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United States eXploZioNz 
1.SK 2.VP/Liquid (I really want to see this match in a Bo3 or a Bo5) 3.Liquid/VP (Would be amazing to watch) 4.NaVi 5.Fnatic 6.G2 7.Astralis 8.FaZe 9.Flipside 10.Gambit 11.NiP 12.Dignitas 13.Mousports 14.Godsent 15.Immortals 16.Optic 17.Tyloo 18.Hellraisers 19.TSM 20.EnVyUs Left out Ence because they are number 0, I wish I could've put EnVyUs lower but somehow they stopped choking on baguettes long enough to qualify for the major. Cloud9 aren't on the top 20 because they are better at Minecraft than CS Proof:
2016-07-11 00:16
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2016-07-11 00:17
Switzerland SirTVCK 
Its ok.
2016-07-11 00:18
Thanks bro.
2016-07-11 00:18
2016-07-11 00:18
United States Styles_ez4c9 
when u watch 1 event and think u know everything lol. nice bait.
2016-07-11 00:20
Sorry C9 couldn't make it I hear shroud is going Pro for Minecraft lets plays <3
2016-07-11 00:20
Australia Spionier 
kill yourself
2016-07-11 01:09
Why would I kill myself when I can shitpost on HLTV. Also tough loss for Renegades, I hear they can maybe qualify through the next asia minor <3
2016-07-11 01:10
Na'Vi is below fnatic IMO Astralis are a wildcard, can't put a number on them right now... NV below TSM is just stupid, would rate them 12-13 Overall decent-ish top20
2016-07-11 00:22
I would say na'vi and fnc would be close but na'vi had a harder quarterfinal by far.
2016-07-11 00:22
NaVi took two maps off Liquid, While Fnatic won all four pistol rounds and still got 2-0ed. They played significantly worse in all of the gunrounds than NaVi, but that's just my opinion, it's kind of up in the air. I know nV below TSM is over doing it, I just really don't like them. Thank you for the feedback.
2016-07-11 00:23
Na'Vi never beat fnatic in a bo3 if I'm not mistaken...and never won any major...that was my reasoning here... Don't like the current line-up of NV either (although am a kennyS fanboy), but they are still good and can surprise at any moment...
2016-07-11 00:27
That makes a lot of sense. I think I'm over-using chain logic, which isn't that accurate.
2016-07-11 00:29
G2 is the second bro
2016-07-11 00:28
I think 6th is reaasonable for winning an event and then bombing out of groups in a major. I know it was the death group don't lecture me.
2016-07-11 00:30
g2 6th liquid 2th... liquid won something? or just because they win against fnatic when fnatic s going down?
2016-07-11 01:05
Lost lost to the team that won ECS, and other than that looked very good. But you have a point, after losing s1mple they should probably be lower.
2016-07-11 01:13
by the way an murica who made the list is not?
2016-07-11 01:15
worst list i've ever seen gg
2016-07-11 00:28
Besides my dislike of nV what's so bad about it?
2016-07-11 00:31
Singapore acels 
Liquid 2nd place dafuq
2016-07-11 01:12
Liquid is not gonna be top 2 without s1mple come on man, vp to high also. nV is 10 times better then most teams above them.
2016-07-11 13:56
G2 will rek literally every team ez in a bo3 except for SK i think
2016-07-11 00:29
I am interested in what you mean by "current". Because to me it seems like you just ripped off the placings in the major and the teams YOU favor more are at higher rankings just because you are biased. I am extra curious about that top 4 NaVi, because they did not do great in the major yet they are that high?
2016-07-11 00:32
I mean neither did G2 or NV or NiP
2016-07-11 00:33
Nah but they have been placed very low in his rankings, every team has that lost early except navi, or well maybe g2 aswell. But nip and envy are very far down the list. And i would like a discussion with him if he answers me so i can pick him apart when he makes an argument for my question :)
2016-07-11 00:44
Because name one thing NV has done in the past 6 months that has been significant +NiP only won DH Summer and now every team has their number on strats, Flipside was evidence of this.
2016-07-11 00:43
I dont disagree with envyus being shit, i dont care about them in rankings either, what makes you think that? You brought them up. As for NiP, tell me what flipside have won to surpass them in the ranking? But first i am wondering how far he stretches this current ranking, because before that, your answer doesnt really matter. "They beat nip at the major" Sure they can be higher in the rankings if he only counts the major. But then again, what are navi doing on the 4th place?
2016-07-11 00:50
So first I'll mention NaVi 4th, you'll have to specifically tell me what else bothers you, but when Fnatic played Liquid, they won all 4 pistol rounds, then lost the gun rounds 7-16 twice, While NaVi did better in gun rounds and took a map off of them. It's still up in the air, but I think if they played a Bo3 on Lan right now NaVi would win.
2016-07-11 01:10
Okey, so first off, when you make a ranking you cant "think they'll beat them". Second it doesnt matter how many pistolrounds or gunrounds, the scores in the matches are scores. It's like saying: Fnatic would have won and crushed liquids economy if S1mple didnt airshot noscope and right after longrange noscope in a 1v2. It just doesnt work because it goes so many ways. And third, whats the timeperiod of your ranking? The third one is important because thats the one i need an answer to, so i'll be able to answer your question.
2016-07-11 01:18
Brazil hugoooo 
You guys underrate Immortals so much... besides major qualifiers they always deliver.
2016-07-11 00:36
I haven't seen enough of them to justify putting them higher. Other than maybe NiP, I think they would lose to all the teams higher than them in a Bo3 on Lan.
2016-07-11 00:39
Brazil brazilianking 
Man, they won 2 good tournaments this year. They beated VP on bo5 and NiP/Godsent on bo3, Almost beated NaVi on bo3(when navi was in their peak) What is the reason to think dignitas, mouz, godsent, gambit, flipside, FaZe are better than immortals ? I understand the importance to qualify to major, but this teams achieved NOTHING relevant, and is much better win two tournaments than be placed once on TOP 8 Major.
2016-07-11 01:07
Brazil hugoooo 
Yeah you clearly didn't saw enough of them. From the teams above of them on your list this year: Won a bo5 over Won a bo3 over NiP Won a bo3 and a bo1 over Liquid (both without S1mple) Won a clean bo3 over Dignitas Won a bo3 over Godsent Lost a bo3 to Na'Vi but won a map Lost a bo1 to G2 (16-13) Lost a bo1 to Astralis (16-12) Lost a bo1 to FaZe on OT Lost a bo3 and a bo1 to FlipSid3 Other relevant results: 7-3 vs ex-SK 2-0 vs ENCE 3-0 vs TSM 2-3 vs EnVyUs 2-0 over Renegades They never lost a bo3 to a nordic team
2016-07-11 01:08
World MarxRampage 
2016-07-11 00:39
allu | 
United States muffinner 
tyloo, hellraisers, optic, vp overrated envy, immortals underrated and fnatic > navi other than that, pretty good
2016-07-11 00:46
that's why fnatic won all four pistols and still lost 16-7 in guns rounds twice to Liquid right?
2016-07-11 01:04
1.SK 2.fnatic/ 3.navi 4.liquid/ 5.astralis 6.g2 7.vp 8.nip 9.faze/ 10.dignitas 11.mouz 12.nv/ 13.gambit 14.flips3/ 15.immortals 16.godsent screw the rest
2016-07-11 00:57
Best list ive seen on hltv for months, only thing i would replace is 4 g2, 5liquid 6astralis
2016-07-11 01:04
thank you =) they are all relatively close in terms of skill
2016-07-11 01:10
Indeed they are :) Finally not some biased shit
2016-07-11 01:11
Monkey | 
Brazil Cupinxa 
+1 good list
2016-07-11 01:29
8.FaZe for what?
2016-07-11 00:49
For: Winning against fnatic 3-0 in major qualifier Winnimg online matches Oh and eleague, they did good
2016-07-11 01:00
"Winning against fnatic" how is this even relevant? fnatic isnt the same fnatic anymore "3-0 in major !!qualifier!!" bombed out in groups "Winnimg online matches" srsly? "Oh and eleague, they did good" it isnt even over they dont deserve top10 at all
2016-07-11 01:03
I think he baited u not sure though
2016-07-11 01:10
i wouldnt be surprised if he was actually serious.faze is overrated AF:D
2016-07-11 01:19
Brazil brazilianking 
I dont know why people still underrated Immortals Even they dont played a major yet, they achieved more than most the teams this year, winning Dreamhack over NiP and CEVO over VP Immortals >>>>>>> mousesports, flipside, cloud9, gambit, dignitas, FaZe, Godsent, envyus
2016-07-11 00:50
Totally agreed. Although it sucks that they can never perform at the Valve tournaments lol
2016-07-11 00:56
Other nars 
Top 10 2016 imo 1-SK 2-G2 3-Fnatic 4-Navi 5-Astralis (w/ Kj) 6-Liquid (w/ S1mple) 7-NiP 8-Immortals 9-Virtus Pro 10-nV
2016-07-11 00:54
nV top 10? I aren't think that.
2016-07-11 01:11
Dumbest fucking top 20 ever expected from hamburger dumbass, NiP win vs gambit and flipside 9/10 Times. Olof came back a month ago, S1mple leaves liquid back to top 20, VP too inconnsisten and will never beat fnatic or g2 in A bo3. Do research fucking fuckty kid -.-. Also keep in mind Faze and g2 x factors out in groups cus stupid system. Prob silver elite Liquid fanboy -.- Na carried by S1mple (EU) their whole CS life, so sad Btw no hate on SK they deserved it, fnatic needs pronax since new meta is strats which SK is ahead of and fnatic, NiP needs a roster change.
2016-07-11 00:57
Swedes still salty about fnatic and NiP getting smash't the fuck out. 4 pistols round wins and still 2-0'd never forget.
2016-07-11 01:00
13-11 13-11 then Choked and not carried by an EU player like your shit country.
2016-07-11 01:14
I'm sorry you feel that way. NiP play a style that is extremely predictable and imo, poor. VP have a style of fast rounds (first 30 seconds) that literally no other team is good at. They play calculated and coordianted CS, and tbh, if they won 1 more pistol round than they did, they would have won the major. I put both X-factors in the top 8, Liquid has 4 strong players w/o simple. Elige, Nitro, and JDM played very well, and Hiko is typically very good. Because the Swedist teams need roster changes they are a littlbe bit lower.
2016-07-11 01:08
You didnt explain why you think F.3 and Gambit are better than NiP When they never won anything and only beat NiP ONCE in A bo3 (your mind is wierd)
2016-07-11 01:16
but it was at A MAJOR. It was the most important Bo3 to lose, and it really makes NiP look weak.
2016-07-11 01:23
1 SK 2 G2 3 Fnatic 4 NaVi 5 VP 6 NiP 7 Liquid (cant put higher everyone knows what happened last time S1mple left) 8 Astralis 9 Faze 10 Mousesport 11 Gambit 12 Envy 13 Dignitas 14 Cloud 9 15 Tyloo 16 Flipside 17 Godsent 18 immortals 19 Optic 20 HR How it should look like and not based om performance from the major but over the last 2-3 months, the major system fucked alot of good teams and made Sims teams look better than they actually were.
2016-07-11 01:12
Canada pokz 
apparently immortals two lans worth shit...
2016-07-11 01:14
I call it luck, lost to old SK 2 stand ins and didnt make it to the major...... Plus NiP didnt use starts for some reason prob saved them for ECS and Major, was only A 50k tournament and yeah they beat VP while in A slump..,,
2016-07-11 01:19
Canada pokz 
oh god, i thought that sweden had a good educational system
2016-07-11 03:18
1 Bo3 loss = out of top 10 for NiP OK
2016-07-13 07:38
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