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Denmark needs help
Denmark AshGreNiNjA 
We need to change our location. We have Swedistan in North. We have Germanistan in South. We'll get invaded soon too. We need a boat for changing our location.
2016-06-30 14:22
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Vikings do not get invaded; they invade. Conquer them both you viking warrior! Or just go chill with your bros Icelend or sumthin.
2016-06-30 14:28
vikings doesnt exist anymore build a wall
2016-06-30 14:30
wtf do you know baguette
2016-06-30 14:31
vikings r rip build a wall if u dnot want arab
2016-06-30 14:33
Iceland is too cold to chill m8
2016-06-30 14:30
what do you mean too cold.... your from Denmark :D
2016-06-30 14:32
Iceland is colder dude
2016-06-30 14:32
its very 'chilly' over there sorry
2016-06-30 14:32
World runnr 
You're too stupid to build your own boat? And you want to be rescued? RiP you
2016-06-30 14:29
We need Nazi engineers pls help
2016-06-30 14:30
World runnr 
busy building bombs to get rid of the stupid people (Denmark)
2016-06-30 14:31
U mad germanazistan boi?
2016-06-30 14:31
yes I hate you
2016-06-30 14:32
We can accept u to our country if u are nazi engineer
2016-06-30 14:33
i'm imam and want to convert danish people to the true faith, can i come too?
2016-06-30 14:34
U can try
2016-06-30 14:35
if you don't accept me i will just come with my nazi muslim panzer
2016-06-30 14:36
Pls don't we're peaceful country m8
2016-06-30 14:39
that's good because we will bring religion of peace to denmark too!
2016-06-30 14:41
Other VladimirLucas 
im comin for that sweet danish pussy
2016-06-30 14:32
fuk off putin
2016-06-30 14:33
vnG | 
Denmark vnG 
This is singlehanded the weirdest topic ever on HLTV - and that says alot.
2016-06-30 14:32
Thanks that means a lot for me.
2016-06-30 14:40
Belgium KappaDoge 
i feel the same bro, only dark of brown skinned people everywhere Kappa
2016-06-30 14:38
U already got invaded m8, we still have a chance.
2016-06-30 14:41
Belgium KappaDoge 
where we going then?
2016-06-30 14:42
IDK near of Iceland seems good.
2016-06-30 14:44
Hmm...I don't think so xD
2016-06-30 14:52
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