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2016-06-15 22:54
Chill bro. It's only Albania. I think Bugettes will get fu**ed by any better team like Germany, Poland etc.
2016-06-15 23:12
poland xd
2016-06-15 23:14
Poland is actually great team. They have worldclass players: Lewandowski, Milik, Glik, Piszczek, Szczesny. Also rest plays well (19yo Kapustka).
2016-06-15 23:16
typical polack xd
2016-06-15 23:17
France bouni45 
2016-06-15 23:19
poland > sweden feelsbadman
2016-06-16 11:39
France bouni45 
yep i know but baguettes easy win poland dude
2016-06-16 18:48
China is a great team too ... With almost no good players
2016-06-16 00:36
cant tell if sarcasm
2016-06-15 23:25
World Class Milik, Glik, Piszczek, Szczesny Pick one. Lewandowski is world class thats it. Milik etc are just decent players.
2016-06-15 23:25
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Milik is UNIVERSE class my friend. That's what happens when you play with AFC AJAX. Cruijff Van Basten Bergkamp Sneijder Ibrahimovic All UNIVERSE class players, all from AFC AJAX. Yes, world, you are welcome for our UNIVERSE class players.
2016-06-17 13:05
LOL when the dude hides his flag but you know he is a polak.
2016-06-15 23:33
LOL when the dude show his flag as France but you know he is black imigrant from Africa
2016-06-16 11:52
Nope, I'm a white French, with German roots.
2016-06-16 17:00
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
NBK, is that you?
2016-06-17 13:06
Yes, hello.
2016-06-17 17:16
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Oh, hi! You are a really, really bad player. You suck.
2016-06-17 17:18
milik? world class?
2016-06-16 12:34
France bouni45 
i think he was drunk when he wrote that, even krychowiak is better
2016-06-16 18:48
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Milik is UNIVERSE class my friend. That's what happens when you play with AFC AJAX. Cruijff Van Basten Bergkamp Sneijder Ibrahimovic All UNIVERSE class players, all from AFC AJAX. Yes, world, you are welcome for our UNIVERSE class players.
2016-06-17 13:07
2016-06-17 13:34
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
R U MAD? CUZ IM NOT! Are you actually claiming Cruijff wasn't a UNIVERSE player?
2016-06-17 17:17
he lives in toilet dont worry
2016-06-15 23:16
huh stereotypes, turn on your brain dude and think by your own. it wont hurt you i swear
2016-06-15 23:21
you will soon drown in toilet np np
2016-06-15 23:21
IQ lower than number of shots made by Sweden against Ireland.
2016-06-15 23:23
ty vm
2016-06-15 23:25
2016-06-15 23:38
poorlack actually rekt the swede...
2016-06-15 23:38
2016-06-15 23:55
Denmark xxxGODtacion 
okay, calculated.
2016-06-16 00:03
2016-06-16 00:23
thats the boi
2016-06-17 21:10
France Snoup 
dude , Poland is better than France atm, we are soooooo bad its not even funny
2016-06-15 23:18
you cant judge like that tbh. Almost all games end 1-0,2-0,1-1. We will see in the 1/8 who is good and who isnt.
2016-06-15 23:20
Slovakia DLG Inspire 
But you can see it on the matches lel
2016-06-15 23:23
TLDR: Nobody is good.
2016-06-15 23:24
i watch all game from France, and few month ago they play so much better, i judge like that, atm we are bad well see in 1/8 yeah
2016-06-15 23:26
Spain Ayrr 
Wut?, score isn't everything lol, look at the statistics and you can pretty much see who has been more dominant during the tournament so far. 1/8 will be most likely like a group stage phase, full of unbalanced games, a strong team facing a weak one. Exception of a few games ofc. 1/4 is the real deal.
2016-06-15 23:35
The first 45min was terrible, Martial was a ghost, Matuidi was terrible and we didn't find Giroud.
2016-06-15 23:42
he was taking some selfies with fangirl Kappa
2016-06-16 01:13
But score is everything. Look at atletico, getting dominated from bayern and barca in ucl and still somehow managed to get trough.
2016-06-15 23:55
He's right tho, i think Poland would have a great chance of winning against France!
2016-06-15 23:31
Poland < Croatia
2016-06-15 23:58
i hope we will face you in 1/8. better prepare your black hole
2016-06-16 00:01
lel u even sure u can qualify this far? Still, point is Croatia is the best eastern team in this euro.
2016-06-16 00:06
croatia is balkan/south europe country. better go back to school m9
2016-06-16 00:07
lel dat bait. yet croatia> poorland
2016-06-16 00:21
wtf are u want. your ass will be fucked with no lube by any of the teams managed to play in the next phase
2016-06-16 00:23
tbh, this euro is lame atm. nowadays ain't no amazing team except Spain pretty much imo, better go back to the old 80/90s or 2000s period, when Brazil or Netherlands would rekt any other team, or with godlike mildfielders like Sneijder/Seedorf, Zidane or Pirlo. That was sexy af. Yet, croatia > poland lel
2016-06-16 00:55
prepare ur ass i said
2016-06-16 23:21
lel wtf u will lose against shitkrania u dumbfuck.
2016-06-17 01:29
nt goat fucker
2016-06-17 12:54
>Old euros >Brazil He´s right, you should go back to school.
2016-06-17 13:13
lel youre wrong af. dat brazil with Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, R Carlos, Cafu was a godlike team such as Netherlands or Italy back in the days.
2016-06-17 13:38
DUDE ARE YOU RETARDED? BRAZIL DID NOT PLAY IN THE EUROS! You need both geogrophy and english lessons.
2016-06-17 13:55
Are u dumb as shit? Previously I was talking about godlike teams in the 80/90/00s from accross the world. Did i say brazil played in the euro or germany in the copa? Youre full of shit
2016-06-17 14:28
you said the euros are lame and were better when Brazil were good. Dipshit
2016-06-17 18:10
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Spain amazing? Ahahahaxaxaxa))) No.
2016-06-17 17:21
Iniesta > all They were godlike with Xavi
2016-06-17 21:08
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
> this euro is lame atm > They were godlike with Xavi np np my fred, they used to be amazing. Like Holland used to be amazing. And France used to be amazing. Now, no one is amazing. But a lot of countries have quality players.
2016-06-18 00:46
lel we still there, where is poorland? i like it when u rage 1 year later and u still wrong m8
2016-07-05 20:48
croatia > poland > france how about that?
2016-06-16 00:34
croatia >/= france > poland
2016-06-16 00:44
hahaha, niggers can't win this title for you
2016-06-17 12:55
spain still > all, get over it fucktard.
2016-06-17 13:40
hahaha, forza italia you shithead
2016-06-17 20:43
wtf the mafia has to do with this?
2016-06-17 21:06
u mean italia is ur fav? they got a dem good defence but no strikers/midfielders
2016-06-17 21:07
what up now faggot
2016-06-28 00:54
what up? italia and poorland got rekt kek
2016-07-05 20:49
Wtf, you piece of shit. Where have you been when your Spain and Croatia went home in 1/8. Poland played vs Portugal in 1/4 and didn't lose. Penalty kicks are always a lottery so calling it ''got rekt'' is just a testimony of your stupidity. Italy didn't lose too. Your shit 'African Republic' team will be raped by Germany's blitzkrieg like back to 1940s. You are typical dishonourable french peasant.
2016-07-05 22:04
u so mad bro, i love it. Keep on justifying yourself, French african republic are in semi, your 3rd world country iz off kek. Aint no randomness in penalty kicks, it's more like a mind game and aboutwho gonna mentally fall nt but you just show you r a damn silver in football. No matter how the fuck you try to write me how good is your country, point is Poland got rekt. Also ur mom is possibly your sister but evreyone knows that now kek whos dumb now u r so full of shit i lov it
2016-07-06 00:01
nice london ahmed the bomber
2016-07-06 10:21
hows it to get arsefuckd u luvd it when you get fucked by portugayse you lovd it so much u went back in 3rd world with a trophie full of portuguese sperm kek
2016-07-06 11:07
go fuck you goat
2016-07-06 11:07
sup dawg? :DDD our niggas beat the hell outta the germanazi. got a problem with dat? we kill dem all, go clean my toilets & eat my brown turd motherfcker poorshitland
2016-07-08 01:24
nt 12 y/o virgin
2016-07-08 11:07
^ clappin ovation for dat line.
2016-07-08 12:21
France SiiC 
southeastern but still eastern , what did they teach u at school it was at southwest from France ?
2016-06-16 00:26
yes, and it's central too. gtfo
2016-06-16 00:30
France SiiC 
the only central thing at ur school is to show u where are Western and Northern toilets to clean
2016-06-16 01:14
gtfo u can't even see a difference between east and south
2016-06-16 23:20
France Tornnat90 
2016-07-08 01:30
freddieb | 
Sweden carvin 
2016-06-15 23:20
Braggin' about a victory over the freaking Albania. LOL
2016-06-15 23:39
Russia goodjob 
LEGEND EleGiggle 29 year old noname player who has been good for like 3 years and now he scored couple of goals against shitty teams and hes a legend..
2016-06-16 00:00
He is the best player of the competition atm..
2016-06-16 00:03
2016-06-16 00:06
What the fuck did I just read? Do you really think Payet is better than Iniesta ? Come on man, be honest...
2016-06-16 00:18
Just learn not gonna arg lol
2016-06-16 00:23
You can't argue about that. Who the hell is Payet ?
2016-06-16 00:27
Some filthy muslim nonamer who's been the best player at the euro so far. I don't like it either but it's still true. Obviously he's not better than Iniesta ROFL or a "legend" or even close to the top50 players at this tournament, but his performance has been the best. This always happens in every tournament, they're having a good month and go off, remember James in 2014? Played like a madman, what has he done since?
2016-06-16 01:11
Russia goodjob 
hes just playing for one of the best clubs in the world.. and won Champions League..yes this season was rough for him, but look what hes doing at Copa now while being injured.. and in 78 games for Real he scored 25 goals and dished out 30 assists... not bad
2016-06-16 11:29
Obviously he's not but bad, but what I'm saying is. He overperformed at the world cup.
2016-06-16 12:28
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
yes , payet is easily better than iniesta who lost a lot of skill 3 years ago
2016-06-16 12:03
Russia goodjob 
nice joke.. Iniesta is still better than Payet and its not even close
2016-06-16 12:08
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
thanks for the good laugh have a good day sir
2016-06-16 13:30
Russia goodjob 
im laughing so hard cause clearly you have no idea about football
2016-06-16 14:41
2016-06-16 14:43
Iniesta La siesta, sick zombie
2016-06-17 13:42
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
he's not a legend but his level since 1 year is unreal man in top 10 world offensive players ez
2016-06-16 12:02
Russia goodjob 
top10? maybe top10 in EPL, but definetely not top10 in the world..
2016-06-16 12:09
+1 ez
2016-06-16 00:08
ez fantasy team points
2016-06-16 01:12
2016-06-16 11:59
payet is like 87 on osm so he is good
2016-06-17 13:00
Sweden lagcats 
I remember this number, oh yeah! Fnatic vs LG 16-0 >-<
2016-07-08 01:26
Russia Future1 
-EnVy,-G2, minus on catwalk
2016-07-08 01:41
he was so bad today
2016-07-08 01:42
ikr, but at least we r in final. hope this will be an epic match
2016-07-08 01:48
Vs Portugal. ...even Albania can win
2016-07-08 12:25
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