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s1mple and Liquid
Brazil tixiQo78 
is s1mple leaving Liquid? Why? Contract? If Liquid keep this roster they can stay on top5 but if s1mple leaves it will really hard :(
2016-07-11 21:44
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Germany ´kamiii 
simple was bottom fragging at the grand final
2016-07-11 21:45
Guess who carried them to the grand final FailFish
2016-07-11 21:50
Germany ´kamiii 
2016-07-11 21:52
s1mple | 
Nepal ruben17 
2016-07-11 21:53
United States sayNt 
s1mple had a good semi final. Everyone on Liquid "top-fragged" or had the most impact kills or however you want to define "carried" at one point in the major. They all relied on each other. s1mple only "carried" for 2 maps. One vs Na'Vi, and one vs. Fnatic. TL;DR It was an all around team effort. It's not like s1mple top fragged every game. He actually bottom fragged more times than he carried this major. Liquid is a much different team from Worst Players, for example, where s1mple would have to carry every single game.
2016-07-11 21:58
Australia poopeecumman 
you know... he only top fragged on the most important games, but whatever
2016-07-12 10:00
United States sayNt 
oh really? I remember him actually bottom fragging vs HR during Columbus qualifiers, and without the carry from the rest of his team, they dont even get the chance to obtain legend status for Cologne. I also remember s1mple bottom fragging in the finals...THE SINGLE MOST important game. but whatever ;/
2016-07-12 12:25
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
lol.. thats why up until the final he was like 3rd in the rating for the tournament behind Coldzera and device..
2016-07-12 10:02
France Gugus_Patacus 
I love when the tl;dr is longer than the actual post but +1
2016-07-12 10:05
the two one that matters hahahaha
2016-07-12 10:06
please stop, elige and nitro played very well but there isn't even a doubt that s1mple is the best player on that team.
2016-07-12 10:32
United States sayNt 
im not saying he isnt the best player, which he obviously is. I'm just saying s1mple didn't carry them to the final
2016-07-12 12:26
not s1mple. He made a couple flashy plays but nitr0 and elige entrying and clutching got them there.
2016-07-11 22:08
Carried in the 1/4 finals match against Fnatic. Against Mousesports he was in the middle of the scoreboard.
2016-07-12 10:15
Iceland Ebbi2K 
2016-07-11 22:56
2016-07-11 23:01
you have to keep in mind that this was his 1st big Lan final ever, and that with him being a really sensitive was the reason of his bad performance.. He just couldnt handle the pressure..
2016-07-13 03:36
Brazil FURIAtop1 
s1mple is joining sk
2016-07-11 21:47
Germany ´kamiii 
2016-07-11 21:48
s1mple to navi no more second place finishes discuss
2016-07-11 21:50
liquid best logo s1mple stupid to leave
2016-07-11 21:48
ibp best logo steel stupid to throw? titan best logo org stupid to release? optic best logo org stupid to pick up bad team? i are think this
2016-07-11 21:51
2016-07-11 21:52
Contract expires and he wants to go back to Ukraine to his girlfriend and family. The negative atmosphere he was forming in the team probably is an element too as it was quite widely spoken about publicly by Team Liquid members in interviews.
2016-07-11 21:54
Other HaZaaR_ 
He had already returned home, but his contract with Liquid meant that he was still eligible for events, so they asked him to stand in for them at ECS and Cologne. The members of Team Liquid said he was getting better at not flaming his team mates, and during tournaments he was fine. It was the team practice he didn't enjoy, and conflicted with peacemaker over what they should be practicing.
2016-07-11 22:01
Cool Thank you!! It makes sense now
2016-07-11 22:06
Russia Lifa 
s1mple acts like a retard and wants to screw his whole career so he goes back to ukraine to his "family and stuff" instead of bringing them to USA. damn its so stupid that i gotta not think about so my butt's not on fire
2016-07-11 22:06
United States thmpsn 
shitquid wouldnt have made the finals if the tournament format wasnt as bad as it was
2016-07-11 22:57
S1mple gonna join navi after they fail next major.. He would fit best in replace for seized, but he's been doing pretty good lately, so either -zeus or Seized. But s1mple left because of homesickness in the us.
2016-07-11 23:01
I will be amazing to see him playing with Na´Vi replacing Zeus Na´Vi: GuardiaN s1mple seized flamie Edward
2016-07-11 23:04
United States kurt524 That's the issue with S1mple. It's a risk to have him on your team. Some games he'll have little to no impact and can lose your team the early round advantage with a stupid aggressive play that ends up getting him killed with no one around to support him. However, he can also take over the game and put up huge numbers to take down any team in the world, even powerhouses like NaVi, Fnatic, and SK. Consistency is a huge factor when determining the best players in the world which is a quality a player like Coldzera has but S1mple doesn't. I'm interested in seeing Pimp on the team. He doesn't have to have those huge games like S1mple, just a level of consistency. The 4 Americans on the team have shown they can also perform at a high level, and I think Liquid with Pimp will still compete as a top tier team.
2016-07-11 23:11
new Liquid: jdm64,elige,nitro,hiko,tarik best NA
2016-07-12 09:47
why? because they lost finals. s1mple toxic. wants to be the best, not 2nd best
2016-07-12 09:47
What thread is this from
2016-07-12 10:25
Ireland tsarbomba 
Can't really recall which one but it was someone speculating about s1mple's future and he replied that on the thread
2016-07-12 10:26
Ireland tsarbomba 
2016-07-12 12:29
jOELZ | 
Finland jleh 
i feel like this was the best NA team we will ever see in csgo. i doubt that they will reach any finals after s1mple leaves.
2016-07-12 12:25
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