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Brazil TadeuSexGod 
1-extremely unorganized (went wrong with Tyloo) 2-extremely long time for the championship (10 weeks) 3-invites inactive team Congratulations.
2016-05-26 15:39
TempoShit didnt deserve the invite, let it go you fucking inbred fanboy
2016-05-26 15:40
Germany No_Kappa 
calm down baguette. no one mentioned TS. stop rioting and burning your country and go to school.
2016-05-26 15:54
3-invites inactive team which one is the inactive team?
2016-05-26 16:05
Germany No_Kappa 
ask whoever made that statement genius, not me. learn to press the correct reply button.
2016-05-26 16:08
answer the question favela
2016-05-26 16:10
Sweden ConaN007 
Selfless is shit.
2016-05-26 16:13
Germany No_Kappa 
salty fat burger. my favorite.
2016-05-26 16:50
in favela no one can even afford burger LOL!!
2016-05-26 22:36
Germany No_Kappa 
true BibleThump
2016-05-26 22:42
Brazil napoL 
Selfless got invited over TyLoo since they couldn't go and they don't have a full roster, but they aren't a inactive team, they'll probably show a standin or the new guy for the roster, the guy here is just salty cuz there's only one BR team there
2016-05-26 16:50
at least his country has running water xd
2016-05-26 16:21
To be fair, Tempo Storm should've gotten it over Selfless.
2016-05-26 15:58
Ireland deluxe^ 
team wise Tempo deserve it more, but in fairness Selfless/ex-CSGL would deserve it.
2016-05-26 16:01
2016-05-26 16:02
2016-05-26 16:05
+1 fucking favelas need to go eat some bananas
2016-05-26 16:12
Aerial | 
Brazil Cupinxa 
fucking jews need to get gassed
2016-05-26 16:16
fucking favelas need to go eat some bananas
2016-05-26 16:37
Aerial | 
Brazil Cupinxa 
2016-05-26 16:38
2016-05-26 16:41
Germany No_Kappa 
if i were you, i'd leave hltv and keep sucking usa's dick otherwise mohammed will nuke you. we all know the only reason israel is not an inhospitable giant post-nuke hole in the map is because USA like to use israel as a military airport.
2016-05-26 16:57
no, it's because israel controls usa. damn, the lack of education you favelas have
2016-05-26 19:04
Israel Encryp7eD 
and because we're well armed
2016-05-26 23:04
Brazil SeukuMyama 
Relax jew pig dont go blow us like you blow palestine children
2016-05-26 16:55
Look monkey, I know the heat must be getting to you since you guys dont have AC, but go eat some bananas
2016-05-26 19:19
Brazil SeukuMyama 
Relax pig its not our fault that you cant put your feet outside your walls before some muslim rape your ass
2016-05-26 20:52
damn, that what ur media is telling you? they must not be making enough money to even travel the world
2016-05-26 21:43
Brazil SeukuMyama 
I dont think they travel over there at all there is nothing new about dryland except dirt and a wall where dumb jews go to cry for dead dumb jews
2016-05-26 22:13
at least it's better than living in a zoo, don't you think?
2016-05-26 22:35
Brazil SeukuMyama 
Kid you are so dumb
2016-05-26 22:37
what, is it nice living in a zoo? I know you get free bananas, but doesn't it get boring eating those after a while?
2016-05-26 22:45
Brazil SeukuMyama 
lol nice insult peppa pig
2016-05-26 22:50
nice comeback?
2016-05-26 23:11
stop right there citizen
2016-05-26 22:55
France kennySsSsS 
nt happy
2016-05-26 21:46
Actually Tempo Storm deserved the invite , at least thats what everybody expected and wanted to see. except haters like you ofcourse, but I exclude those
2016-05-26 21:46
Slovenia Josip09 
wow are you serious ? they are certainly better than envy right now rofl
2016-05-26 21:48
Poland DominnX26 
+1 bro
2016-05-26 15:40
2-extremely long time for the championship (10 weeks) not, eleague is making a full championship lan, while esl and ecs has online qualifier to final stage. but the eleague stage groups is useless, because even LG winning 6 games, not yet secured a place in the final stage.
2016-05-26 15:52
whoever the fuck thought of that has to be fired rofl
2016-05-26 15:56
It's pretty similar to how the world cup typically works as well. You round robin for seeding, than with that seeding, do a bracket stage qualifier.
2016-05-26 15:59
what kind of world cup are you talking about? you're american so probably not the same as his, BECAUSE IF IT IS FOOTBALL THEN ONLY THE FIRST 2 TEAMS IN THE GROUP PASS, I OUGHT TO KNOW IT AMERICANS ACTUALLY ELIMINATED US LAST TIME
2016-05-26 16:32
No soccer. There's a football world Cup? That would be cool!
2016-05-26 22:54
What's wrong with some matches being more important than others? It's the same thing with late stage pro league games that are just for money/seeding. This way we get more cs
2016-05-26 16:01
if youd remember the 7-1, what torunament format was that world cup oh yeah, its basically the same and now get over temposhit
2016-05-26 16:04
What? World Cup format is the same for ages, and the first and second place teams go to teh playoffs. Eleague format is completely different
2016-05-26 16:45
lol thats like saying going 16-0 in esea season should get you a spot in the finals of the lan. eleague season is just live lan. do you have zikka?
2016-05-26 16:46
esl and ecs is so, what are you saying?
2016-05-26 16:48
ELeague is first Lan League and I think the Format is Perfect He says if you go 6:0 in your Group without Luck you should easy defeat them in a Bo3 to advance to the Championship
2016-05-26 17:04
Korea yuh 
its ok, tempo is there LUL
2016-05-26 15:55
What could eleague have done better with tyloo? Why is a season long championship like real sports bad? What do you mean "invites inactive team"? Salty about tstorm? Selfless was invited since they came behind optic in road to vegas. IMO csgl would've made more sense, but tempo would've just been random. If tempo wanted to play they couldve qualified.
2016-05-26 16:04
cool thread guess all those majors hosted in brazil are better...oh wait
2016-05-26 16:09
Im betting skins on the Olympics :> hopefully favela doesnt rek
2016-05-26 16:12
No matter how you do neopotism . They will always be weak and shit .
2016-05-26 16:16
don't watch it, no one cares. if EL was actually biased and didn't invite TS because they're retarded brazilians, I wouldn't blame them. look at how all you guys are acting now. it's as if TBS would have turned into a zoo if they invited all you favela teams
2016-05-26 16:42
The explanation for TS not beeing invited was already explained, get over it. It's not their fault tyloo couldn't attend. There are plenty of other leagues who have 10 weeks tournaments, the only difference is that this is on lan, there's nothing wrong with it.
2016-05-26 16:47
2016-05-26 16:47
BRAZ1L fanbois
2016-05-26 16:49
bra71l still salty tempostorm arent here
2016-05-26 19:07
El Salvador belaC 
tadeuf5 = mad monkey
2016-05-26 19:21
E league is the biggest and best thing that has happened for CS GO, gtfo haters
2016-05-26 21:50
Stop embarrassing yourself, it's obvious how you're just triggered because of TS not getting invited.
2016-05-26 22:36
i like it
2016-05-26 22:36
United Kingdom ecu 
1-extremely unorganized (went wrong with Tyloo) Its America's Policy and visa issues, thats not eleague's fault that they couldn't get a working permit 2-extremely long time for the championship (10 weeks) Its over the course of 10 weeks so all teams get a fair shot at qualifying.. this is the most fair way possible. plus its on TV.. its meant to be identical to SPORTS.. you don't see a football season last 1 week do you? turner are trying to make esports into a real televised sporting event. cant you see that.. 3-invites inactive team what?
2016-05-26 22:41
United States verminkt 
The casters are great, ddk / black ddk and anders / semmler. The analyst desk is a major issue: dust is annoying and inexperienced, moses constantly makes mistakes, he just meant to say "stewie is more calculated" but said less.. and richard lewis is almost as ResidentSleeper as YNK.
2016-05-26 22:59
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