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apologies for this mouse thread
India fRoG <3 n0thing 
Guys i have serious problem choosing steelseries IKARI and logitech G400....plz help me...which is better for i have slightly large hand....and mouse shouldn't have accelerations.... Apologies for making this type of thread Hope can find some answers THANKS IN ADVANCE
2012-03-15 17:36
You are forgiven. Read the OP, post #3 and post #10.
2012-03-15 17:37
sorry,forgot to mention in the main post I have Razer DA 3.5G 3500DPI currently,I dont like the mouse much bcos of its shape(Doesn't feel like playing with it).....How much dpi should i put it to have no acceleration problems,i've read somewhere in some news that setting dpi to highest value will have some problems..Not sure though
2012-03-15 17:53
450 dpi is the settings most pro players use, and for no acceleration use markc fix
2012-03-15 19:34
I'm using G400 and like to say that its the best mouse available with the Lowest MRP as compared to other mice. Its gripping is same as mx518 and logitech had improved a lot from its previous version. :D ..... I'll suggest g400 (rather than buying ikari)
2012-03-15 18:36
United States J R 
G400=arguably the best mouse today.
2012-03-15 18:51
Mionix Naos 3200 man. Rarely heard but it's surprisingly good :)
2012-03-15 18:53
I guss ill. Go for g400 thnx guyz
2012-03-16 06:15
Congratulations for buying one of the best mice ever... you won't regret :)
2012-03-16 16:19
truely said :D
2012-03-18 08:22
fo sho!
2012-03-18 09:51
100 % LOGITECH g400. Its best mouse ever. Like mx518, 510 and 500 :) or zowie
2012-03-18 09:51
dsn | 
India sRik 
G400 fosh0 Ikari is delicate shit.
2012-03-18 10:43
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