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s1mple nOT leaving !!!!
Finland BileDani 
Every EU fan adding him to every team: to Fnatic, to Mousesports, to NaVi, to NiP.. Why would he leave to tier-2 EU teams when he is part of 2nd best team in the world right now ?
2016-07-10 14:54
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GeT_RiGhT | 
Latvia sasee 
Because the contract for Pimp is already signed, and he is officially part of liquid now
2016-07-10 14:55
Simple solution: So they kick Pimp and sign contract with s1mple Any EU team would be big setback for s1mple, but top2 American teams are on their own level compared to EUs..
2016-07-10 14:57
LOL they cant legally do that m8. Unless a team wants to buy out Pimp's contract from Liquid, but lets be honest i dont see any team doing that so early, without even seeing him play in Liquid for a while. So Simple not staying, because by the time, another top tier team will sign him, and Liquid i dont think will be as good as they are right now any longer. Lets hope Pimp can pull his weight and do well tho :D
2016-07-10 15:02
You really don't get it ? There isn't any limit how many players one organization can sign in They can still sign s1mple and just not let Pimp play. Pimp cannot do anything in that situation unless some other organization or himself buy himself out.. Remember freakazoid, he had contract but they didn't let him play anymore, c9 just sign another player and freakozoid couldn't play for another teams until some another team bought him out..
2016-07-10 15:05
Freakazoid didnt play beacuse he didnt want to, not beacuse c9 didnt let him... Second, it would be publicly a dick move by TL to just bench Pimp, without even giving him an opportunity to prove something by playing for Liquid, the org would get a lot of criticism for that. and Finally, while Pimp is given the chance to play (at least a month or so ), simple's competitive nature suggests that he doesnt care if Liquid will bring him back in some time, he will go forward and sign with other orgs. All simple cares about is winning, and im sure hes gonna get a lot of offers from top tier teams with lots of money.
2016-07-10 15:13
"Freakazoid didnt play beacuse he didnt want to, not beacuse c9 didnt let him..." Didn't read more than that :D you obviously don't know anything about how world run :)
2016-07-10 16:54
well clearly ur points dont even matter anymore, because s1mple is not coming back to liquid and pimp is staying in Liquid, so u lose lol. /end
2016-07-27 12:41
You realize that is death strike for all NA scene ?
2016-07-27 13:39
yeah tru but lets see how pimp performs u never know lol
2016-07-27 21:41
mock | 
United States fizZz^ 
Sorry NA Brother but you are retarded my friend. just google it you dont have to go to college to know how contracts works, and yet you shouldn't have to google it
2016-07-27 05:03
cant be fucked. :/
2016-07-27 12:42
2016-10-09 02:15
Switzerland Sylleo 
liquid is forced to pay pimp a salary, not forced to use him. Just bench him until someone buys his contract
2016-07-10 15:10
s1mple is still under contract with Liquid at least he was in Worst Players. They are waiting for a buyout. The Liquid players just need to reach out to the management about their wishes to have s1mple on the lineup. They can try to sell him (pimp) to Dignitas or something.
2016-07-10 15:13
Do pimp stream? if so they could just let him be a streamer like they did with s1mple.
2016-07-10 15:17
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
they can put pimp as streamer or 6nd player like niko in mouz, remember?
2016-07-10 15:31
+ it would be the most fucked up thing they could do to pimp :D
2016-07-10 16:14
Well, its only fair that top team can get top player (s1mple).. Pimp is like Teemu Pukki, tier-4 player which s1mple is like Robert Lewandowski, tier-1 player Its not like Real Madrid either takes tier-4 players, why would Liquid ?
2016-07-10 16:41
::D:D:D:D Yes they can. All contracts are only questions of money. KR Ferrari contract for example, when KR got kicked.
2016-07-28 15:40
ah ok :D
2016-07-28 21:30
s1mple is still signed with liquid technically until December 2017
2016-07-27 05:22
I don't understand why you aren't permanently banned from Hltv, your bait is so trash and everytime I read any one of your threads I lose so many brain cells. You just make ridiculous threads wasting other people's time.
2016-07-28 15:46
? they could easily bench him or do you have inside info regarding a specific clause that says "benching players isn't allowed"
2016-07-10 14:58
s1mple is under contract with liquid till 2017 btw
2016-07-28 15:49
Poland skibv 
2016-07-10 14:59
im adding you to my night club as dj
2016-07-10 15:00
sergej | 
Finland Mervii 
Agree. And they are having fun playing atm. EU teams are more butthurt and lack humor.
2016-07-10 15:01
Why did allu left for tier2 team? Because he got KICKED :D:D Well, liquid wont kick simple, so he probs wont leave.
2016-07-10 15:02
He already have, he left after Dreamhack malmö
2016-07-10 16:24
United States sxg 
I think they're just playing Games with the fans. Theirs no way he just up and leaves after making a major final, and major semi final. That just proves simple is insane. literally. He knew what he was signing up for so the whole homesick excuse is immature.
2016-07-10 15:08
he sad on twitter that he doesn't want to play in NA because he will miss his girlfriend, parents and friends then
2016-07-10 15:06
WTF? who is adding s1mple to Fnatic?
2016-07-10 15:06
2016-07-10 15:07
Ukraine s1mple 
i join navi
2016-07-10 15:10
HAHAHA NICE By the way, well deserved final place <3
2016-07-10 15:12
stop sucking cocks pls
2016-07-10 15:26
2016-07-27 22:05
shame on u
2016-07-28 13:46
Denmark LE0Nl 
fake s1mple ?
2016-07-10 15:15
Real s1mple, but he's a baiter too, so it could be a joke
2016-07-10 15:29
His name is black, not fake s1mple
2016-07-10 15:29
thats racist
2016-07-10 15:34
United Kingdom Dird 
what does black name mean? It's like "confirmed accounts" on twitter?
2016-07-10 16:56
Yes basically that but some random people have it because you used to be able to purchase an HLTV VIP membership which would grant you the black name.
2016-07-10 16:59
Hungary powi 
[Only VIP HLTV™ Users can view this comment.]
2016-07-28 13:46
[Only VIP HLTV™ Users can view this comment.]
2016-07-28 16:41
Finland OpTic_allu 
2016-07-10 15:15
2016-07-10 15:16
World Reinel 
PLS DONT play well today, u have done enogh
2016-07-10 15:18
Israel Encryp7eD 
no thx
2016-07-10 15:47
World Reinel 
Ok we got it thx for the easy major/skins fuking newbies
2016-07-10 21:14
lol what
2016-07-10 15:21
2016-07-10 15:31
Israel Encryp7eD 
s1mple, destroy SK today!!!
2016-07-10 15:34
JW | 
United Kingdom Gandu123 
Whom you gonna replace on navi?
2016-07-10 15:36
Bulgaria GreoN 
nice b8 m8
2016-07-10 15:36
destroy sk today m8
2016-07-10 15:37
Other ToRu 
ez 4 Liquid
2016-07-10 15:43
2016-07-10 15:43
2016-07-10 15:44
His account has been hacked multiply times and once the hacker said that he is creating team with skytten and maikelele this time Na'Vi... Never trust s1mples hltv acc
2016-07-26 16:52
nice b8 s1mple go back to NA
2016-07-26 17:06
sign my profile? #1 fan!!!!
2016-07-27 05:16
wait what the fuck lol
2016-07-27 05:19
2016-07-28 15:25
Netherlands yourinuk 
nt fakeflagger
2016-07-28 15:37
called it in july
2016-10-08 22:37
Is this real s1mple???
2016-07-10 15:16
black nick = HLTV STAFF or Pro Player. But S1mple can bait...
2016-07-10 15:25
Sunde | 
Denmark Houlden 
the OP is "BileDani" so relax guys
2016-07-10 15:34
and people still answering to him....
2016-07-26 17:02
so then why didn't Pimp play at Cologne with Liquid? was it just a timing issue?
2016-07-10 15:34
how about you stop asking stupid questions ?
2016-07-10 15:47
Cause he played minor with old sk i believe already so he wasnt allowed to play with another team.
2016-07-10 16:48
autist | 
Latvia ploxyS 
1: 1.5 Million FACEIT Points
2016-07-26 16:41
which is 4,5k €
2016-07-27 14:12
United States sayNt 
SIMPLEST SOLUTION I PROMISE: fucking accept the fact that s1mple isn't playing for TL anymore.
2016-07-27 14:08
retards like you should understand one thing, is not that liquid doesnt want him, but simple doesnt want to live in NA
2016-07-28 15:43
Fakeflagger, NA brainer, get a life Bile
2016-07-28 15:44
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