30 07:34
Hope more comes my way as well. Thanks a lot man!
2016-05-30 09:09
First saw this guy at Clutch-Con early last year, he's definitely come a long way and I'd love to see him at more events.
2016-05-30 06:51
United States hdz` 
2016-05-30 09:30
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