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Cologne no nametags
Poland tfg 
have you seen any nametag on a weapon during this major? did valve implement some anti-gambling-ads rule? :D
2016-07-07 18:23
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same as last major
2016-07-07 18:24
ah i see, thanks :D
2016-07-07 18:26
DEVIL have ad on his all weapons in inv (even during major) but you couldnt see it in game so probably yea
2016-07-07 18:25
Germany @gooby
Its always been like this for majors if I recall correctly, theres a command for it as well. No reaction to the recent skin gambling scandals, you can take your tinfoil hat off again
2016-07-07 18:25
No, it's been happening for 3 or 4 majors.
2016-07-07 18:27
I think it has been there since katowice2015 I remember someone from dignitas (astralis) had a nametag 'awww s*ex stripes' at dreamhack winter 2014
2016-07-07 18:29
there is a plugin that does following: -changes your ingame alias -changes your profile picture -removes nametags
2016-07-07 18:27
Ah :D That explains everything then! Thanks!
2016-07-07 18:29
Just because Zeus had a nametag on his karambit "Nigger killer v2" which is fcked up, but you can't expect much from Ukrainians/Russians
2016-07-07 18:31
what's wrong with his nametag? xD it's cool, at least he wasn't advertising any dumb gamlbling site :D
2016-07-07 18:32
No it's not advertising anything, you are right but c'mon you really think that's a solid nametag? no way
2016-07-07 18:34
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