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ESEA cheating
Russia Goodevening 
2016-05-31 12:18
flusha on esea smurf noob
2016-05-31 12:22
2017-03-13 08:21
yes , he is cheating edit : i tweeted to esea, they will probably ban him. =)
2016-05-31 12:31
2016-05-31 13:07
2016-05-31 13:10
Ecuador PartisanGrill 
There is no cheaters on ESEA >> This guy with Trigger-bot (auto shoot when cross-hair on target like Flusha) Still waiting for his ban, in Faceit is the same btw. MM > FACEIT,ESEA MM free!!!! Faceit free but just swedes and retards
2016-06-02 18:25
kevinS dead. dukii dead xenn dead
2016-06-11 16:15
Ecuador PartisanGrill 
nice try ESEA And that is because this post and people sharing everywhere, not because anti-cheat, that was MANUAL BAN
2016-06-13 17:40
"i tweeted to esea, they will probably ban him" I doubt they'll ban him because of your tweet. Almost everyone who's played against him knows he's cheating, and has posted on his guestbook then blocked him. There's been frequent threads on the forum too - but of course they quickly get deleted.
2016-05-31 13:12
they will watch the video , check his profile , seeing +10 rws in one month ( it s clearly not legit ). They wont let this guy cheating for sure
2016-05-31 13:15
they will not ban him just because of that you moron. ESEA wants to rely on their anticheat, and if that can't catch him cheating on their client, whos to say 10 other semi-pro/pro players using his cheat wont be caught?
2016-05-31 14:19
are you retarded ? He is obvious ...
2016-05-31 17:29
esea doesn't ban based on demos, they want to be able to detect his cheat with their AC first, and then a banwave will come.
2016-06-02 18:08
2017-03-13 08:38
kevins is ko1n, german cheat coder.
2016-05-31 12:23
Hes from russia so hes not aware of that kind of stuff xDDDD
2016-05-31 12:25
Russia Goodevening 
That just show that cheating in the pro scene is even more possible than some people are willing to admit
2016-05-31 12:25
Cheating in the pro scene is possible, but im pretty sure he is using a hardware cheat thats easy to spot irl ;)
2016-05-31 12:28
hes been coding cheats for a long time from what i remember, he is probably the most known cheat coder in csgo. thing is even if hes blatant as fuck, esea doesn't manually ban cheaters, they rely on their anticheat... lmao. this is his yt channel
2016-05-31 12:29
That is 100% cheating, no one can pull of those numbers so consistently...
2016-05-31 12:26
No-one but Dukii or Ayken you mean? Because those guys are just too good for normal - or even pro tier CS. In fact I hear ESEA is about to start a brand new league just for them! While I don't agree with the way he does it, ko1n clearly does this to prove a point. And that point helps show just how fucking bad the ESEA anticheat is when players like Dukii, Ayken, or their friends, cheat at about the same level even though they're fucking shit. These kids are so bad at CS, they don't even know when to stop cheating so that it looks legit. They're fucking brain dead. So even as an ESEA member I have few problems with ko1n cheating there. I hope he cheats his way right into Rank S and shows everyone how fucking ruined this game is - at EVERY level...
2016-05-31 12:53
hando, Ayken have been cheating on esea aswell, just not with aimbot, wallhack or any injected software(as far as I know anyways).
2016-05-31 13:01
I know mate, that was the point of the post... Ayken is cheating - blatantly as well. If you'e in any doubt just download some of his demos. He's a fucking silver without his cheats. Dukii is exactly the same. Just a low-skilled shitter, cheating in every match. His demos confirm it as well. In fact there are a few players near the top RWS score that are hilariously blatant. ESEA hasn't banned them because the ESEA anticheat is a fucking joke. It has full system access yet it's still bypassed by all of them. That's why I don't mind ko1n cheating. I would prefer it if he didn't and he was banned, but he does it to show how easy he can defeat their AC client. Something they actively censor on their forums - and elsewhere... Although knowing ESEA they'll probably manually ban him, then claim it was the AC that caught him. But they won't ban Ayken and Dukii. The game is a complete mess, from entry level through to pro. Such a pity that CS has finally reached this level of coverage and success, only to be completely undone by shitters and the disinterest of those running the show. More than a year ago I posted on HLTV that this would likely become the case, and now here we are. What a fucking Joke.
2016-05-31 13:07
I'm not so sure that dukii and ayken is cheating with injected software actually,they probably have in the past but on esea now I'm not so certain.
2016-05-31 13:36
They're cheating - watch the demos.
2016-05-31 13:48
I'm not going to watch the demos as demos are, for the most part(kevinS the exception), very unreliable.. I look like a cheater when I watch back my own demos quite often.
2016-05-31 13:52
Demos are not unreliable. Not if you know what you're looking at. In fact these days they're pretty much the only way to catch someone cheating. No AC client, not ESEA and especially not VAC, is going to do the job. Demo review is the only way - and the demos of lows like Ayken and Dukii are fucking blatant.
2016-05-31 14:16
2016-06-02 17:41
Well then I hope you have POV demos as GOTV makes every little twitch with your mouse look like aimlock.
2016-06-02 18:20
Idiot, or troll?
2016-06-02 19:17
ur kidding right both of them are extremely blatant....
2016-06-02 17:41
Finland STINDE 
dukiii is cheating..he is banned from FACEIT for cheating
2016-06-02 18:15
Dukii might be cheating but I've seen nothing suspect while playing with him. The Russian faggot chamond or whatever he calls himself is so fucking blatant, shooting on fake peeks and prefires through smoke and everything. So easy to see the Russian is cheating, if you meet him in an open field he suddenly looses his element of surprise and sucks so hard.
2016-06-02 18:19
I met him on deathmatch ffa and he fucking sucked dick like every german playing on anti-cheat secured server.
2017-03-13 08:43
he just lifts his mouse
2016-05-31 12:29
Germany JBLW 
its normal, this game is too ez for german. Jeder kann das schaffen.
2016-05-31 12:48
why even add ? and discuss. its trigger and aimbot. it was supposed to be blatant. its advertisement i guess.
2016-05-31 12:53
Lithuania FakeLithuania 
rip his pixels
2016-05-31 12:55
CIS decode458 
he aint gonna get VAC. only vac can ban his inventory, not esea anticheat system,
2016-05-31 13:00
I guess we are about to see a ban wave incoming on esea?
2016-05-31 12:56
Finland STINDE 
I arent think that..thats well coded cheat..very hard to detect
2016-05-31 13:05
rofl now we know why he started cheating. hes so fucking bad ahaha what makes me sad is all those skins, the confidence he has that VAC is shit lol
2016-05-31 12:58
This is just embarrassing tbh, it´s so blatant and I´m surprised that he has'nt been banned yet, I've played some less blatant, albeit blatant enough and they've been banned in the matter of hours after adding them to suspect list with link to demo.
2016-05-31 12:58
clean just ScreaM smurf
2016-05-31 12:59
Lithuania FakeLithuania 
It's just flusha smurfing in esea.
2016-05-31 13:01
Cheating in ESEA is impossible! See the same guy hitting the wrong key.
2016-05-31 13:03
Finland STINDE 
2016-05-31 13:05 shows how confident he is that he'll never get vac banned
2016-05-31 13:06
what a waste of skins it will be
2016-05-31 14:24
of course he won't get vacced with private hacks..
2016-06-02 17:10
cant get any more private cause he does them himself.......
2016-06-02 17:32
2016-06-02 18:06
lel vac is the biggest pile of shit there is. for 30 bucks u get a cheat that has been ud for more than 2 years. not to speak about hacks that cost several hundred bucks and are sold to like 5 people. vac xD
2016-06-02 17:34
yeah but if I would have an inventory worth >10000$ i would still live in fear
2016-06-13 17:40
pretty amaze how bad he is even with cheats after i saw that video. and he is not even tryng to hide the cheats lmao. not sure how he is not banned yet.
2016-05-31 13:16
simply because ESEA is not able to detect his cheat so far
2016-06-02 18:13
I played against him one week ago and he is the most blatan cheater i've ever seen. His aim sucks but in my opinion he has a radar hack or wh, maybe both. I have the demo if someone want to watch this piece of shit
2016-05-31 13:21
he has both, he is literally calling out the positions to his teammates all the time
2016-06-02 18:12
Germans lmaoooooooooo I think he figured out that if he gets ESEA banned he can still trade his items
2016-05-31 13:25
Rip skins
2016-05-31 13:36
100% cheating haha, the peeeerfect timing when to shot trough smoke every time lmao, not even trying to hide it with doing some random sprays in between to make it look more legit.
2016-05-31 13:50
jleh | 
Finland jleh 
it's one of the most known cheat coders in the scene (ko1n) proving a point that if you have the right software you can easily cheat on every platform online at least.
2016-05-31 14:16
nice ko1n best coder
2016-05-31 14:24
trust me no one is cheating if you dont trust not my problem
2016-06-02 17:01
send this to admin bro and trust he get ban directly
2016-06-02 17:07
World d3an 
stfu silvers, he is better than you'll ever be, ESEA best AC out there, nobody cheating man
2016-06-02 17:21
United States Pwelch 
Yes he's cheating its k01n
2016-06-02 17:28
thats a kevin, thats a problem :>
2016-06-02 17:37
lol ...ko1n cheating to prove a point arg
2016-06-02 17:42
lmao at that profile pic
2016-06-02 17:42
bestest AC world also the other videos on his channel are pretty impressive
2016-06-02 18:00
typical german fag dude
2016-06-02 18:08
nice skins
2016-06-02 18:10
trust me no one is cheating if you dont trust not my problem
2016-06-02 18:11
Finland STINDE 
Check out the fragmovie of an uprising german talent !
2016-06-02 18:13
trust me no one is cheating if you dont trust not my problem
2016-06-02 18:15
100% skill, no kappa
2016-06-02 18:20
Its pretty clear ESEA isn't detecting everything. The RWS champ for NA last month was a user named 'cool', who was outed as a hacker a while back. Even the ESEA community, which is typically brain-dead when it comes to this type of stuff, shuns him because they all know he's hacking. However, due to the AC not detecting his cheatzzz, ESEA takes no action.
2016-06-02 18:33
United States koth 
Esea knows he is cheating and is trying to figure out how he is bypassing their software because if they just manually ban him he can be back tomorrow. Also he would be able to distribute the cheat.
2016-06-02 19:27
Russia Goodevening 
They are banned now ;) and you are right, they were doing that
2016-06-13 17:51
esea is incompetent to protect their customers. dudes with hillarious stats playing for months just because they try to figure out something. their main job should be to protect honest players but allowing them to cheat along for months. I once reported a dude banned in feb 2016 on faceit, same steam id, he was able to cheat up into rank G, play alot of games and cheat honest players. if a dude is really suspicious they should freeze the account for forther investigation. it does not make any sense if they get banned weeks/months later. in the time between they cause alot of damage.
2017-03-13 08:10
+1, could not agree more.
2017-03-13 09:01
thank you sir.
2017-03-13 10:00
Finland tamaaas 
nice bump to a 9month old thread that's not even relevant
2017-03-13 10:04
Denmark vikT 
+1 waste of time
2017-03-13 10:09
That was ages ago. Even duckii (austrian hope) still played back then.
2017-03-13 10:07
Germany Bestgerman69 
Created 2016-05-31 12:18 by: smartruski
2017-03-13 10:11
Bring dich um
2017-03-13 12:50
bring kevinS back PLZ
2017-03-24 02:56
Germans suck a single cock (mine). 95% cheetahs.
2017-10-24 19:29
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