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Greenland NoHatePlz 
plz joe hart so bad idiot coach putting best player on bench until 85 min cs => no scene football => no scene cry me a river
2016-06-28 10:06
iceland to good my friend not england bad
2016-06-28 10:07
iceland good but england very bad sorry
2016-06-28 10:07
too stronk
2016-06-28 10:21
World eyup 
Iceland were dominated just had 2 counter attacks and scored. Iceland no good
2016-06-28 10:48
dominated??? iceland had 3-4 really good chances to score more than just two goals
2016-06-28 10:53
England so baad ahahahha. Iceland top 1 WE ARE FRIENDLY , WE ARE VIKING , WE REKT ENGLAND , WE ARE FROM GODLAND
2016-06-28 10:08
yaaaaaay nordic bros
2016-06-28 10:11
Hodgson is an idiot,right. But they are not team,they are single stars.
2016-06-28 10:09
yes he is but don't talk about stars, pls cause they are not even close to be, such a low level. Some are good, maybe one or two are stars but not all of them
2016-06-28 10:13
football underskilled & overpaid CS underskilled & overpaid
2016-06-28 10:15
Amerifats underskilled & overpaid
2016-06-28 10:16
that's rich coming from an Ebola flagger
2016-06-28 10:17
ebola flagger? Greenland is probably the last country that will ever get ebola.
2016-06-28 10:27
Ahahah, n1 m8.
2016-06-28 10:51
France rpai 
You forgot rugby => no scene Kappa123
2016-06-28 10:21
cs : greenland scene = england scene football : greenland scene > england scene cause we didn't get humiliated greenland > england
2016-06-28 10:23
France rpai 
2016-06-28 10:25
Their players arent key players in ANY team. Rooney used to be, but he is shit atm. In no team is a UK player a star.
2016-06-28 10:27
this but rashford is really good stupid coach put him on the bench
2016-06-28 10:29
He didnt do too well against Finland. Also he is a kid, I cant believe how bad Rooney was.
2016-06-28 10:30
every time he came in, he was good for the team and when you play against a team that defend very low on the pitch, you have to use players that can break an ankle on the wing so it can create space
2016-06-28 10:34
2016-06-28 10:39
harry kane isn't a key player for spurs? sturridge isn't a key player for liverpool? vardy isn't a key player for leicster? ali isn't a key player for spurs? barkley isn't a key player of everton? (even though he didn't play) gary cahill, chelsea captain, pretty key player. don't talk shit, or at least be able to back your argument, 3 of the players there have been in the top 3 scorers in the prem over the last 3 seasons. I'm not arguing England were good but your statement is pure bs. :)
2016-06-28 10:41
So you wanna say that key players in the best teams of the so called 'best' competition in the world, loose against Iceland? ...
2016-06-28 10:48
"I'm not arguing England were good but your statement is pure bs." once again, i was not saying that, but him saying none of them are key players in their respective club teams is utter bullshit.
2016-06-28 10:58
y true, but how do the best players of the best competition lose against Iceland?
2016-06-28 11:48
I mean top teams. Not tier 2 and 3.
2016-06-28 15:17
Luxembourg alex24 
2000 years of inbreeding (cuz nobody left on the island)
2016-06-28 10:41
shows how much you know about history.
2016-06-28 10:44
Luxembourg alex24 
rip englando btw: englands kings and queens were mostly cousins ahahahahaa From 1680 to 1840, the House of Hanover Married as Follows: •1682: King George I married his first cousin, Sophia Dorothea •1705: King George II married his third cousin, Caroline •1761: King George III married his second cousin, Charlotte •1795: King George IV married his first cousin, Caroline •1818: King William IV married his third cousin, Adelaide •1840: Queen Victoria married her first cousin, Albert, and the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha begins
2016-06-28 10:46
i'm not a royalist so i really couldn't give a fuck.
2016-06-28 10:52
Luxembourg alex24 
you just told me i "no" nothing about history :) now tell me, how much do you "no" about history kid ?
2016-06-28 10:53
you went on wikipedia and used copy and paste well done. for one 2000 years, yes lets take that literally so back to just after BC. also England is made up of descendants from other countries around europe, people moving to the island, they would be vikings, normans, saxons, celts.
2016-06-28 11:04
United States Vox_Lunae 
should have stayed in eu for stronger futbol team :')
2016-06-28 10:50
Denmark MQllerhjul 
<3 England Kappa
2016-06-28 10:54
United Kingdom LordTrickster 
We have too many foreign players in our league so we don't rely on our British players
2016-06-28 11:00
england leaves EU 2 times in one week LUL XDXD
2016-06-28 11:18
England is bad but... premier league :D
2016-06-28 11:20
not best league, and will be worst than jupiler with brexit byebye
2016-06-28 11:23
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