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GOT Season 6 epidode 6
United States Felipelok 
Uncle Benjen saves Bran King Tommen allies with the Faith and frustrated Tyrells plan Jamie sent to deal w Blackfish in RIverrun Arya does not kill the actress and is now on her route to escape the faceless man and that girl who beat her is going after her to kill her. Sam steals the sword and leaves his city (forgot the name) with Gilly. Danys Dragon appears to give her a lift back to Mereen and she gives the std speech to the Dothraki retards
2016-05-30 06:35
You just saved an hour of my life. Thanks.
2016-05-30 06:37
Arya vs the waif. woohoo
2016-05-30 06:38
why he leave splyce and go act ;c
2016-05-30 06:40
What is waif?
2016-05-30 06:42
2016-05-30 06:53
the faceless girl who beats up arya
2016-05-30 08:06
Brazil RisenNTC 
you forgot walder Frey's scene
2016-05-30 06:52
I dont get who that chained guy was
2016-05-30 06:54
He was the groom in the red wedding. Edmure.
2016-05-30 06:57
Yea but who is he and what leverage does he have?
2016-05-30 06:59
He is the nephew of the Black Fish guy. So Walder Frey is going to use him as trade.
2016-05-30 07:02
Brazil RisenNTC 
he's from Catelyn's family
2016-05-30 06:57
funny how easy it is to impress the majority by shit like got I tried guys... I tried... but I have to laugh or I fall asleep or I just think to myself "who actually likes this", anything but there is no way I can watch got seriously. It sucks, it's a soap for little girls or nerds.
2016-05-30 06:52
Not everyone has the same taste and not everyone is capable of understanding complicated storyline that involves more then 1 main character.
2016-05-30 07:04
+1, so glad I stopped after like the first few episodes.
2016-05-30 07:05
World zonev5 
nt hipster
2016-05-30 07:12
god this episode was so dogshit
2016-05-30 07:12
Canada Lizzie 
filler episode
2016-05-30 07:22
terrible episode
2016-05-30 07:25
benhands good stuff
2016-05-30 08:21
Serbia whoa!! 
Yayyy! Lady stoneheart incoming ?
2016-05-30 08:25
who the fuck watch game of shit anyway LOL FAGS
2016-05-30 08:26
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