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Yee_lmao1 Identity
United States chrisfps7 I don't remember where exactly he claimed that this was his Twitter account, but if it actually his Twitter account, then I think I know how he gets all of his information. This account has recently deleted all of their previous tweets, basically confirmed from the fact that the account follows @Tweet_Delete, which automatically deletes old tweets from a Twitter account. After the deleting of all previous/old tweets, the only tweets on the account are two retweets; one from seangares and one from Tarik talking about "yee_lmao1". Haci is sort of well known in the Runescape community because he's hacked players accounts before, most notably B0aty, who is the top Runescape streamer in the community. So if these two people are the same, then I guarantee you that he's done some malicious things to figure out what he's figured out. I'm not saying it's bad that he's informing us of these things, because everyone deserves a "Batman", but he might be hacking in order to find all of this information. TL;DR: If Yee_lmao1 = BigBoiHaci, then he could be hacking in order to find this information because Haci is sort of well known in the Runescape community as a notorious hacker.
2016-06-14 02:32
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United States Iskus 
2016-06-14 02:35
If either yee_lmao1 or BigBoiHaci confirm that they are the other, then there is a strong possibility that he's hacking to get his information.
2016-06-14 02:36
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
Who is this guy yee_lmao1 and why he is so revelant??
2016-06-14 02:55
He's leaked a lot of crazy things lately that would seem absurd at first, when there's no supporting evidence for the leaks. Oh, and the percentage of his leaks being correct is 100% right now.
2016-06-14 03:00
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
lol like what?
2016-06-14 03:08
All of the most recent leaks; s1mple coming back to TL for ECS & Major, koosta getting kicked for JDM, Pimp coming to TL after the Major, the whole LG & SK drama shit was also leaked from him. He also confirmed that in the beginning of July, the Brazilians will officially be under the SK organization unless the LG owner attempts to dispute it in court (where we will surely lose). Oh, and he also mentioned ~3 days before an update for CS:GO was about to come out that an update for the game was coming and it was going to include updates to a couple maps, citing Nuke and Cbble as two of the maps. I believe he also said that Olofmeister was going to be the one to return in Fnatic's lineup, but I'm not sure of that one. I might be missing a few, but those are the ones that I can remember.
2016-06-14 03:17
Canada ryxze 
2016-06-14 04:16
I wouldn't say he's a genius, just a good hacker or someone with insider info that felt like creating an alias. But I'm leading more towards the hacker alias because of some of the evidence I've collected.
2016-06-14 04:28
Japan enos 
what about all this yee lmao?
2016-06-14 03:02
its richard lewis
2016-06-14 02:37
Nah, I don't believe that.
2016-06-14 02:40
its keemstar, anddd he is gonna get roiiiit into the newwwzzzz
2016-06-14 02:48
into the nooooose
2016-06-14 03:26
Inb4 its tarik who has inside info on the trade and moves, and is greedy for 500 subs to reveal his own name and say it was just a prank bro.
2016-06-14 02:41
hahah, i like how you think
2016-06-14 02:43
How could Tarik possibly know about the most recent CS:GO update (the one that changed a few maps) roughly 3 days before the update was set to release? How could Tarik possibly know about the LG & SK drama? How could Tarik possibly know about s1mple going back to Team Liquid, with TL also signing Pimp? It isn't Tarik.
2016-06-14 02:43
Pros could have insider info on map changes, I'm pretty sure they use pro intel on changes but I could be wrong. And I'm pretty sure all pros are somewhat friendly towards each other and exchange information amongst themselves, especially roster moves, there have been plenty of moves that were called before they actually became public to us. Its not like you are at a disadvantage or an advantage if you talk about roster moves amongst yourselves in the pro scene. But I honestly don't think it is Tarik, it was just a prank bro, calm down. Its probably a ex IBP player or ex cheater or even someone who is a pretty good hacker that has hacked valve and some professional teams managers emails etc. My tinfoil hat is on and I'm trying to make sense of this as much as the next guy so forgive me if you don't like the way I'm trying to decipher this whole situation.
2016-06-14 02:50
Brazil lokodecrack 
every team in the major qualifier were warned before it starts that the game would have map updates but it wouldnt be played in the tournament
2016-06-14 03:01
You are correct, but the players weren't warned before Yee_lmao1 leaked the information.
2016-06-14 03:03
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
The info about LG&SK drama even some channels in Brazil (used to get info before the official announcement) said it a week ago (And even I posted it here a week ago).. this kind of informations can be ez caught for someone deep inside of the scene. But all of the things about hacks, it's just the power upping his head.. there's no way players cheat on lan.. If u knew Fnx, he's a bright player, but a perfect dumb person.. when he's streamming Fallen need to do EVERYTHING to him.. fix TS things, twitch, webcam.. he's completely useless with technology. (and the rest of LG is not too far of him).. This guys has no QI to fool all of the organization and cheat on the fucking major, it's just ridiculous. (I'm talking about LG bcuz I don't REALLY know the other players.. but I pretty sure that's 99,9% are like this)
2016-06-14 04:52
Well, it's really tough to consider what you say to be the truth right now considering how correct Yee_lmao1 has been. Regardless of any of this shit, it'd be a damn shame if Yee_lmao1 is correct. I don't want him to be correct, but he very well might be.
2016-06-14 05:01
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
It's just logic man.. just bcuz someone has 5(could be 10 or 20) informations about what ALREADY happened on the scene (but is not officially yet), doesn't mean he's the owner of the truth. ppl who REALLY REALLY think that's just one fucking way to use cheat on lan, is completely out of this world.. I have no words to describe how ridiculous it is.. Anyway.. just try to be resonable and think for urself
2016-06-14 05:09
Ofc there is a way to cheat on LAN. I'm Close to some coders and can guarantee you that there are many ways to hack on LAN. Just go on YouTube and search Project coca1n (from ko1n) for example.) ;)
2016-06-14 11:54
EDIT: Further confirmation that Yee_lmao1 either was given backdoor access to steamcloud or hacked into it in order to achieve backdoor access.
2016-06-14 02:41
Doesn't explain everything but it's a start
2016-06-14 02:44
It's pretty good evidence though, mate.
2016-06-14 02:48
Well, at the end of the day it's all hearsay. This: is also interesting. Supports your theory of someone hacking/being hacked.
2016-06-14 02:50
Yeah, this dude has done some pretty interesting things in the RS community (see my post #17) so that just further adds to the theory.
2016-06-14 02:56
love the drama <3 let's rape cheaters
2016-06-14 02:42
its The_Stig
2016-06-14 02:53
Lmao i remember this Haci guy constantly accusing the LG guys of cheating on twitter before,i guess this confirms it
2016-06-14 02:55
EDIT: This is the Runescape streamer I was referring to. I asked him to TL;DR me what Haci has done in the RS community, and that was his reply. A few viewers also told me that Haci DOX'd a few employees who work for Jagex (the company who owns Runescape) called J-Mods, or Jagex-Moderators.
2016-06-14 02:55
Ayyy, that was me. Damn, so there's the confirmation.. Going to ask him if he can confirm in anyway.
2016-06-14 02:59
i think his identity will remain.... unknown ;D
2016-06-14 02:55
he just said he's bigboihaci and the cheaters are certain, on paper. As certain as the roster changes he leaked.
2016-06-14 02:57
well i can tell that he's at least wrong about one thing as he seems to be trying to convince people that kqly used a public cheat
2016-06-14 03:08
how would you possibly know what kind of cheat kqly had?
2016-06-14 03:12
kqly, smn and sf all used supex0's cheat. supex0 even talked about it here on hltv
2016-06-14 03:19
I didn't follow the nitty gritty, but did he say that specifically kqly used his own private cheat? Either way, that doesn't mean he didn't use a public cheat earlier at some point.
2016-06-14 03:24
how can this dude be so convinced that shox or any other player is legit when they could use all sorts of other cheats that dont run through steam cloud? he might know some stuff, but hes definitely trying to make a show right here.
2016-06-14 03:31
let me rephrase: I didn't follow the nitty gritty, but did supex0 say that specifically kqly used supex0's own private cheat? Either way, that doesn't mean KQLY didn't use a public cheat earlier at some point.
2016-06-14 03:32
the whole thing was leaked by rizla in a series of blogs here on hltv like two years ago and the two of them were publicly throwing shit at each other.
2016-06-14 03:42
2016-06-14 03:02
allu | 
United States muffinner look at this dudes he said he was Haci
2016-06-14 03:08
That was me who asked him xD I also asked him if he could somehow confirm it but he's yet to respond to that.
2016-06-14 03:18
Finland f1nch 
If he's at all good at what he does, we can be assured that his identity won't be leaked. The only thing we can do is wait for him to release more info and possibly help him
2016-06-14 03:08
Well apparently RLewis knows who he is..
2016-06-14 03:19 whoever he is, apparently he's not this haci guy
2016-06-14 22:12
Yeah I follow RL on Twitter and saw that this morning.. not sure what to make of this information lol. Really sort of contradicts everything I've gathered.
2016-06-14 22:26
that "BigBoyHaci" kid is literally retarded confirmed by me
2016-06-14 03:09
haha runescape nerd
2016-06-14 03:10
Europe TriHard_8R 
probably the only thing that makes sense is him being a hacker
2016-06-14 03:11
That's what I was trying to confirm, and from his reddit AMA where I asked him if he was a notorious hacker from Runescape, he said "yes". Source:
2016-06-14 03:22
wow.. I was thinking the last cheat accusions are BS but now thinking that he might be a hacker makes things interesting. just imagine the possibility that might be true and those players are really cheating... rip csgo 2012-2016
2016-06-14 04:14
Nah, CS:GO will never be "rip" unless said players are automatically banned by VAC. In a world where everything Yee_lmao1 says is correct, Valve know that these players are cheating, but since CS:GO has recently just had its first big break on live television, they aren't going to manually do anything about it because of all the dough they're raking in. It sucks but that's a potential reality.
2016-06-14 04:30
Pretty sure he recently posted on several of the HLTV threads about Dukkii and his shit cunt low brigade being banned on ESEA.
2016-06-14 03:18
I think you're right too, I've read a few comments about the Dukkii situation, I just can't remember the user who posted the comments.
2016-06-14 03:20
Woah, that Blu beef is interesting.. Someone needs to create a yee_lmao1 megathread on Reddit lol.
2016-06-14 03:40
Literally no point. The mods there would delete it. Read some of the twitter conversations from last night and you'll see they were scurrying around like creatures, trying to identify who the user was so they could 'deal with it'. Of the threads that remain, any posts about reddit actively censoring content now appear minimized - even with multiple upvotes. That sub reddit is a fucking Valve PR broadcast.
2016-06-14 11:36
I know they would delete it, but it'd be nice to have all of the information consolidated so sharing the information would be easier. Just a small hope, of course; nothing that would be a reality :^)
2016-06-14 22:34
Not to change your topic but if you are at all familiar with esea, they had a sticky post about their anti cheat update which miraculously disappeared today. Even though the players they banned were cheating, I don't think their Anti cheat actually found them, most likely they were manual bans because they were all banned at different times roughly within 5-6 hours from each other. Conspiracy?
2016-06-14 03:36
I don't think it's a stretch to suggest that every AC, inluding ESEA, has lost the battle.
2016-06-14 03:39
Panama JJAU 
Yeah, CS to be cheatfree would need to be coded all back again without source... GG Yee_Lmao1 is right, pro's are cheaters and CSGO is a joke
2016-06-14 03:41
wouldn't change anything you obviously know fuckall about cheats and coding.
2016-06-14 22:36
welllll if we're looking at that - what would be the chances that that dude has something against the dukiii cheater squad, he has (confirmed!) access to a steamcloud exploit BLU knows who he is, so I'm guessing either someone close to ESEA or ESL, leaked the info to ESEA on the cheatersquad so they got banned..
2016-06-14 03:39
Regardless, my point was that in their forum sticky post, they clearly stated they don't do manual bans, but the bans all happened spread apart and not in a wave, which is odd to me. Then there have been accounts of the cheaters claiming to open lawsuits against esea, and now the post is miraculously taken down. I find that pretty odd, regardless if they cheat (which they probably do). They also claimed their anticheat has mad amazing leaps as far as catching cheaters, but if that was all BS and they manually banned those players, it raises red flags.
2016-06-14 03:47
United States ViKaLiBuR 
It's Gaben. He got bored and decided to put us on a wild goose chase! SiEGED | CSGO Genius
2016-06-14 04:18
France OtelloO 
He's the hero CS deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Yee Lmao1 ! RISE FOR YEE_LMAO1
2016-06-14 04:18
he also forgot to unfollow people that have some sort of relevance to RuneScape.
2016-06-14 04:37
Yep. He still follows, or recently unfollowed I haven't checked, streamers like B0aty and AOAATube.
2016-06-14 04:38
he is also following ko1N on twitter. damn.
2016-06-14 04:43
HLTV confirmed.. :^)
2016-06-14 04:58
It's either esl refferee graham pitt or some pro player or old pro player that still knows alot about the pro community
2016-06-14 11:46
Rlewis follows him too...really interesting
2016-06-14 11:47
He's the hero CS deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Yee Lmao1 ! RISE FOR YEE_LMAO1
2016-06-14 11:57
So he said he already stated who cheated but i can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have the screenshot of what he said ? The cheater list
2016-06-14 21:38
thats just his personal list he pulled out from his ass you can make one I can make one
2016-06-14 22:06
Hahaha, there has to be a good reason for him to take his sayings back he totally said them and can not undo what he already did.
2016-06-14 21:53
it does seem weird that he'd say shit like that and then nullify any significance to his accusations, yeah.
2016-06-14 22:02
apart from the fact that we already knew all those people have been cheating anyway who cares
2016-06-14 21:59
stating your opinion as fact and saying 'we' as if everyone believes what you do classy
2016-06-14 22:03
Did you not read the second link you posted? Maybe what he means by, "Everything else (hacks/cheats) was done by a butthurt kid", is that someone got a hold of his reddit & Twitter accounts and posted that information? That would make sense because he also deleted his previous tweets, again.
2016-06-14 22:31
I was asking a question, not stating a point. but you've sort of answered my question.
2016-06-14 23:00
i will be happy if his adress get leaked out, just for fun
2016-06-14 22:05
Or it could be steel
2016-06-14 22:09
Definitely not steel.. lmfao
2016-06-14 22:32
I still don't give a shit. Some autistic kid makes an imaginary list and whole community starts debating whether it's legit or not. LMFAO
2016-06-14 22:40
nitr0 | 
Netherlands TTHump 
2017-02-08 15:27
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