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2016-06-27 04:09
shoxie is a well known cheater like fallen and flusha and kjaerbye
2016-06-27 04:12
Hopefully pro players start spinbotting soon, its already been proved that blatant cheating won't result in any demo review bans so I'm not sure what valve would even do about it.
2016-06-27 04:13
are u kidding me shoxie
2016-06-27 04:15
Russia razorVJ 
This shit's got way too far. Valve has to do something.
2016-06-27 04:15
It was already way too far when they didn't ban flusha. That cunt was as blatant as it gets. It's no wonder other pro players are now doing the same when he's been cheating legit players out of victories for literally years. As I said on this site more than eighteen months ago, if Valve don't act then it would force others to do the same until it became so blatant the entire fucking scene was rotten to the core. Fuck Valve, and their greed. It's ruined the fucking game.
2016-06-27 04:26
right not the cheaters themselves, nor the private cheat coders don't get me wrong, valve also bears some responsibility because they know VAC is quite ineffective yet they don't care. but to say valve alone has 'ruined the game' is fucking ignorant
2016-06-27 04:32
There is not a doubt in my mind that when flusha was exposed, Valve could have taken steps to prevent it from continuing. They chose not to - and to my mind that decision was taken in order to protect their profit. So no, it's not at all ignorant to suggest Valve 'ruined the game'. The very fact it has since expanded from blatant shitters like flusha - (who anyone with a history in the CS scene would tell you was suspected of cheating long before he ever joined fnatic), shows other players had simply had enough. Who wants to practice for ten to twelve hours a day just to be cheated out of a victory by some scrub cunt?
2016-06-27 04:44
Germany Bennime 
2016-06-27 04:22
so because he swipes his mouse and he happens to mouse over someone, he's cheating.. LOL okay mate
2016-06-27 04:43
i did this like 3 times on a MM game , i was only seeing my demo to improve and noticed it. so it is just coincidence
2016-06-27 04:54
shox is 100% CLEAN not cheat, this is a witchcunt
2016-06-27 04:44
how much?
2016-06-27 04:48
calling someone a blatant cheater without 100% proof is idiotic. you see him locking on to someones head and instantly think he is cheating. unless we see his monitor/POV (if someone records it) and he cheats, there is no proof at all.
2016-06-27 04:51
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