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fallen + his crew real face?
Finland jack7bauer 
Somebody agree with me? All this posts, blaming SK, and surely they was acting low. BUT.. What did the players of LG do? they betray first the LG org, signing contract with SK for $$ shining in their eyes, and then they win a major and see better $$ shine comes from staying in LG, and then they turn their jacket again and this time betray the SK that they signed contract already. This just shows this players doesnt respect any contracts, they just are so greedy for money. This is so shamefull, but i could not excpect nothing more from a players who has no shame cheating blatantly to win tournaments. Funny is how this guys keeps acting and pretending be so nice and honourable guys in social media and everywhere. Now they try get out of this pretending to be a victim.
2016-05-29 18:45
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2016-05-29 18:47
+1 money can not buy happiness, give me all your money and be happy!!!
2016-05-29 19:13
Germany No_Kappa 
If you know anything about SK shady past and their close ties with fucking cancer ESL/WESA orgs you'd be a bit more cautious before jumping into conclusions. Specially because we spectators/popcorn eaters don't have much info yet.
2016-05-29 19:15
nt fallen
2016-05-29 19:16
Germany No_Kappa 
nooooo. i've been exposed!
2016-05-29 19:20
Noone forced them to sign. SK is obv not to blame at all.
2016-05-29 19:20
Germany No_Kappa 
if you say so
2016-05-29 19:23
He is a favela, so naive and god fallen obviously didnt do anything wrong oh wait
2016-05-29 19:28
Denmark far3l 
2016-05-30 10:30
Germany No_Kappa 
2016-05-29 19:14
Totally agree with the money greediness. It's absurd. Signing a damn contract behind your original org's back is just outright disrespectful. FalleN and Co obviously had something with LG that made them sign the contract. FalleN being the man he is should of communicated with the players more in depth with this whole contract thing before signing it.
2016-05-29 18:50
If you wanted to continue a legacy with LG, why was it necessary to communicate with a different org. "OOOHH, we just won a major with the team, so we should stay with LG and build something!" Man fuck that shit
2016-05-29 18:52
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
Because SK is a legendary tag/org. You can ask every proplayer or even amateur about if they wanted to play under SK, everybody would sign now for this org.
2016-05-29 21:43
Understandable! I'm not bashing at the fact SK is good and legendary org, but it was the way FalleN and his co approached it. It was like FalleN was nervous to put some sense in the players, as to what they were doing was wrong. I like the players, and truly I don't care what org they are under. But the players leaving LG is a no more than a stab on the back.
2016-05-29 21:58
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
yeah i got you. I think that was more of the excitment's fault than other things.. but still.. don't know .. haha ;D
2016-05-30 09:48
being the man he is fallen chose not to do those things i think maybe he isnt the man you thought he was
2016-05-29 19:16
+1 Well said.
2016-05-29 19:50
you gonna comment? or why u alert?
2016-05-29 19:38
Brazil ZUZIM 
yeah, cause every other professional player plays just4fun, not for money you guys are so childish ffs
2016-05-29 19:06
Russia telosll 
+1 =)
2016-05-29 19:08
most other players are smart enough not to whine and claim they shouldnt be punished when they fuck up...except cheaters getting caught of course, they will claim to their last breath its a vac error.
2016-05-29 19:17
Brazil lokodecrack 
no one is whining and claiming they shouldnt be punished, in fact, fallen said that they are the one to blame and they fucked up multiple times in the reddit thread
2016-05-29 21:52
no but you don't sign contracts and act like you didn't for money. They were signed by LG for late Decembre but signed SK's contract then acted like they didn't. They weren't forced or anything they are just greedy.
2016-05-29 19:23
Argentina ZaraLarsson 
FalleN didnt wanted to signed SK, did you even read? it was all his teammates fault.
2016-05-29 19:19
we SMART, we LOYAL..... err no?
2016-05-29 19:23
hahahaha, favela believe what fallen says. Go watch Thoorins vid regarding this, fallen is so fucking full of shit. I really used to like that guy, but after this he can go fuck himself.
2016-05-29 19:24
Argentina ZaraLarsson 
>watch thorin. >close thread.
2016-05-29 19:24
What Fallen said doesnt match up, i really hope you dont believe what that favela said, if so may god have mercy on your naive retarded brain.
2016-05-29 19:25
Yeah dude Fallen is a god among us. Grow up favela he is not the angel he is showing.
2016-05-29 19:24
+1, go back to brazil
2016-05-29 19:23
like everyone... cmon man all the world is about the money... we are slaves of money
2016-05-29 19:28
LG: If you go to SK, we are gonna expose you as the cheaters you are. FalleN: K, let me resign with you.
2016-05-29 19:33
this is what happened, can confirm
2016-05-29 19:37
2016-05-29 19:50
Russia razorVJ 
Typical favelas. These monkeys have no honor.
2016-05-29 19:38
just favelas :-(
2016-05-29 19:49
blah blah blah They are champions and want to have money they deserve. That's all.
2016-05-29 19:52
WTF, it is hard to read it
2016-05-29 21:32
"This just shows this players doesnt respect any contracts, they just are so greedy for money." Are u not? LOL
2016-05-29 21:40
This doesn't even make sense since SKs contract starts after LGs contract expires.
2016-05-29 21:51
not trying to be on LG side but money is everything on the world, I would betray my own country for a couple millions and wouldnt even bat an eye
2016-05-29 21:43
Brazil prkz0r 
2016-05-29 21:46
"Betray them" ??? Are you stupid? These orgs don't own the players. Fuck "loyalty". Players play for these orgs and attract sponsors. The org pays them for their services. By no means do they owe these orgs anything.
2016-05-29 21:50
then why then came back to LG?Maybe cause of prize money that was send to org and not to players after winning Major?Fucking two faced monkeys.
2016-05-29 21:55
I was referring to the "first they betray lg". The part where they back down on SKs contract is just stupidity.
2016-05-29 21:57
So FalleN team sign a contract with SK when they wasn't major champions (and basically no one give a fuck who they are except SK) behind the back of the LG and now when all the Ronaldinho's are so hype about stickers, socks and everything else with FalleN Gaming logo they just saying "F*ck you SK"? Nice. First of all it was mistake to sign contract with EU if you are from Brazil or NA, etc. I assume that contact in such case is poor, organization don't have full view of the players conditions, help from organization is limited, I don't think that SK could open some kind of office in Brazil or NA. So, I assume that FalleN was under pressure (not by SK, maybe LG conditions was poor) to agree for something like this and now when everything went well at Major they step back. They just should renegotiate agreement with SK like adults and not act like a kids.
2016-05-29 21:52
tbh i always said Fallen is 2 faced,even made a thread about it before but people just too stupid and easy to be fooled.At least stupid favelas wont spam now how they smart,loyal and friendly XD
2016-05-29 21:53
Brazil hugoooo 
Blaming SK? Did you read the whole thing or just the 5% HLTV decided to put on their news? He blames the players for all the situation, including himself.
2016-05-29 21:54
it seems you didnt lol, he blames sk and says various times that they tricked their players or 'Inserted in their minds' and 'said things' all quotes from the post. acting as if sk fucking tricked them lol get outttttttta here.
2016-05-30 09:43
they need money for clean water in favela, maybe donate some to fallen
2016-05-29 22:08
what do you expect from monkeys?
2016-05-30 09:42
xD xD "We loyal" xD xD
2016-05-30 09:46
2016-05-30 09:47
Sweden qgh 
Lost intrest when u said cheats
2016-05-30 09:49
I also hate that fallen keeps blaming his teammates all the time like saying "some players wanted this and said blabla" and that he just had no say in it whatsoever. Stop acting like you are an angel and stop blaming "some players" all the time. Be a man and take resposibility.
2016-05-30 09:52
coldzera | 
Brazil set01 LEAVE FALLEN ALONE!!!!
2016-05-30 09:55
its been confirmed that hltv users have no brain
2016-05-30 10:04
You can take the csgo player out of the favela but you cant take the favela out of csgo player legendary words
2016-05-30 10:05
I've never expected loyalty from footballers, except when they actually declare loyalty to a particular club. But it's just hypocrisy when you get caught in the act of shopping for a better deal when you then try to blame the shop for trying to trick you.
2016-05-30 10:17
What happened anyway? Is it still about LG and SK? Aren't SK the bad guys here? They've tried to contract the 5 LG players while they are still under a contract and SK supposed to knew about it. How is LG or FalleN the bad guys here?
2016-05-30 10:25
It's so fun to see mad Brazilians when truth is being said.
2016-05-30 10:29
Serbia whoa!! 
You can take the CSGO player out of favela, but you can never take the favela out of the CSGO player.
2016-05-30 10:32
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
"All you have to do is sign this contract, you will get all the money." "Sure, why not." few days later "They raided our lan house with fbi, handcuffed us, and forced to sign SK contract." favela logic
2016-05-30 10:58
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