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azk is doing good in overwatch
Denmark asdfrofl 
2016-06-06 03:51
really? competitive overwatch is a thing already?
2016-06-06 03:53
It is gonna have a nice start but at the end it will be as dead as TF2s competitive scene
2016-06-06 05:57
well its a blizzard game not a VALVe one
2016-06-06 05:58
talking about its comepetitive scene dude
2016-06-06 06:00
game 100% will not be like tf2, blizzard will put actual support into it from the start.
2016-06-06 06:37
Australia f0nt 
Who watches heroes of the storm?
2016-06-06 06:00
Greece hekzy 
Who watches WoW arena?
2016-06-06 07:28
Dota 2? SeemsGood CS:GO? SeemsGood Heroes of the Storm? EleGiggle
2016-06-06 07:29
yh looks so boring
2016-06-06 09:02
- blizzard makes their games competitive (if we have tournaments, they will play our game). - valve let the community do it for them (if people play our game, we will make tournamets).
2016-06-06 06:33
marvelous document
2016-06-06 03:54
Portugal Cyborgy 
that game is only /faceroll
2016-06-06 03:55
Jordan LBJ 
Overwatch is retarded
2016-06-06 03:57
dafuq happened? all I see is colors
2016-06-06 04:05
watched the game boring af and cant even understand wtf was going on
2016-06-06 04:07
wrong forum dude
2016-06-06 04:16
WTF is going on in this video
2016-06-06 04:28
Japan enos 
can u help me with overwatch
2016-06-06 04:31
Game will be dead in less than a year
2016-06-06 05:58
i still don't know wtf is going on when i watch OW streams
2016-06-06 06:02
Idk whats all the hype about in this game? I think its crap. Any competitive shooter needs same character starting point and abilities. I think thats proven. Having different shit on different characters is just retarded. Yeah, might be good casual game, but doesnt deserve the competitive hype.
2016-06-06 06:30
f0rest | 
Germany Veray_ 
so you say dota, LoL and basically any other game except for CS isn't competetive
2016-06-06 07:03
Greece hekzy 
competitive SHOOTER
2016-06-06 07:29
He did specifically say any "competitive SHOOTER".
2016-06-06 07:36
Singapore Nephalith 
Why are people hating on Overwatch so much? If anything, we should celebrate it. The fps genre finally has legit competitors and this will definitely increase prize money for csgo. Tired of Gaben and Volvo for not investing enough money in their signature game.
2016-06-06 07:26
Because Overwatch isn't a legit competitor. It's a dumbed-down version of TF2 that will be dead in four months.
2016-06-06 07:31
The only real competitor that CS:GO has is ARMA2.
2016-06-06 07:39
The game just came out? How do you even tell if its a competitor or not? I think the game has been hyped out more than it deserves and it propably wont achieve remarkable competitive scene. Thats just what I think is going to happen.
2016-06-06 08:44
i cant tell if he did good or bad
2016-06-06 06:39
azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars
2016-06-06 07:25
Mactch fixing in overwatch too ? Kappa
2016-06-06 07:41
azk he is the north American player but the overwatch he is the blizzard stars
2016-06-06 07:43
azk he is the north American player but the overwatch he is the blizzard stars
2016-06-06 07:50
azk he is the north American player but the overwatch he is the blizzard stars
2016-06-06 07:53
No hats 2/10
2016-06-06 08:47
zehN | 
Finland ludiMacak 
AZK the french stars but the north americano playur
2016-06-06 08:47
azk he is the north american overwatch player but titan he is the disbanded stars
2016-06-06 08:57
CS players in overwatch EleGiggle
2016-06-06 09:00
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