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Finland hockeyboy 
So it's time for yearly tv series thread What are you people watchin? Suggest some good shit my dogs
2016-06-16 02:05
Sons of Anarchy, Narcos, Game of Thrones, House of Cards Just the last stuff I've watched, looking for a new one tho
2016-06-16 02:07
Peaky blinders?
2016-06-16 02:08
Lol dude, I have never heared of that one! Just checked out a trailer and some background information, it sounds pretty interesting. Might be silly because its already so late but I'm going to start the first episode right now :D Thank you for that suggestion
2016-06-16 02:11
I've missed that one. Not my typical kind of show but I like Cilian Murphy so I'll give it a try! Many Thanks!
2016-06-16 02:14
Denmark RandomDane 
What kind are you interested in? Maybe The Arrow, The Flash etc? :p
2016-06-16 02:12
I'm checking out Peaky blinders now :p Anyways I like Drama
2016-06-16 02:13
Denmark RandomDane 
Ah okay, then im lost. :D I might start on Game of Thrones tomorrow or smth. :P
2016-06-16 02:14
Have you watched Battlestar Galactica?
2016-06-16 02:14
No sir
2016-06-16 02:16
I recommend it, I missed it and I usually don't like space adventures. Watch the miniseries (not as good) and then the 4 seasons, if you plan to watch it.
2016-06-16 02:17
I just wrote a notice on my phone for it. It's on my to do list now, thank you for the suggestion :)
2016-06-16 02:21
I've watched EVERYTHING that I find good already... I found a show yesterday called ''The last ship''. I'm a few episodes in and it's ok for passing time if you can endure all the American flag-waving.
2016-06-16 02:10
holy fuck are you me
2016-06-16 14:03
+1 the last ship is underrated
2016-06-16 14:07
Oz is another show you might've missed if you were born around my time. Really, really good prison series. It took me a few episodes to get hooked and today it's in my top 10.
2016-06-16 02:21
Bosnia and Herzegovina dzile 
2016-06-16 02:22
the flash suits arrow until season 2... prison break narcos breaking bad the walking dead better call saul those are all the ones i've seen that are good, nothing good this year so far
2016-06-16 02:24
The Sopranos Sons of Anarchy Prison Break Lost The Wire Band of Brothers Pacific Dexter The O.C. Dr House Breaking Bad Sherlock Entourage Californication Boardwalk Empire Heroes Heroes Reborn Game of Thrones Grimm The Walking Dead Arrow Supernatural True Blood True Detective Homeland The Last Man on Earth Limitless The Strain Billions Gomorra Preacher Outcast The Americans Wayward Pines Banshee Silicon Valley Kingdom Strike Back Vikings The Last kingdom Hannibal Marvel's Daredevil Narcos Jessica Jones Halt and Catch Fire The Knick Better Call Saul The 100 You're the Worst The Leftovers Mr. Robot Justified Fargo Turn Shameless Southland Powers
2016-06-16 02:26
2016-06-16 02:28
If you haven't already watch silicon valley.
2016-06-16 02:30
shameless bump
2016-06-16 14:01
2016-06-16 14:05
2016-06-16 14:07
The Originals TWD GoT Arrow Flash Prison Break Lucifer Heroes 4400 Suits Spartacus Supernatural Breaking Bad Better call saul TVD Person of interest The last ship Revolution Lost Thats like 50% of my list lol
2016-06-17 02:01
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