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Propaganda against Russia
Other plath - <3 wayLander 
Look at this shit that comes out my country's national broadcaster. 3 minutes of anti-Putin smears and accusations before saying that they can't prove any of it at the very end. Western propaganda biased as fuck. No wonder people are so brainwashed. And they say Russia gets brainwashed. West is just as bad.
2016-05-30 20:34
You dont need a propaganda against Russia, just the existence of Russia it is.
2016-05-30 20:36
@op that's same for our country too, too many kurdish and isis propagandas and shit. meanwhile isis bombs our country wtf
2016-05-30 21:52
please more death in turkistan, REMOVE KEBAB!!!
2016-05-30 21:58
calm down ya
2016-05-30 21:58
prachtige naam broeder
2016-05-30 22:07
hou je bek kaaskop
2016-05-30 22:09
2016-05-31 16:34
Nice extreme nationalist name buddy.
2016-06-01 11:48
Fuck off dude...
2016-06-01 12:02
But your country doesn't even acknowledge Armenian genocide.
2016-06-01 12:13
I loled P.S. nice USSR symbol at the start
2016-05-30 20:37
two words: liberal media
2016-05-30 20:37
default media* :>
2016-05-30 20:53
That is the same in my country... sadly
2016-05-30 20:54
that is the same in any country actually.
2016-05-30 21:35
if with "any" you mean "any western" then i'd agree
2016-05-31 19:42
2016-05-31 19:43
well in some countries more than in others, which certainly makes a difference. So "any" especially considering countries like Russia would be in there then is a very though generalization.
2016-05-31 21:09
believe it or not, there is actually not so much difference.
2016-05-31 21:33
Between Russian and German media? As a speaker of both languages I can not, repeat can not disagree more. I would even say that sometimes there is a difference similar to night- and daytime.
2016-05-31 21:40
lol, ok.
2016-05-31 21:54
Germany Bier 
ok you busted yourself. ofc there is propaganda in russian tv. you obv were never in russia. (not saying german tv is much better but saying there is a difference between night and day just shows how retarded you are)
2016-06-01 11:37
I straight up am only able to reference to #138 here
2016-06-01 17:12
At least troll properly.
2016-05-31 21:43
2016-05-30 20:38
remain in place, the KGB would come up to you
2016-05-30 21:47
Every part of the world tries to "manipulate" the news. Sad part about europe is that we're getting brainwashed by murica... like wtf... and all of that thanks to shitty germany.
2016-05-30 20:38
FYRR73 | 
Latvia Syecr 
2016-05-30 20:41
shitty germany without our fucking econemy spain,italy,greece ant the whole east part of europe would be fucking down and you would eat shit. but you are right with murica, but it is never as hard as it is in russia
2016-05-30 21:36
you should get some education. like forcing south europe to have the same economy system as you when everyone knows that we had a different one. fucking dictators getting influenced by murica. starting 2 world wars and losing both. how dumb and bad can you guys be?
2016-05-30 21:40
you say i should get some education you know why the people voted for hitler and we didn´t technically started 1 ww and your economy system wouldn´t work
2016-05-30 21:43
yes i know why they voted for him. also what kind of germans. not the ones that had no money. not those that were affected by the ending 20's and 30's. accept it for once. first one technically... yeh maybe... but the 2nd was started clearly!!! by germans.
2016-05-30 21:46
Are you really living in the 1940s playing the victim? You little fucker weren't even around back then.
2016-06-01 10:26
wtf are you even talking? just cuz u guys never had education of history it isnt my problem. so shut the fuck up and get some fucking education.
2016-06-01 11:26
So many flavors and you chose salty.
2016-06-01 11:26
2016-06-01 11:33
I do understand you're trying to make an argument here but what would this have to do with anything in this thread, european favela?
2016-06-01 11:39
i'm not even trying to argument with you... why? first reply from you... already insulting... good education level you have in germanistan. too much listening to hafti? ;)
2016-06-01 11:41
It's difficult to cope with the stupidity level you bring to the table.
2016-06-01 11:44
you see ;) btw. talking about stupidity... you're the guy that doesnt know shit about his own country... good education germanistan
2016-06-01 11:45
the other way around bro
2016-05-30 21:41
with murica and russia
2016-05-30 21:44
I swear if this was shown in Soviet countries Westerners would call it propaganda.
2016-05-30 20:40
How are the Russians doing anyway? Living in nice flats and stuff?
2016-05-30 20:42
no they're all bums and everyone hates them.
2016-05-30 21:07
not everyone, only brainwashed people.
2016-05-30 21:37
everyone who doesn't agree with you is brainwashed in your opinion, that's the definition of being brainwashed, facts speak for themselves, you can live in your illusion till you die of poverty, thank you very much.
2016-05-30 21:38
not brainwashed people doesn't hate any other countries. if you do, so...
2016-05-30 21:41
a country invades your country rapes your people and fucks you over for 50 years, then they are pushed out, collapse, get back and instead of helping repair damage and say sorry, just ignore the facts and continue to shit on you, they also brainwash their people to hate you and suppress those who protest agaisnt them. That is enough to hate a country. I'm so happy russia is dying :)
2016-05-30 22:11
LOL. you're just brainwashed really. Russia will never die, believe or not.
2016-05-30 22:15
yes it will exist in poverty, its population will diminish and they will cry more, more protests, putin dies, some riots and regional warfare, but they're too poor to intervene in Eu or US allies, need to avoid sanctions so you know they'll fight tadzikistan or continue bombing some sand dunes. They're not even a global superpower, they're regional at best lmao, you can't even compare US to RUS, best bet is to suck Chinas dick off and gargle on that cum because that's the only hope russians have for a stable protein and fluid intake
2016-05-30 22:19
only in your dreams, brainwashed kid.
2016-05-30 22:19
brainwashed brainwashed brainwashed repeat that all you want you delusional piece of shit mcblyadj just proves that all that malnutrition has made you autistic as well.
2016-05-30 22:20
mad? :D
2016-05-30 22:20
How can I be mad when I don;t live in poverty and you do, you braindamaged, where's the logic tell me comrade :)
2016-05-30 22:21
you can believe in that, but it won't change anything.
2016-05-30 22:24
no objection to that statement
2016-05-30 22:25
They now have the same average salary as the chinese. Great success!
2016-05-30 21:48
2016-06-01 18:00
North America gangnamstyle 
when they get the real shit about putin they will make netflix show hollywood movie about it.
2016-05-30 20:44
Hong Kong Luwk 
liberal lefist cancer media brainwashed west ppl xd
2016-05-30 20:44
Germany Bier 
cancer media brainwashed east ppl xd
2016-06-01 11:42
Russia numanox 
as usual..
2016-05-30 20:45
You seem very confused. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is British and not Russian.
2016-05-30 20:46
Turkey coldboldold 
The BBC (big black cock) is african
2016-05-30 20:50
2016-05-30 21:47
Russia has been funding anti-EU parties across Europe for ages...
2016-05-30 20:50
North America gangnamstyle 
usa and eu has been funding opposition in russia for ages too
2016-05-30 21:02
Yes, cold war is a thing. Russia is also trying to shit on its neighbours 24/7 and screw over everyone including its own people.
2016-05-30 21:08
North America gangnamstyle 
sure. who the fuck cares about geopolitic anyway lets just screw everyone for fun
2016-05-30 21:13
They're irrational, otherwise they wouldn't be a complete shitshow bumfiesta most hated country in the world.
2016-05-30 21:15
North America gangnamstyle 
i dont thing that the world hates usa the most its close but its not first
2016-05-30 21:17
russia #1 100% all evil comes originates from them, they can burn in hell, or just continue rotting in alcohol and poverty.
2016-05-30 21:26
North America gangnamstyle 
2016-05-30 21:29
Sweden PPH 
2016-05-30 22:20
you seem either reeeeally retarded or super bad b8er
2016-05-30 22:31
you talking about ukraine? you need some research mate.
2016-05-30 21:19
ok tell me what I need to do research on. Cause I've been following the conflict since day one, that shit was probably not even in the main news in shitspain for a year since the start. Please tell me something I don't know.
2016-05-30 22:34
nah mate... not worth after #37
2016-05-30 22:46
Who's Denying it!?
2016-05-30 21:31
North America gangnamstyle 
no one
2016-05-30 21:49
World madman112 
West is not getting brainwashed. All you need is common sense & a tiny bit of knowledge on the subject of "media critics" In Russia the news are being controlled by the lead and all of the rebels are being silenced. There's a huge difference on that and it is sad that you think Russia is not brainwashing people because of this kind of news.
2016-05-30 20:51
No maybe Russia uses propaganda in it's broadcasts. But the stuff that is on mainstream media in the West is no better. If RT broadcasts stories where there's no proof and just accusations that is propaganda. Here, the BBC does the same thing and it's "news".
2016-05-30 20:59
West is MUCH better. Can't call it propaganda when it's all facts and rational discusion. You won't find that in RT. Google employees leaving RT ;)
2016-05-30 21:09
North America gangnamstyle 
"Can't call it propaganda when it's all facts and rational discusion"
2016-05-30 21:16
I agree with that quote I need to know who said that because that person is a rational human being not swayed by the regressive left.
2016-05-30 21:25
i bet you're german. or french. only uneducated german would write "discusion"
2016-05-30 21:22
only an autistic Hispanic person who loves russians because of the tourism they bring to their shitclownforgotten country to boost your minimal wage by EU0.01 would care about a grammar mistake in an international forum. Do you know perfect french/german/russian? No, so smfd asdasda bukkake clown
2016-05-30 21:24
no, sir. my english is not perfect, but what i said is correct. show us your real flag non relevant weeabo.
2016-05-30 21:28
"i bet you're german. or french. only uneducated german would write "discusion""you;'re the only one mentioning asddasda grammar can you please jumpo into the atlantic for me and not hold breath thcx
2016-05-30 21:30
"and not hold breath" lel weeabo :D:D:D:D xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
2016-05-30 21:31
eeheheheehehehehekekeekkekeekekek fakeflagger russian I see)))))))))))))))) cyka blyad idy nahuoy blublyat-san
2016-05-30 21:32
i could also write jajajaja or heil hitler. now guess what i am. retarded germans weeaboos are so retarded...
2016-05-30 21:33
you could also die of poverty like the real McBlyadj you are...((((((:
2016-05-30 21:34
funny how mad germanistan is :D
2016-05-30 21:35
yes funny how they allow rape in the streets and blaim women topkek of europe
2016-05-30 21:36
he didnt say Russia is not brainwashing, but west is brainwashing even harder
2016-05-30 21:43
Sweden PPH 
Im not surprised too see a finish guy prompting that western mainstream media isnt a tool for propaganda.
2016-05-30 22:22
World madman112 
So tell me who exactly is restraining what public medias can and can not publish? And what does my nationality have to do with this? Finland has one of the lowest corruptionrates and one of the bests freedoms of the press according to several different associations ,the RWB to name one. It's a known fact that Russia tries to use their propaganda even in the western countries Hell, they even have an own "army" of trolls in Finland to make people like Russia more. I'm neither fan of the USA nor Russia and I have nothing against them, but it's pure bullshit to call that Western mainstream medias are tools for propaganda, LOL.
2016-05-31 17:51
Sweden PPH 
If you actually belive the bullshit poured out by bbc, cnn, fox news etc, then i have no need to spend energy on a debate with you.
2016-05-31 19:29
World madman112 
Yeah, better go back creating the cool foilhat ^_^
2016-05-31 21:04
Sweden PPH 
Yeah thx for proving my point.
2016-05-31 21:35
If you really think there is no "brainwashing" in western countries you're REALLY, REALLY wrong.
2016-06-01 11:28
DDOSing Estonian Supermarkets ayyyyyyyyyyy
2016-05-30 21:03
Not propaganda, facts. :)
2016-05-30 21:06
Japan zekrom 
2016-05-30 21:20
Immigrant parties and voters are fooled by anti-white propaganda
2016-05-30 21:19
Russia Reph 
BBC ayy lmao
2016-05-30 21:21
Bulgaria BroN 
yeah media is full of shit everywhere ...
2016-05-30 21:29
But there's more to tell. f.ex when I visit Russia I go to ma granparents house and they have a bear-pet anf he can play balalaika. Ometimes when I go out in Russia in valenki bcs always snow and cold I take with me granparents bear and vodka. Then we sit and drink vodka with friends and our bear play songs on balalika and we sing
2016-05-30 21:36
Fuck Putin. Fuck Russia. And Fuck all the retarded Putin fanboys.
2016-05-30 21:46
The funniest thing in all this "propaganda" that russians never made any tv-channel who spreads russia propaganda. Russia made only 1 news company that speak non-russian language about 7 years ago and everybody gets mad. PROPAGANDA PROPAGANDA. LOOK! THEY LIE! THEY TELL US SOMETHING DIFFERENT! WE NEED TO FIGHT WITH THEM. There was anti-russian channel for so many years and nobody bats an eye. People dont give a fuck that NATO was made against Russia. Everyday people hear: "we need to stop Russia". To stop from what? Do we bombed somebody? Do we make colonies? We listened once to EU and US. It was about 20 years ago. You told us that you are friend and built more bases around us. When we were protesting against bombing Yugoslavia you told us to shut the fuck up. You are true friends
2016-05-30 21:47
Do we bombed somebody? Yes. Do we make colonies? Yes.
2016-05-30 21:50
2016-05-30 21:51
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
bombing and colonies? It reminds me USA.
2016-05-30 22:02
top lol You know what happened after WW2 when the french told the american soldiers to leave France? What happened when the czechs and hungarians asked soviet soldiers to leave their countries?
2016-05-30 22:31
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
you know what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001? and please don't tell us about this "terrorist" attack in ny
2016-05-31 11:28
fucking hard brainwashed.
2016-05-30 22:11
Sweden PPH 
Mm the smell of Murica
2016-05-30 22:24
Russia has very good media, just like china.
2016-05-31 19:57
Coming from brit, lmao. BBC is no better.
2016-06-01 12:31
Press freedom index.
2016-06-01 12:44
mrhui | 
Bulgaria squezzi 
Yesterday, on a bulgarian pro-russian TV channel, they were broadcasting Putin's arrival at Mount Athos(Greece, holy place for the orthodox christians) and they were translating it from russian to bulgarian. "Vladimir Putin, the holy leader of the Orthodox people, the only saviour to the Christian religion. Oh come on, if u dont call this propaganda
2016-05-30 22:04
its kinda right since europe will get muslim in a very short time thanks to germany. so to be exact they're right.
2016-05-30 22:06
mrhui | 
Bulgaria squezzi 
man, come on, europe is full of muslims even before that syrian war. Who cares about a million more? Europe is 670 million. And u should feel proud, u are historically the first country inhabited by muslims in Europe.
2016-05-30 22:14
a million more? it's not about the ones that come. i know it sounds like a racist but just think logical. 50 years ago also not that much turkish people immigrated to germany. look now. berlin = little istanbul köln = always turkish and also, immigration in general is not a problem. the problem come when they can't integrate in the new culture and force others to live their own culture. and the last part... wow man.
2016-05-30 22:19
mrhui | 
Bulgaria squezzi 
It is like that everywhere, even in Russia.
2016-05-30 22:26
nah cuz russia wouldnt open the borders cuz usa said so. or tell me once in history that countries opened the countries for immigrants without them having to request for asylum. like wtf.
2016-05-30 22:28
We dont have muslim imigrants. Muslims live on their land. Same for others. And they have their own language and rules only on their land not in whole Russia
2016-05-31 07:52
Dude I can tell whats propaganda or not. But 1 think I like about RT is that their journalists sometimes talk about how the russian govt wants to push propaganda through them and they don't get fired or anything,unlike here in cnn,msnbc,etc where they get fucked if they speak out of tone. They don't even have to fire them they just pay our journalists huge sums of money that they cant deny. Like millions and millions. And basically buy them to spread lies.
2016-05-30 22:31
+1 not saying that medias like RT doesn't "manipulate" at all. that's pretty normal for every media since the media is the most important thing for politics. but the brainwash media we have (western europe, usa) is simply way above normal.
2016-05-30 22:42
Russia telosll 
da poh vashe =) he every time hate all , look in this site ,always hate & cry
2016-05-31 11:31
sometimes I wonder if Russia really is that bad then I remember what my Hungarian maths professor told me about growing up under Soviet rule And my Uzbek barber And my Belarussian coworker They all seem to agree on at least that one thing... Russia's government does in fact suck
2016-05-31 11:44
The USSR wasnt just Russian though. The leadership was from all over the place. Also today's RF is quite different to the USSR, although I would say way worse.
2016-06-01 11:43
USSR's leadership was very Russian. Satellite states operated at the Kremlin's behest, regardless of which marionette the party had propped up in office. I agree with your second point, although I'd say Russia today is still much better than under most of their Soviet premiers
2016-06-01 11:59
How was it very Russian? Lenin was not ethnically Russian (quarter Swedish, quarter Jewish, quarter Asian) Stalin was both not ethnically Russian and also not even nationally Russian. He began learning the Russian language at the age of 9 in school. Brezhnev was Ukrainian. Also the satellites had more independence than now. Some Czech dude climbed on the president palace and took out the Czech flag and put his boxers there instead and the judge ruled it not being a crime and now some other Czech dude showed his ass at American soldiers and he is going to jail :DDD. Every company here was handed to Germans after 1989 and the laws are written in Brussels. Soviets just demanded everyone to keep socialism and except for that every country was independent. Also how is Russia much better? It can't be even viewed as a superpower anymore. They have no birth rates and lead the world in HIV growth and corruption :D Of course it could be worse, they could be Ukraine.
2016-06-01 12:11
ethnicity =/= nationality Obama is a gay muslim athiest communist fascist Kenyan (hehe eggs dee) but most people would still recognize that America's leadership is homegrown. On a more serious note, we've got Chinese Americans, Indian Americans, African Americans, Irish Americans, blah blah blah comprising our upper and lower houses of Congress. I think you get my point (although I will concede that US law does exclude non US-born citizens from the presidency) I can't really speak about the Czechs but Hungarians, Poles, and even Uzbeks (and particularly East Germans if you'll allow them) are far more autonomous now than when they were ruled by Soviets. In Soviet Hungary, your career would be stifled if 1. you were Jewish 2. You weren't a member of the party 3. Officials just didn't like you. I think Russians today are still better off because 1. Being a superpower is quite burdensome 2. low birth rates are common among many developed countries 3. Russian citizens have a freedom of movement that they did not enjoy during the Cold War
2016-06-01 12:17
Let's just agree to disagree then lol.
2016-06-01 12:25
we can agree that Obama is a gay muslim athiest communist fascist kenyan though, right?
2016-06-01 12:25
Come on that is ridiculous. ^^
2016-06-01 12:26
yesterday i was in san fransisco i ran into 2 belarusian people i ask them about their opinion on russia and they say "russia treated belarus very badly russia is bad" proof
2016-05-31 19:39
yesterday i was in san fransisco i ran into 2 belarusian people i ask them about their opinion on russia and they say "russia treated belarus very badly russia is bad" proof
2016-05-31 21:49
they are trying to create a new cold war, but we are not falling for that shit again.
2016-05-31 19:42
new cold war already began
2016-05-31 22:00
Spain Donra 
For those who thinks that propaganda doesn't exist: (In french, but you can easly undestand it ;))
2016-05-31 21:45
Putin is the powerfull blyat Don't mess with Putin OR Putin mess YOU.
2016-05-31 21:58
BBC, Brits are brainwasheD, but i wish them they accept BRETIX and make UK great again. GL
2016-05-31 21:59
meanwhile Merica is everywhere bombing and killing and Obama gets peace prize
2016-05-31 22:03
He got peace prize for removing murican soldiers from Iraq. Who cares if he bombed few countries after this? Its not propaganda if NY Times not callin it.
2016-06-01 10:19
2016-05-31 22:06
fuck off soviets
2016-05-31 22:08
2016-06-01 11:45 People ask why Russia is bad name in world. THis why!
2016-06-01 11:57
russia attacked lithuania in 1991
2016-06-01 12:31
United States ph3n0m3n 
and Ukraine in 2014 and Georgia in 2011 fucking retards
2016-06-01 12:51
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