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Here is the list of people who've officially died on today's date: Date of death>Age>Name>Field 3/18/1965>45>King Farouk I>Politics 3/18/1986>71>Bernard Malamud>Literature 3/18/1990>36>Robin Harris>Entertainment 3/18/2000>90>Eberhard Bethge>Religion 3/18/2001>65>John Phillips>Music 3/18/2003>64>Adam Osborne>Business 3/18/2008>54>Anthony Minghella>Entertainment 3/18/2009>45>Natasha Richardson>Entertainment 3/18/2010>85>Fess Parker>Entertainment 3/18/2011>85>Warren Christopher>Politics I just thought I wanted to share this information to u guys.. And these were great people.. Let us share a minute here to show our deepest condolences..
2012-03-18 02:42
I thought you were going to say that CS 1.6 is officially dead
2012-03-18 02:44
that's the idea :p
2012-03-18 02:45
Don't judge a book by its cover, man.
2012-03-18 09:04
2012-03-18 09:07
2012-03-18 09:29
2012-03-18 12:13
While you were posting this million others died.
2012-03-18 12:20
I was going to say this but decided against it, then you did! So true though..
2012-03-18 12:24
I thought you'll say that Fabrice Muamba is dead. Huh... Hope that he'll be OK!
2012-03-18 12:27
" And these were great people.. " how do you know that? stop being so stupid writing RIP if you dont know the person
2012-03-18 12:36
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