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as good as they say?
2016-05-29 06:56
bran dies
2016-05-29 06:58
No he doesn't
2016-05-29 07:30
umm yes he did, he was the tree man lol GoT is on a loop brother, that was bran waiting in a tree for bran for a 1000 years.
2016-05-29 07:33
lmao you just ended the show, no point to watch anymore
2016-05-29 07:35
2016-05-29 07:37
Dude he doesn't know he is assuming.
2016-05-29 07:49
That doesn't make sense how can 2 brans be in the same time frame and 1 bran experience an event twice in the same lifetime. It isn't even a loop them, its some weird paradox. And the tree man said bran will never be him.
2016-05-29 07:38
That's why tree bran said he had much to learn before he left, which he never ended up doing, therefor he never learned the truth and will end up becoming the tree man in the end and he will have to wait 1000 years to try and change what happened again.
2016-05-29 07:42
Dude I know who the three eyed raven is, I wanted to thwart your logic without spoilers. He is no one important tbh.
2016-05-29 07:43
mohamed | 
Georgia bacchus 
Watch it for yourself and see if you like it or not.
2016-05-29 06:59
Sweden Vilseledd 
season 1-3 are decent, rest is shit
2016-05-29 06:59
United States ViKaLiBuR 
Breaking Bad is better! | Omegled
2016-05-29 07:01
coldzera | 
Brazil set01 
the wire is way more
2016-05-29 07:57
ned stark dies
2016-05-29 07:02
Brazil yxkz 
yes it is very good. it gets better and better. seasons get more and more different from the books but is still good. Bran IS THE RED GOD =]]
2016-05-29 07:03
mohamed | 
Georgia bacchus 
All your favourite characters will die though
2016-05-29 07:19
United States Tryx[M] 
can't be the only one waiting for that dumb fuck Ramsay to die a horrible death. Least favorite character
2016-05-29 07:53
lotr > got
2016-05-29 08:16
its good enough to give it a shot
2016-05-29 08:33
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