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Overwatch Players
tabseN | 
Germany Dota_greater_than_League 
Gotta love how those fags need to justify playing this shitgame on this website. Gaming scene is dying because of games like Overwatch, Call of Duty, Heroes of the Storm.. etc. These games get casualized so everyone and their mother is able to play it and have "fun". League is bigger than Dota 2 (might not be true anymore) even though Dota is a better game in all aspects. Just because the game is easy as fuck and everyone is able to play it but you don't get that statisfying feel from playing a hard, competitive game. Cod is bigger than CS:GO (including console peasents) even though CS is better in every aspect and yet more people are playing this casualized shit because they are not able to get any kills in cs, in cod EVERYONE can kill everyone doesn't matter what skill level the other player is. The same is true for Overwatch, it doesn't matter how bad you are, you are still able to kill a professional player without him doing anything wrong. Thanks for reading, leave a like and subscribe to my hltv.
2016-07-26 18:53
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mad cuz rekt in overwatch
2016-07-26 18:55 easy hitbox easy game for kids
2016-07-26 21:04
LUL competitive overwatch LUL
2016-07-26 21:09
because the hitboxes and everything around it in cs are much better 4Head
2016-07-26 21:13
United States boots 
tldr: I'm an elitist asshole wah wah wah
2016-07-26 18:55
Uh, it would be easier to kill a professional player in CS by just winning a gunfight than it would be in overwatch assuming you're a bad player at both. I guess excluding ults, but it's not really about killing if you're getting rekt anyway.
2016-07-26 19:01
overwatch is a pure team game if u rank higher than 50 if one guy fucks up ur fucked in csgo u can still win rounds 3vs5 4 v5
2016-07-26 19:02
United States boots 
hell, a really good CS player can carry 1v5. even the best Overwatch player cannot carry against six Winstons holding mouse1.
2016-07-26 19:10
2016-07-26 21:19
Overwatch will be irrelevant in 2 years apart from few big tournaments funded by Blizzard. Too hard to spectate and too complicated to balance for competetive play. It´s just a pub game that will be forgotten and will never "kill gaming scene".
2016-07-26 19:21
United States boots 
i think you are right. there are fundamental problems with the gameplay that make Overwatch an unsatisfying esport to watch. mostly, the gameplay is too fast paced, and ultimate abilities are basically win conditions so a lot of "strategy" in pro games devolves into "charge up 6 ults, speed boost in and pop em all, hope it works out" I think Blizzard would have to introduce massive, gameplay-altering changes to make Overwatch a more viable esport, and I just don't think they care enough to do that. It's clear that Blizzard as a business has focused on catering to casuals for a long time now.
2016-07-26 19:27
United States appaK 
I guess you are the professional PC gamer. Thats why we know you from lans such as....... or ........ You are a casual thats it. So stop complaining and have fun with games.
2016-07-26 19:25
There is a difference between competitive games and casual games.
2016-07-26 19:26
Sweden TutsiGOD 
just gonna leave this here
2016-07-26 19:27
He's right you know.
2016-07-26 21:08
csgo just isn't a fun game. the character models are so massive and slow that any noob can hit a headshot just by holding mouse1 and strafing with an smg. at least aiming in overwatch is an actual challenge
2016-07-26 21:13
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