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Spain JonathanEbola 
I was thinking about it,it's common knowledge NA sucks at CS.But just look at how much they suck -Education in NA is easier,so that means more free time to play CS when young -Nearly the same population -More resources -People more open to new things(eSports in general) -Many immigrants so diversity which is good -More exposure -They ALL talk the SAME LANGUAGE,imagine if everyone in EU would talk the same language.Teams like(Pronax,GuardiaN,NiKo,s1mple,olofmeister) would be a possiblity And despite all that,they are not even close to having a top10 team(discounting Liquid cuz we havent seen them without s1mple)
2016-07-18 23:27
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United States Slyckz 
I dont think liquid would get as far without simple but he isn't the main reason for there success f3 with simple didn't do anything
2016-07-18 23:30
2016-07-19 00:28
ScreaM | 
Belgium V0LT220 
you kys
2016-07-19 00:55
no u
2016-07-19 00:55
That's actually true, havent thought about that. (The language barrier part)
2016-07-18 23:31
Ksharp | 
North America ewrex-rp 
2016-07-18 23:33
United States str3 
People don't realize that there is "3" countries in NA with a csgo scene, honestly two, where as Europe has tons.
2016-07-18 23:33
mixwell | 
Dominican Republic modery 
USA Canado Mexico?
2016-07-18 23:36
United States str3 
Yeah, and I would hardly consider mexico to have a scene, that's why i say honestly two.
2016-07-18 23:37
United States admiralsid 
You mean there are 23 countries in North America. Twenty-three. Didn't see “with a csgo scene”. Ignore this statement lmao.
2016-07-19 00:39
23 Countries in NA? What? Please elaborate.
2016-07-19 01:05
Turkey Taylannnnn 
caribbean and middle america
2016-07-19 02:33
United States admiralsid 
I just meant in general, not with a csgo scene. But yeah there are 23 countries in NA:
2016-07-19 04:00
That's all well known stuff
2016-07-18 23:34
I agree that NA on paper should have better Teams Does anybody know how many cs players there are in NA and EU (Brazil would be interesting too) ???
2016-07-18 23:35
United States Free_Swag 
Americans actually have lifes...reason why we are rich and EU poor/third world...sorry we can't no life CS like EU because its so boring to live there the only thing they can do is play games.
2016-07-18 23:36
Sweden has the best CS scene and they also have a top 10 economy in the world. So whats your excuse? We dont have lives. We just spend it on stupid games like Call of Duty. (and our CS scene is full of babies. They choose to play with friends than form super teams because they cant handle playing with this person for this dramatic reason, etc) We're rich because we invade poorer countries like Iraq and Afghanistan with bullshit reason and milk them for all they're worth.
2016-07-19 00:38
United States Free_Swag 
-top economy -9M population choose should not compare america 350M+ to a country with 9M people...
2016-07-19 00:53
No one cares lmfao.
2016-07-18 23:38
Srry haha
2016-07-19 01:01
Worst bait I've ever seen. Education not easier. Americans go to school more than the typical Euro. Country is extremely NOT open to esports. Immigrants have nothing to do with CS. Not everyone speaks the same language.
2016-07-18 23:38
when it's shitty bait you're not supposed to reply
2016-07-18 23:39
We go to school more and still learn less Kappa This is true. Esports in the US is not as popular as in Europe. Idk. There are only three mainstream languages in NA: French, English, and Spanish. English and Spanish dominate by far.
2016-07-19 00:36
South Africa rAwRzZz 
Problem is all the good NA players are spread out on 2-3 teams. But Tsm looks promising
2016-07-19 00:56
United States Free_Swag 
more like 5 teams optic c9 liquid tsm echo fox +iBp banned.
2016-07-19 01:05
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