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German Football.
mohamed | 
Sweden mohamed_gustavson 
They say they have the best team in the world. They say they 7-1 Brazil, etc etc etc. But why do they need African, Polish, Brazilian and Turkish players in their national team? Arent they the best? Whats there to be proud about. "We rich, we buy players from all around the world, we great. We are from Germany, but only half of our players are actually from Germany." I mean, I know Sweeden isnt the best football team around the world. But I just find silly germany being proud about their national team that isnt even national. Hitler would kill himself again if he was alive. Seriously. No hate. Only a fact I thought it was interesting to point.
2016-06-30 16:29
literally every swede in here is nickname mohamed
2016-06-30 16:31
Literally like two guys have that and they are probably not Swedish
2016-06-30 18:03
flusha | 
Norway Karll 
nt mohaMAD
2016-06-30 18:59
2016-06-30 19:15
Sorry for hijacking your comment Out of our usual formation we have three players with foreign descent Özil, half turkish, half german, he is born in Germany (Gelsenkrichen) Khedira, half tunisian, half german, he is born in Germany in a village near me named Öffingen Boateng, half from ghana, half german, born in Berlin now stfu
2016-06-30 19:22
Sweden crindz 
2, and they're both from poland. News at 11.
2016-06-30 19:29
Germany beelv 
they grew up here, they speak this language, they started playin football for an german amateur club, so its okay that they can choose for which nation they would like to play
2016-06-30 16:37
Asamoah? Kurany? Podolski? Boateng? Klose? I ARENT THINK THAT. Stop buying players from other nations. Arent the germans good enough?
2016-06-30 16:38
Germany beelv 
more dolaz, more bestest aimers - thats the world
2016-06-30 16:41
No, Madcuzswedistan carried by serbian ninja
2016-06-30 17:44
All of them grew up in Germany. Boateng was even born in Germany.
2016-06-30 16:47
read #68 above
2016-06-30 19:23
how about you google the history of klose & podolski and their origins and what country they came from etc... boateng ? u serious ? he couldnt be more German... being born in Berlin
2016-06-30 16:48
Both were born in Poland but for example Klose got a german father. And both already play football in GER since they 6/9
2016-06-30 16:52
Poland.. or former Germany
2016-06-30 16:55
His father is polish for sure
2016-06-30 17:42
Boateng mother is german i think...
2016-06-30 17:39
yes she is
2016-06-30 19:08
Podolski, Klose and Trochowski are born in Poland but they learn to play football in Germany... They were a little shit when they moved to Germany
2016-06-30 17:38
2016-06-30 18:53
Mario Goméz is half german/spanish i guess
2016-06-30 18:55
yeah and the guy above is trolling i think
2016-06-30 19:25
by that logic zlatan should play for bosnia
2016-06-30 19:08
Zlatan was born in Sweeden?
2016-06-30 19:27
boateng was born in germany.
2016-06-30 23:33
Germany JuaNiko_^ 
2016-06-30 19:15
Why would Hitler kill himself??? He wasnt a Racist Everyone who has German as their Mother Language is considered German. Germany itself as u know it didnt exist until the 1800
2016-06-30 16:44
"Why would Hitler kill himself??? He wasnt a Racist"
2016-06-30 17:59
Germany [99DMG] aasli 
hahaha, if ur family was spanish, brasilian etc you'd say no to play for spain? brasil? you'll rather play for sweden?:P was kinda dumb question if u ask me
2016-06-30 16:45
nt Zlatan
2016-06-30 16:46
Poland Alexkox 
Yeah give podoloski and klose back ohh wait to late xDDDDD
2016-06-30 16:50
klose=schlesien=occupied germany, podolski=schlesien=occupied germany
2016-06-30 18:49
2016-06-30 18:58
Germany PhoenixD!!! 
coming from the nation whos best player isnt swedish either lol
2016-06-30 17:00
It's the same in literally every other football team and sport. The only difference is that there are more or less immigrants depending on the country. By now, there is 2nd and 3rd generation that lives and was born in Germany. I know you're just trolling but oh well.
2016-06-30 17:04
how about zlatan LOL
2016-06-30 17:41
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ 
As long as people adapt to the German culture I am fine with them. When they adapt to German culture you can call the German. Its as easy as that. Not because someone was born here. When a pig is born in a horsestable it doesnt make the pig a horse.
2016-06-30 17:48
worthless bait thread. pls do us a favour and kill yourself
2016-06-30 17:51
Soon NiKo will be considered German as well.. Is this a new form of Anchluss?
2016-06-30 17:54
nice b8 m8 i r8 8/8
2016-06-30 18:53
"Ibrahimović was born in Sweden to a Muslim Bosniak father, Šefik Ibrahimović,[17] who emigrated to Sweden in 1977, and a Croatian Catholic mother of partial Albanian descent, Jurka Gravić,[18][19][20] who had also emigrated to Sweden, where they first met. His father was born in Bijeljina, Bosnia, and his mother was born in the village of Prkos near Škabrnja in Croatia's Zadar County.[21]"
2016-06-30 18:01
Ibrahimović was born in Sweden gg
2016-06-30 18:47
just like every german pleayer
2016-06-30 19:37
dayum son imagine croatian national team with Zlatan
2016-06-30 18:49
Zlatan would make it worse Stupid big nosed arrogant fucktard
2016-06-30 19:26
why are you questioning their ethnic origin? why are you considering them as "the others"? Even if they weren't born in Germany, they spent their whole life there sharing the language, culture and even the history. with your brilliant logic, Americans shouldn't be proud of their achievements as they are not American but English, French, Irish etc. home is where you feel home, which is where you belong to regardless of your origin, but I see you don't seem to understand this because of your comfort zone. Your thoughts aren't interesting.They are full of trash.
2016-06-30 18:24
Denmark qwedsa 
The reason Germany has the best national team in footbal is because of their educational system. When the kids attend school they are asked which sport they want to play. And that's the only sport they ever play in school + clubs. In Denmark as example you'll play anything, like hockey, ultimate, doing yoga and many other shit nobody needs and will never persuade in the future or be able to live of it. You say Germans take players from Poland, Africa, Brazil and Turkey.. ask yourself, why aren't these teams the best in the world, but Germany are? Because they know how to create talent.
2016-06-30 18:33
Yoga EleGiggle
2016-06-30 19:02
Well Germans are born into a passion for football, but it sisnt the only sport we get taught (i wish so) we have to deal with athletics, swimming, gymnastics and any ball game you can imagine
2016-06-30 19:27
Germany Chris Walker 
In German schools you also do all kinds of sports lol
2016-06-30 22:23
There were many polish sounding names in Nazi Germany's teams. It was really just the Jews that Germany didn't like. How many Jewish players are in the national team?
2016-06-30 18:37
nt rapefugee
2016-06-30 18:39
M8... don't go full retard.
2016-06-30 18:41
Poland, Turkey etc = Germany Its shit
2016-06-30 18:42
because they are germans they are germans because they born, raised, live in germany germany open minded modern country with many cultural backgrounds
2016-06-30 18:45
Asamoah wasnt born and raised in Germany. Kuranyi wasnt born and raised in Germany. Lots of other players I dont wanna google and search werent born and raised in Germany.
2016-06-30 19:00
Asamoah played and lived in Germany since he was 18. FIFA rules allowed him to represent Germany. Kuranyi's father is German, thus he's entitled to be treated as German citizen since birth.
2016-06-30 19:04
Then why do you complain when refugees come to your country? They can come at the age of 18 and become a true german citizen, just like Asamoah. I dont know why you complain about refugees.
2016-06-30 19:06
im not german
2016-06-30 19:11
Not Yet... You just have to go there, and live. Then you become a german. According to you.
2016-06-30 19:19
many people have done that, i personally prefer to stay at home
2016-06-30 19:19
Turkey Taylannnnn 
they can, i dont think anyone sane would object ANY immigrant who respects the countries culture and tradition and wants to represent them in sports
2016-06-30 19:59
asamoah and kuranyi shitty players who cares about them
2016-06-30 19:29
Germany JuaNiko_^ 
2016-06-30 19:15
they didnt buy the players, they were almost all born in germany. everyone in the german team speaks german fluently wtf is ur problem #ibracarry
2016-06-30 18:50
No... Podolski wanted to play for us, for Poland but people were to stupid to take him to national team. Now he is playing for Germany... sad ;/
2016-06-30 18:58
He's a cool guy, not arrogant etc
2016-06-30 19:14
Germany Trip1909 
Not sure if bait or just stupid..
2016-06-30 18:58
I'm not German football fan, but Germany did not arise today in football, it has won 4 world cups , what this Swedish half arabic idiot saying this is just expressing his envy..
2016-06-30 19:05
nt manoel
2016-06-30 19:06
i found your brothers now go explode something, you didn't understand anything about football, scum
2016-06-30 19:11
And you dont anything about english.. Go study some more, manoel.
2016-06-30 19:18
Why so mad? keep calm and Portugal will win for us <33
2016-06-30 19:28
Sure. I hate polska people. But there's only 1 Ronaldo. The Brazilian one.
2016-06-30 19:37
you mean fat fag Ronaldo? or Ronaldinho? I only know this xD
2016-06-30 19:53
Fat fag Ronaldo.
2016-06-30 19:59
2016-06-30 19:05
Turkey 1453 
dude you have 2 turkish players.jimmy durmaz and erkan shouldnt do this.
2016-06-30 19:13
Germany JuaNiko_^ 
nice b8
2016-06-30 19:14
what are u talking about u cant buy players for national team lmao :D
2016-06-30 19:27
Sweden crindz 
Buy players for your national team? I'm pretty sure they grew up in Germany, they speak german and are most likely very proud to be a part of Germany.
2016-06-30 19:36
the only german national players who didnt grow up in germany were cacau and neuville but its the same in countries like france england etc even some brazilian or argentinian players have german grandparents
2016-06-30 19:41
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
Your only decent player was Ibrahimovich. Wtf are you want
2016-06-30 20:02
They are all either born in germany or have german citizenship
2016-06-30 21:59
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