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LG Situation
Brazil prkz0r 
Everyday 50 new LG topics are open on HLTV We apreciate that guys <3 LG TOP #1 No matter what org, they 5 are the top 1 SK want them so much cuz they want the best team in the world And all the love and hate you give to the BR scene, only make us stronger, ty so much. We Smart, We Loyal, We Friendly, We are from BRAZIL!!
2016-05-29 21:54
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2016-05-29 21:55
We smart, We loyal, we Friendly WE ARE BRAZIL
2016-05-29 23:05
when aggressive awping and trying to pick off a scoped in enemy awper crouch peek, jump peek or strafe peek? and why
2016-05-29 23:11
crouch peek, the chances that enemy awp misses increases 50%, trust me i win the best awp do bairro award.
2016-05-29 23:15
it's what i do as well but then i saw this shot and i was like 'wow thats sick' how2proceed
2016-05-30 00:35
Xyp9x wasn't even aiming, and i think he wasn't with awp either
2016-05-30 00:42
2016-05-30 00:42
So FalleN team sign a contract with SK when they wasn't major champions (and basically no one give a fuck who they are except SK) behind the back of the LG and now when all the Ronaldinho's are so hype about stickers, socks and everything else with FalleN Gaming logo they just saying "F*ck you SK"? Nice. First of all it was mistake to sign contract with EU if you are from Brazil or NA, etc. I assume that contact in such case is poor, organization don't have full view of the players conditions, help from organization is limited, I don't think that SK could open some kind of office in Brazil or NA. So, I assume that FalleN was under pressure (not by SK, maybe LG conditions was poor) to agree for something like this and now when everything went well at Major they step back. They just should renegotiate agreement with SK like adults and not act like a kids.
2016-05-29 21:56
Brazil prkz0r 
Ty, may papa fallen be with you my friend <3
2016-05-29 21:59
United States Jamila 
Why is it a mistake? Plenty of intercontinental team agreements F3 Liquid FaZe EnVyUs Etc
2016-05-29 22:40
also Fnatic and pretty much everybody else.
2016-05-29 22:42
United States Jamila 
fnatic based in UK my friend, still EU
2016-05-29 22:46
well they are on a separate islands with EU xD
2016-05-29 23:53
Brazil Marcola 
ok nt, nothing to say, just astralis when they were tsm
2016-05-29 23:08
+1 We Smart, We Loyal, We Friendly, We are from BRAZIL!!
2016-05-29 22:00
Who "we"? Are you part of LG or what?
2016-05-29 22:03
Brazil prkz0r 
"We are from BRAZIL" dam bitch you are dumb
2016-05-29 22:07
2016-05-29 22:25
Brazil prkz0r 
Brazilians have strong connections, we are a family, that's why we are so succesful. Europeans and Muricans treat e-sport as a business, we don't, thats why Fallen want stay in LG, Buyaka is a cool guy and they go to tournaments together and have fun. LG is from brazil, they represent brazil, they represent us. We feel their pain when they lose, we feel their happiness when they win. We Smart, We Loyal, We Friendly, We are from BRAZIL!!
2016-05-29 22:28
ok, got it.
2016-05-29 22:30
and thats why fer, coldzera, fnx and TACO want to leave LG
2016-05-29 22:38
Shut the fuck up with your family, that shit family is gonna be gone once Olof is back
2016-05-29 23:07
Brazil prkz0r 
Mad burgerking IBP won't get unbanned man :/
2016-05-29 23:08
Last time i checked IBuyPower doesnt start with the letter F and end with the letter C
2016-05-29 23:10
France PraY 
"We Smart" "We Loyal" my ass, FalleN is retarded for signing a contract with SK and instantly rejecting it. Well disloyalty can be easily seen by his actions. Soooo shut the fuck up..
2016-05-29 23:11
Well nothing is happening right now in the CS world beside this drama so of course LG/SK get our attention. Would actually be funny when the things happened to titan are happening to SK: -SK buys the (atm) best team in the world -Things are happening and they are not the best anymore (olof comes back which means fnatic back to #1) -roaster changes -maybe someone even gets a vacban -rip sponsors -rip SK
2016-05-29 22:12
Brazil prkz0r 
"maybe someone even gets a vacban" We appreciate the fact that you think they play so well that they might be cheating. Much love friend <3
2016-05-29 22:18
No you idiot, he was just talking about Kqly and Titan. Typical favelas can't speak English
2016-05-29 22:28
he was saying that what happened to titan can happen to LG. Typical yellow teeth cant understand their own language
2016-05-29 22:31
That what the "yellow teeth" means. I dont think someone from LG cheats. #8 thinks that I do think that someone from LG cheats (or simply wants to bait me).
2016-05-29 22:36
i'm not saying u said that LG cheats, but u are saying about titan and LG and he said like u are not saying about LG
2016-05-29 22:37
"We appreciate the fact that you think they play so well that they might be cheating."
2016-05-29 22:38
and? u dont say that LG cheat, but u said that they can get VAC ban and he thought that u think that, actually isnt because he doesnt know english, but he can thinks that
2016-05-29 22:40
Yes and thats why #12 said what he said
2016-05-29 22:42
nah, i understood that our british friend thought that u only was talking about titan and its not true
2016-05-29 22:43
I am confused
2016-05-29 22:44
hahaha ROFL, i'm too, fuck dat shit
2016-05-29 22:45
bad bait
2016-05-29 22:30
United States Jamila 
SK too big to fall like Titan
2016-05-29 22:41
thats the only problem
2016-05-29 22:42
SK so big i remember heaton times in this sht org and their excuses to not pay players, LOL team aswell, and right now not talking with their actual lineup about getting a new one woot great org.
2016-05-30 00:49
if olof does come back that doesnt mean fnatic #1 lol
2016-05-29 22:46
2016-05-29 23:00
Norway Rampiks1 
Top 20 soon
2016-05-29 22:22
+1 its this or losing the major prize getting sued
2016-05-29 22:24
loled at #20
2016-05-29 22:37
Norway Rampiks1 
roster trade confirmed
2016-05-29 22:38
sk tried to sign navi as well but navi declined
2016-05-29 22:31
the more talk of Brazil , more fame for them xD
2016-05-29 22:35
EU getting desperate for a good team since all the private cheats are getting harder to use in EU and only decent CS team is American
2016-05-29 22:39
"decent CS team is american" "decent" that moment you call a team decent and they are top1.
2016-05-30 00:53
you are a dumbass....
2016-05-29 22:45
we tard, we gay, we from brazill
2016-05-29 23:06
You obviously don't understand the laws behind this.
2016-05-29 23:18
LG TOP #1 -How many Major's did LG win? 1, How many did Fnatic? 3 -LG qualified for only 1 Final, NiP qualified for 5 Finals SK want them so much cuz they want the best team in the world -Again not the best in the world, currently yeah, not all time though And all the love and hate you give to the BR scene, only make us stronger, ty so much. -All the love? I have never heard a LG chant in any tourney We Stupid, We Treacherous, We Unfriendly, We Are From FAVELA!!!
2016-05-29 23:22
this is exactly what happened Fallen said that 2 months after LG players resigned with LG org, the owner of SK contacted Fallen, and made an offer, but Fallen told him to contact directly with Buyaka(owner of LG). But the owner of SK kept trying to contact Fallen and he ignored, after some time, he started to contact the other players, and THEY thought they could sign with other orgs just by themselves, but now they see the mistake they made. Fallen said that LG org always did everything to make them happy, and they had no reason to leave the org. He also said that there were some delay on the prize delivering. Fallen said that they never signed any official contract, as they were too busy practicing for tournaments. Without letting Buyaka know about it, the owner of SK kept contacting LG players, saying that they were the best options and they could give better salaries. Fallen was the only player to side with LG, but he ended up convincing the other players source:
2016-05-29 23:23
You aren't smarter than others, you aren't loyal when Brazilian teams perform bad, and you are not friendly on these forums.
2016-05-30 00:42
Funny its only brazilians commenting...
2016-05-30 00:46
We stupid, We hate, We fakeflaggin, We think we are from Brazil.
2016-05-30 00:57
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