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3-2 GG Hungary BB Portugal ... SO BEAUTIFUL GOAL (for Hungary) (when he went celebrate the goal he falled xd)
2016-06-22 19:13
Ksharp | 
North America ewrex-rp 
nobody gives a fuck
2016-06-22 19:14
You're in the minority actually
2016-06-22 19:16
Ksharp | 
North America ewrex-rp 
csgo =/= soccer
2016-06-22 19:16
Yeah he put it in the wrong section, but it doesn't matter. It's not like CS is the only thing talked about on this site.
2016-06-22 19:18
soccer? we spotted the transexual american emo
2016-06-22 19:25
england? we spotted a yellow tooth crumpet eater. suck a dick prince diana
2016-06-22 19:26
NA in football? i arent think that NA in CSGO? i arent think that
2016-06-22 19:27
NA in almost every other sport besides "football" > NA in CSGO > UK what's your point little wanker
2016-06-22 19:29
UK scene > NA scene are you blind or not up to date with the scene?
2016-06-22 19:30
2016-06-22 19:31
obviously troll reported cya next week
2016-06-22 19:32
i can see the plaque on your teeth has slowly seeped into your gums and then to your brain.
2016-06-22 19:33
bad bait cya next week
2016-06-22 19:34
2016-06-22 19:35
cya next week wannabe brit
2016-06-22 19:36
go cry on tumblr
2016-06-22 19:27
It wasn't that beautiful haha, it was touched by the defender. But nevertheless. Portugal going home. I have an erection right now
2016-06-22 19:16
I stopped watching after losing all my money on Portugal vs Austria.
2016-06-22 19:19
its 3-3 now
2016-06-22 19:22
oddshot or didn't happen
2016-06-22 19:43
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