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Fnatic solution.
Snax | 
Poland feliciathegoat 
JUST PRACTICE. They're saying "we didnt even practice", "i didnt even have to make calls" etc etc they are arrogant now. Maybe they think that they can't improve anything lolz.
2016-07-31 15:29
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-flusha +rain
2016-07-31 15:31
2016-07-31 15:32
Romania roly99 
2016-07-31 15:43
Poland Totali_ 
2016-07-31 15:45
2016-07-31 15:53
2016-07-31 16:22
2016-07-31 16:28
2016-07-31 16:28
2016-07-31 16:30
2016-07-31 17:43
Belgium wiikz 
2016-07-31 17:47
2016-07-31 17:53
Brazil Waldemar H. 
2016-07-31 17:54
2016-07-31 17:55
Europe wai7ing 
2016-07-31 19:20
2016-07-31 20:07
- JW + rain
2016-07-31 16:25
Sweden qgh 
Are u serious? Flusha is one of the smartest in the game. And is a consident frager why would Fnatic shot them selfs in the foot for someone who just have a little better aim?
2016-07-31 16:30
csgo is all about aim
2016-07-31 16:30
i aren't think that or do i?
2016-07-31 17:45
Norway HazelOrb 
rain during his prime was considered to be one of the smartest players in the world, consistently pulling off impossible clutches. so it wouldn't seem so far fetched to swap flusha for rain
2016-07-31 17:39
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
i dont think they care lul looks like their motivation is at an all time low, like they dont give af at all
2016-07-31 15:37
yea.. look at VP- they are friendly, they talk, they laugh together- they look like real team and fnatic look like bunch of mercenaries
2016-07-31 15:41
+ no respect to enemies, flusha buys fucking ump having 10k when score is 9-2 or smtg.
2016-07-31 15:43
thats cause you don't know shit about cs
2016-07-31 17:59
haha why do you have to farm money when you have enough? You know that enemy was ecoing round earlier, why do you have to play on anti-eco gun? Was that ump useful? no Did they start losing after that round? yes So why did they have to buy that ump? trolling Was trolling useful? no MAYBE YOU ARENT KNOW ANYTING ABOUT CS? No matter where you play and whom are you playing against, you have to respect your enemies. If not, then once you will be rekt. By Astralis and Liquid on MLG By G2 on ECS By Liquid on Cologne By VP on EL
2016-07-31 18:58
2016-07-31 19:18
gtfo you noob, if you have nothing to say then stfo
2016-07-31 19:20
not gonna waste my time with someone who thinks that they are trolling in a lan grand final you don't know shit get back to your LEM match making
2016-07-31 19:22
you have no arguments = waste of time for me and you. gtfo
2016-07-31 19:25
8-2 VP hard eco flusha buys ump to get money because fnatic have 50$ on flusha, 3750$ on JW, 1100 on krimz, 1050 on olof and 0 on dennis 9-2 flusha keeps the ump because everybody has full grenades and AKs and if they lose this one they can rebuy full nades+ an awp. VP money : 4600 - 4400 - 6300 - 4150 - 3300 and when you know how to play you know that. on CT side you should take only kevlar and no helmet because it's 1 shot headshot with AK and VP really need grenades so flusha can keep his ump cause if he lands an headshot he can one tap normaly 3 out of 5 players. and 1 ump isn't the end of the world, you still have 4 aks and he can pick an ak up as soon as someone dies or you can be very aggressive with it like fnatic loves to do. VP knows he has an ump and that he won't drop it down so Taz and byali buy helmet because they know fnatic loves to do this play and they think they can get an easy kill on flusha being aggressive with it. in the round, flusha rushes like fnatic loves to do in this situation, he gets a kill on pasha and gets traded. Flusha gives to fnatic a 4v4 on T side cobblestone with 1min40sec left, this is very very very very good so yeah you don't know shit about cs if you say stuff like "Was that ump useful? no" i said go back to your LEM matchmaking but i think it's more like nova
2016-07-31 19:41
You think flusha keeps ump because he thinks strategically or smtg, but you are not right BUT NT. Remember ESL Cologne fnatic vs liquid (13-11) where JW bought sawed-off having 9k? They lost that round thanks mr JW. 13-13 flusha buys ump having 8k, nice buy. He died first and they lost that round thanks mr flusha. Remember those teabags against Astralis on MLG? They lost that game, nt fnatic, acting like you are fucking unbeatable. They lost next map 16-5, dennis was crying on twitter that Astralis did not respect them taking pause at 15-2. WTF. Why do they have to respect you when you have 0 gramms of respect to them? EZ lose for fnatic. Trading up kills is good when you play on weaker side, but cobble is t sided map, don't you know?? Flusha does buy ump not by strategical means, he buys it for fun. To make himself seem like overpro, but other teams already know how to counter his playstyle, so NT fnatic. Fnatic likes to rush ok, teams know how to counter them, but they still do it and do it and do it. Like they never watch demos of their opponents. This is called disrespect. Not playstyle.
2016-07-31 21:06
"Was that ump useful? no" "Was that ump useful? no" "Was that ump useful? no" "Was that ump useful? no" flusha kills one and gets traded => fnatic in 4v4 on T side cobble with 1min40 we're talking about the ump not about JW with a sawed off or idk didn't read your post you're pathetic
2016-07-31 21:47
"+ no respect to enemies, flusha buys fucking ump having 10k when score is 9-2 or smtg." My first comment was about them having no respect. Everything i said were proofs of it. But you're retarded, you will never understand what i am talking about. Dumb. Trading up kills on stronger side was SO FUCKING USEFUL. "Was that ump useful?" NO, NO and one more time NO Flusha was the the only decent fragger on that match, so it was more of a waste of firepower than use. STFO, you too dumb to read my posts. The only match you ever watched is VP vs fnatic, you know fnatic 10 times less than me, why do you try to seem more knowledgeable than you are?
2016-07-31 22:43
2016-07-31 23:01
2016-07-31 23:17
Vp is shit though...
2016-07-31 15:44
Sweden BBW 
yep but honestly its so long vp havent really won like big events against these beasts, but they kept one thing, their friendship and they're winning again nip try to do the same, but maybe if fiff stayed it'd be better
2016-07-31 15:45
YEah now fiff would be great ha? All the hate he got back at that time and now everyone miss him..
2016-07-31 16:30
Sweden BBW 
? Who gives a shit about the hate. Look at the hate friberg gets now, it's the same if not worse than fiff. He shouldn't have let it come to him (and maybe it didn't, but sad that he left) Anyone can improve in this game, it's not about extra ordinary talent unless you want s1mple or niko in your team (who nolife this game like no one else) over a year people want pasha out, now he wins 400+ grand. Fuck ya'll and that's the end of it
2016-07-31 17:24
Fiff was the problem
2016-07-31 22:52
only one solution to fix fnatic
2016-07-31 15:38
f0rest | 
Other b3rg0n1k 
i don't think that they would improve just cause you'll commit suicide
2016-07-31 15:43
But it can be you, not me my friend. No hate my friend, just do it, ny friend.
2016-07-31 15:44
2016-07-31 15:44
how is that a bait? you don't have the balls to kys? sad then :( fnatic will never be good again then
2016-07-31 15:46
play the video and you will understand The E league finals
2016-07-31 15:46
that bait is older than you kiddo
2016-07-31 15:47
5s on your profile "TV Series: The walking dead" this says it all about your IQ my friend :) rip
2016-07-31 15:48
thank you for visiting me to tell me i watch the walking dead and like it. i could answer your question pretty easily mad kid :) now go and kys like you promised us
2016-07-31 15:49
thank you for visiting me to tell me i watch the walking dead and like it. i could answer your question pretty easily mad kid :) now go and kys like you promised us
2016-07-31 16:24
2016-07-31 15:46
solution for fnatic : -JW +twist solution for nip : -friberg +JW
2016-07-31 15:40
jw better not play awp anymore did you see how he failed so much rounds in cbble? it is insane
2016-07-31 15:48
No I didn't see any matches lately :// But he probably fails because he is in a team of toxic bad guys and he don't feel good. The only good guy except JW that was in fnatic has left (pronax). Now he is the only one. Flusha = cocky toxic and mad personnality olof = cocky toxic and mad personnality dennis = cocky toxic and not mad personnality krimz = cocky snus eater JW = good guy JW has to join another good guys team => NIP. Then he will feel good and motivated again. #FreeJW
2016-07-31 15:59 JW is kinda same, his personality is never better
2016-07-31 16:09
He feel ashamed of this thing now, he is a good guy JW.
2016-07-31 16:11
Yes, of course, but from that video it seems like he is not the one to stay calm emotionally. Who the fuck will try to trigger the most toxic guy in CS:GO except for drunk freakazoid and another toxic guy.
2016-07-31 16:24
2016-07-31 16:13
they dont try to fake sympathy like 90% of the players on social media. Also there is no easy solution, jw and olof are not playing well, what should they do if their worst player turned their best.
2016-07-31 15:45
were krimz is best?
2016-07-31 15:49
they always were arrogant like shit
2016-07-31 15:45
2016-07-31 15:48
Brazil FURIAtop1 
-dennis +pronax
2016-07-31 15:52
United Kingdom RyN123 
-everyone + reason gaming line up
2016-07-31 15:53
World Paketenawernz 
new fnatic line up: -Delpan -THREAT -dsn -cArn -f0rest
2016-07-31 15:57
Source of them saying "we didn't even practice"?
2016-07-31 16:21
yesterday before matches they said that they was playin overwatch and chilling around pool.. sam before Colonge
2016-07-31 16:25
Poland kokoshanell 
-olof +allu
2016-07-31 16:26
remove jw flusha get gtr and pyth. fnatic is going the same road as the old lgb i mainly wanna get rid of jw and flusha because i think they were fucking hacking at some point in their csgo careers but what fnatic really needs is pronax or someone with sold strats as a coach so they would have something to fall back on when they are getting outaimed.
2016-07-31 16:28
Norway wavybaby 
-JW -Krimz (If he retires) -vuggo +Rain +Pronax +THREAT
2016-07-31 16:31
krimz had 5 hours in 2 weeks before final LOL.
2016-07-31 16:32
LUL " pro players practice 10 hrs a day "
2016-07-31 17:31
-jw +twist
2016-07-31 17:35
they dont have shit..... fucking retard people
2016-07-31 17:43
Portugal Cyborgy 
fnatic just finished 2nd guess standards are: you have to be first at every tournament and if you cant lose maps doing that and you must 16-0 16-0 everyone
2016-07-31 17:44
im not talking they are bad it's just my thoughts what they have to do to be even better then now
2016-07-31 17:46
well olof had something like 25 hours played in the last two weeks ..
2016-07-31 17:46
they need a coach to control those egos XDD
2016-07-31 17:51
Theres no solution for fnatic nor to any other team when you face SK, you will lose anyway.
2016-07-31 17:52
no solution the Swedish scene is going exactly the French road , French they shuffle the same players of the scene with some Belgium players ,and now swedes also shuffle the same players with some Norwegian , only way out is new talents period ,example :SK and TSM
2016-07-31 17:54
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