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feel bad for refugees
Dominican Republic ez4SK 
does anyone feel bad for the rest of the refugees? you know, the ones that aren't there to kill, rape or cause any damage to the communities they immigrate to... I mean, put yourself in their places. Imagine having a war in your country, a war where there's no innocent people, just killing. And then you through all the hardships of traveling from your country to Europe, boat trips, lots of walking, all the dangers of traveling all that distance by foot. Only to find yourself in a community that's different to you. It's the most difficult thing I could imagine.. but I feel like everyone here is hating on them. I mean, I realize there's a percentage of them that are just bad people in general, some of them mentally challenged, war victims etc... But it's way too harsh what they're getting.. TL;DR: Although some refugees are bad, the majority of them are just innocent people fleeing their country because of the bloody war affecting them.
2016-07-24 20:20
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Dominican Republic ez4SK 
Please give me serious answers. I am not trolling or b8ing. :|
2016-07-24 20:20
Any muslim is supporting rape and covering up women like they are sex objects. You can not feel bad for muslims.. its muslim refugees, not everyone
2016-07-24 20:39
Muslims don't support rape, at least most of them don't (according to their religion). Also the women covering up themselves is just how it works to them, and most of the women agree with it..
2016-07-24 20:42
Dont u see why women hides behind a burka? Then its not point in discussing with you. Try to read up on it man.
2016-07-24 21:40
Well said!
2016-07-24 20:21
How many are good?
2016-07-24 20:34
idk mate
2016-07-24 20:40
How many are bad?
2016-07-24 20:42
Some of em maybe or most of em?
2016-07-24 20:48
Yeah of course
2016-07-24 20:23
So our countries need to be more benevolent with their acts? Or should our countries change to be like their's and forget all our history and doings, maybe in 3 years we start killing each other like they did, its sad yes, but for some reason they are always fighting each other, and don't tell me that its USA fault. yes they did bad. But many of other wars in their countries was between Muslims etc... i don't see European Countries starting wars, because of religions, at least as bad as they do. P.S yes if you want to go to other country, you MUST OBEY what the other country says, don't spit on the plate that is given to you, when they don't have too.... just be thankfull and accept what your new country is
2016-07-24 20:29
That is my point exactly. I realize that some of these refugees are bad, but keep in mind that there are millions and millions of immigrants in Europe, and the ones we see doing these acts are just a small minority of them, granted they are culturally and religiously different, but they are fleeing from the war, and most of them are there just to get the fuck out of the warzone they live in
2016-07-24 20:29
Believe me when i say, yes they are running away from war sure, i can understand that, but its more than a minority that isn't willing to accept the "new" countries orders. Im doing Erasmus at Italy, and it's scary the ammount of them here.... And how agressive they are.... a Group of 6 yesterday turned out to me and my friends and start saying, what are u doing here in Italy? This is our country now etc... being all agressive, stupid ppl, ok lets say that is a minority, often when i go to the center They just run over you just to force you to buy things (agressive),ok that might be part of the minority, i don't see ppl disrespecting Police here in Italy like they do, they laugh on Police faces, just because they have the number advantage (ok minority again) Let a friend of yours our girlfriend pass between a group of them here.... and u will see the looks and what they say and do, or even you and your girlfriend...dude it just a Culture thing, like Canada, their pacificity is in them, its their culture, same goes to all world, we have our own culture, we don't choose it, maybe with alot of effort and closing connections with our "born" culture we can change, but that often doesn't happen.... it's not a minority, and yes its Scary the numbers they are getting at least here in Italy (SORRY BAD ENGLISH BUT W.e)
2016-07-24 20:36
oh well, thanks for replying. I guess it's just more of a cultural/mental thing due to them coming from a different place and a warzone that's just completely destroyed..
2016-07-24 20:40
2016-07-24 20:25
Spain Alser 
whateva, politics on hltv
2016-07-24 20:36
I think if a war broke out in Spain, you'd try to save your sweet juicy ass <333
2016-07-24 20:36
Spain Alser 
Edited my comment right before you replied lol. Yeah, everyone would I guess, that's why in wars military service is nearly mandatory
2016-07-24 20:37
So you agree with the the message of OP?
2016-07-24 20:38
Spain Alser 
I undersand why they want to leave, but if you're an adult male with no qualifications or languages you should have to fight (at least for a certain timespan) or hide in your country
2016-07-24 20:39
Maybe they did just that, but if you got an AK47 and a missile strucks in to your home, there is not much that gun can do.
2016-07-24 20:40
Spain Alser 
If you were in the army and your family was safe as refugees, your home would be a secondary concern
2016-07-24 20:41
No ifg your family is still in there
2016-07-24 20:44
Spain Alser 
What I'm saying is that the families of people in the army could come to Europe as refugees. So if you want their safety assured you would have top fight
2016-07-24 20:46
They can't fight.. They have no food, their homes are gone, their families are dead. The last thing you would think about is war, it's just useless fighting at this time. Most of them want to run away with what they have left. It's just not easy, you might see it as a normal thing for them, but these people have mental problems and they go through a lot of hard things..
2016-07-24 20:48
Spain Alser 
I'm not sure if this actually could happen, but in my scenario their family is safe abroad and the army provides soldiers with food
2016-07-24 20:50
It's not that easy. No one wants to fight. There's nothing left to defend. Their "country" is gone. It's just a warzone being fought over by greedy militants and religious fanatics.
2016-07-24 20:50
Spain Alser 
No scenario is easy in war, that's for sure. Thanks for answering
2016-07-24 20:53
My only point here is that: these people are only humans. They can only handle so much. We give them so much shit for no reason.
2016-07-24 20:54
+1 good read, people are ignorant
2016-07-24 20:27
nice b8
2016-07-24 20:36
So why are they travelling for 1000s of kms instead of stopping in the first save country where even the culture is almost the same?
2016-07-24 20:54
they were there for three years then eu wanted to continue their dirty plan by creating another global issue and that's inviting them to be a productive citizens in a modern and advanced countries , they accepted the offer, bloody people
2016-07-24 21:06
>Productive citizen >Refugee Choose one
2016-07-24 21:08
no I choose stay up to your word !those were productive men in their country ,now give them jobs and let them find their way into the new life that you promised them with ,then you can judge them, and again in recent history in ww2 half of Europe were displaced and millions have taken refuge ! so it's not the first time in history of mankind something like this happens
2016-07-24 21:16
I won't take this bait.
2016-07-24 21:18
well then no harm will come to you ,unlike many of them ,they took your politicians bait and now they are neither accepted in the new societies or safe to go back !
2016-07-24 21:20
"Although some refugees are bad, the majority of them are just innocent people fleeing their country because of the bloody war affecting them." Wtf... you can't write reasonable things on HLTV. You're suppose to be gullible and believe all of the racist, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, fear mongering propaganda that fills the internet.
2016-07-24 21:24
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