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World EuroTruckDriver 
Welcome back boyz,i'm back.What should i buy when i have : CPU : i5-760 2.80 GHz GPU = XFX Radeon HD 7850 2gb Motherboard Model: ASUS P7P55D-E LX if i want to buy new CPU should i buy new motherboard as well ? If it'll be CPU pls recommend me CPU to 230 euro pls :)) Gaming/recording
2016-08-02 01:04
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2016-08-02 01:05
new cpu, the gpu isnt good but it can run games at least, buy a newer i7 or i5
2016-08-02 01:09
new cpu means u need new motherboard and ram. You can't just swap out cpu and use the same motherboard unless it is the same socket.
2016-08-02 01:09
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Well, preferably he's going for the same socket
2016-08-02 01:13
what do you mean by saying "same pocket" sorry i'm a hltv user me dumb
2016-08-02 01:17
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Hungary Shaperz
the cpu you buy has socket number, you need your motherboard to be compatible with that socket
2016-08-02 01:23
like the new gen i7 6700k is socket 1151 so you need a motherboard that is socket 1151
2016-08-02 17:12
If you are changing ur CPU, then u need to change your mobo and ram as well You should raise more money and buy: I5 6400 - 190$ or i3 6100 - 117$ ASRock h110m hdv - 62$ random 8gb ram ddr4 2133mhz - 30$
2016-08-02 01:19
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Well doesn't ASROCk h110 m hdv has DDR3 and ddr4 option ?
2016-08-02 01:24
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2016-08-02 01:24
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Well what about same setup i mean I5 6400 + Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H instead of ASRock h110m hdv and this ram ? :)
2016-08-02 01:26
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It is good
2016-08-02 01:28
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My current ram is : 2x2GB (4gb) DDR3-1600-CL8 Soo it'll work yea :) ?
2016-08-02 01:29
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Yeah, it is such a massive upgrade
2016-08-02 01:30
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Yea thanks i'll ask more people for this what you said,to make it sure :) appreciate
2016-08-02 01:30
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No problem dude
2016-08-02 01:30
Wait, this ram won't work with that MOBO, u need a new ram
2016-08-02 01:33
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well i'm retarded i gave same motherboard lelelel
2016-08-02 01:44
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O, widze że dałeś post na pomoc technicznąna hajsach :D
2016-08-02 01:54
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:) from a fake account tho :D
2016-08-02 01:55
this is bait.
2016-08-02 01:45
The setup is quite balanced right now. If you buy a better gpu the cpu will be a huge bottle neck. On the other hand, if you buy a new cpu (mobo) the gpu will be a huge bottleneck. If I were you I would just save a bit more and then sell that pc as a whole and build a new one.
2016-08-02 01:55
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