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ESL is rigged
Denmark AshGreNiNjA 
They're trying too hard to get Virtus.Premier in. LUL putting VP against other T2 teams who has no fanbase is stupid. I could understand if they made a mini tournament for those 4 teams. They lost to fucking PENTA and they don't deserve the spot. I'm sure ESL wouldn't put this voting bullshit if there was no VP in Premier.
2016-08-03 11:39
Switzerland Sylleo 
the fifa of csgo
2016-08-03 11:40
lol virtus pro (POLSKA) = CSGO, came on bruh, we have the largest community in cs
2016-08-03 18:34
Iceland MorsAlbum 
Poland/Population 38.53 million Brazil/Population 200.4 million brazil has a top 1 and a top 10 team vp has 1 top 5 team im pretty sure brazil would have the largest community
2016-08-03 20:05
lsd | 
Latvia Psilocybin 
apparently you have no idea what community means.
2016-08-03 20:46
Iceland MorsAlbum 
apparently you dont know basic deduction more population = more people who see cs = more fans since theyre patriotic retards just like polish guys lets throw out a wild number, that half of brazil are all in favelas, still 60m more people than poland, which ofc means more people would be interested in cs brazil definitely has the largest community poland is a contender for highest fans in ratio to their country size
2016-08-03 21:06
actually USA have the largest community, but they bad at cs xD
2016-08-03 21:47
Nope, Russia was bigger last time I checked.
2016-08-03 21:53
Iceland MorsAlbum 
by community i dont mean random mm fags i mean like proper fans of sk/immortals/brazil in general fans of navi collectively from only russia isnt that big
2016-08-03 22:15
Europe DexterAlenko 
2016-08-05 09:49
United States thmpsn 
immortals isnt a top 10 team LMFAOO
2016-08-03 22:09
Iceland MorsAlbum 
your top 10? if nip is top 10 and immortals isnt i dont know whats wrong with your brain
2016-08-04 01:41
United States thmpsn 
you're incredibly autistic
2016-08-04 03:35
Iceland MorsAlbum 
your top 10?
2016-08-04 04:21
probably only NA xd
2016-08-04 05:01
United States Trive 
lul immortals not even top 15
2016-08-04 05:10
Iceland MorsAlbum 
the tilt i have rn from all these baits
2016-08-04 05:28
Iceland MorsAlbum 
who the fuck wears a pure red snapback on the front fucking amateur
2016-08-04 19:48
examply now he just open cases and easy 30k Polish people watching him, give me some brazilians csgo streamers with 1k viewers xD
2016-08-03 22:21
I agree here :D
2016-08-04 19:52
2016-08-03 11:42
flusha | 
Sweden moxxy 
Everyone is aware of it lmao
2016-08-03 18:14
ESL is simply trying to get everyone to watch their future games. So it would be wise for them to try to catch Virtus.Pro and put them back on the Pro League to increase overall viewership of their games. Increase in viewership = More revenue
2016-08-03 11:43
What about other teams also earned fair shot with VP? VP lost to spot themselves nobody forced them to go Premier. They lost to T3 PENTA.
2016-08-03 11:48
Well. One thing is certain, Virtus.Pro will have to play a match against the 2nd most voted team (maybe Godsent) in order to secure a spot. We will have to wait and see.
2016-08-03 18:11
Which theydont deserve!! Virtus.premier or riot! Theyhave to fight back, just like penta did and flipside did before.they were last which used to be directly relegated, then they get ANOTHER chance by playing relegation against fucking horrible penta... They fucking lost to such a fucking bad team (penta) and guess what? Esl trying soooooo hard to somehow get virtus.premier back to pro league. Hope people dont give them any votes cuz this is redicolous. If they were fair they would say by themselfs we dont deserve it and therefor we start in premier
2016-08-03 18:32
Slovakia Argait 
edit :x
2016-08-03 21:46
Online game vs penta doesnt mean anything
2016-08-03 12:00
U're talking like PENTA beating everyone online and struggles on LAN. They're getting shit on online too. It's just VP couldn't do it. Also its not like they lost 2 bo1 and got out of Pro League. They played a league with 22 matches and became last of 12 teams.
2016-08-03 12:04
Germany Bier 
and it was a bo3 vs penta which they lost haha<ha
2016-08-03 18:46
But again,vp is total shit online,im pretty sure some croatian team could beat them,but when its most important(on lan) they perform pretty well
2016-08-03 20:00
U know Pro League will be more than 22 matches online this season right?
2016-08-03 21:37
Actually i didnt know xD,but again,why,pretty stupid?
2016-08-03 22:06
Because its a league like football leagues. Every team plays against others 2 times.
2016-08-03 22:08
It actually means the difference between pro and premier. But I guess you're retarded
2016-08-03 18:37
Its well known fact that vp is pretty shit online,i guess you think you are smartass just because norge flag
2016-08-03 19:58
What does that have to do with anything
2016-08-05 09:31
hhahahahahahah vp wouldve fucked all the other teams on lan anyway ez deserved
2016-08-03 12:02
how is that deserved? vp failed the whole season lost the playoffs against penta and they even denied it to play in the premier division they dont deserver a spot
2016-08-03 18:18
His name
2016-08-04 03:56
You have to get top 4 to play lan not 12th :/ virtus premier show your balls and be fair to all other participents. Go to premier and fight your way back you bots
2016-08-03 18:35
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
2016-08-03 12:05
s1mple | 
United Kingdom Twinaye 
people will say they won eleague omg
2016-08-03 18:17
They won eleague stupid uk scene LUL LUL xD xD
2016-08-03 18:18
2016-08-03 18:19
Israel Encryp7eD 
they could just invite VP directly and save all the trouble
2016-08-03 18:22
VP absolutely shit the bed for 22 games, then lost to penta. get them the fuck out of this league please
2016-08-03 18:22
They don't deserve for rekt
2016-08-03 18:29
Hard to deny at this point. Money, money, money I guess.
2016-08-03 18:30
It's just stupid that they legitimately lost their spot and now ESL are trying all they can to get them back to league. It's just not how it's supposed to go. They lost their spot, and that's it. Go gain your spot in premier and come back next season. Simple as that.
2016-08-03 18:37
Australia Ohnorepo 
They offered Wildcards last season to teams that would have had to earn their spot back too. ESL should have dropped the stupid voting thing and just invited VP directly because they do want the best teams there to compete and VP is currently one of the best again. It's all about the business trying to make money. VP makes money.
2016-08-03 18:57
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
The Twitter link posted shows that TaZ agrees with Pronax and that the system is a little flawed, but it doesn't mean it is "rigged" at all... Leave the conspiracy on the doorstep... It's unfair, wrong, immoral, biased? Sure, maybe... but not rigged!
2016-08-03 18:39
It's not flawed. At least it wasn't flawed before VP got eliminated. But they got their 2nd chance, 3rd chance. I wonder what'll happen if they lose to second team in voting. What kind of bs ESL will come up with.
2016-08-03 20:47
Oh look It's the butthurt kid who only has the argument "VP lost to penta" HOW MUCH??? I bet you lost alot on that day :3 vp is the only team that can compete against the others...the other teams on the list will get raped if they get the spot
2016-08-03 18:42
He also has the argument that VP lost 18/22 games in their last ESL Saison but you wont answer to this anyway.
2016-08-03 18:53
He couldn't answer as expected. Polacks with their amazing arguments.
2016-08-03 20:41
No way! :>
2016-08-03 18:48
Australia Ohnorepo 
Taz agreed that the voting was stupid, but after coming out their slump, even if they held some competition to decide who gets in VP would get it. The other 3 teams have done relevant (except one decent showing of Gambit) and have slumped in form. Godsent had their chance during Fnatics slump without Olof and now are back to being just another Swedish not NiP or Fnatic line up. Ence are a god damn meme and have done almost nothing lately and Gambit had one decent showing and dropped off a cliff again. The voting is stupid yes, but saying VP don't deserve is also stupid.
2016-08-03 18:55
Did they deserve it? Being last in Pro League means u're directly relegated to Premier. But what happened? First ESL changed the elimination rule for a elimination match. VP couldn't even win against T3 PENTA. Oh they failed again ? Dw bro ESL got ur back. Let's make a stupid ass voting rule which other T2 teams has no chance against one of the fan favorite VP.
2016-08-03 20:44
Australia Ohnorepo 
Even VP aren't sure if they definitely deserve. But giving it to one of the other 3 teams will definitely end in another team ending the way VP did last season. ESL is a business that does need to make money to continue to operate and unfortunately or fortunate (depending on your outlook) that means the most popular and one of the most profitable teams are going to get invited back (or at least should have been invited back, not this stupid voting thing). But looking at VP's form the last 3 months has shown they're the better choice out of the 4 teams there if you want to make the matches competitive and entertaining. Which is what ESL needs to do if they want to make money.
2016-08-03 21:18
Virtus.premier the silver grandpa clan who gets free invite after losing every fucking match last season, including a deciding bo3 vs PENTA. Fuck that shit team
2016-08-03 18:58
+1 idc about how many fangays they have they didn't deserve it. They should auto-demoted to Premier but first ESL forced them to play against PENTA and now this shit.
2016-08-03 20:36
While I understand,that VP do not deserve a spot in Pro League based by voting and they should accept their fate and play in Premier, saying that VP is shit,is lying. They were in slump,getting rekt Online everytime,but they showed up on ELEAGUE afterall,which COULD probably mean that they are out of their slump. And I guess,that if ex-winout would not be in the vote,you would not even said a word.
2016-08-03 20:44
ex-winout is not related to VP. They're in different regions.
2016-08-03 20:48
Oh,ur right. Thanks for correcting ;)
2016-08-03 21:29
We all know VP is the "best" of the wildcard teams. But they either didn't care about ESL or they just fucked up badly. To bend the rules to give them not only a 2nd, but a 3rd chance just shows how fucking biased ESL are.
2016-08-03 19:14
Didn't care about ESL? LUL
2016-08-03 20:36
Brazil subconsious 
Who cares? They are top1 atm, would be shame to play ESL PL without them:>
2016-08-03 20:45
top1 because they won against worst Fnatic in last 2 years lul
2016-08-03 20:50
Brazil subconsious 
dont cry, i can feel ur asshole being pinched :^)
2016-08-03 21:00
lul poorlack acting like their scene is relevant. 4-18 in 22 matches lul top1 lul
2016-08-03 21:10
Brazil subconsious 
triggered <3
2016-08-03 21:25
I'm triggered by idiocy of ESL.
2016-08-03 21:28
2016-08-03 20:56
Zero | 
Slovakia Gramo 
Top1? xd.. aren't you from poland? Och shit
2016-08-03 21:09
dis is what shroud said on stream, I'm reporting u for plagiarism
2016-08-03 21:06
It's the most obvious thing in the world. U have to be dumb or poorlack for not seeing it.
2016-08-03 21:11
Zero | 
Slovakia Gramo 
I voted 4 ENCE. Hope 4 another trolls too. Vuck FP
2016-08-03 21:08
I voted for GODSENT. Vuck FP.
2016-08-03 21:10
Slovakia Argait 
where can i vote? :)))))))))
2016-08-03 21:47
Slovakia Argait 
ty Edit: on first i tought this "vote thing" is a joke :D
2016-08-04 00:01
Sadly not.
2016-08-04 14:29
They don't deserve the spot. However though, no one wants to really sit and watch VP steamroll through Premier.
2016-08-03 21:54
Like Pro League teams steamrolled over them? :>
2016-08-03 21:55
Lmao true but I'd rather see them get rolled in Pro than them roll others in Premier. I mean who honestly in Premier can handle playing in pro league outside of VP? It will just be a massacre.
2016-08-03 22:48
United States HEUGO1 
I think they were disqualified from proleague fair and square. They shouldn't be in an online tournament if they played like absolute dog shit last season. Give Gambit or Godsent a chance... I would love to see pronax.
2016-08-04 03:37
Portugal dascouves 
I love how there is people mainly VP players and polish fans, saying that its deserved because of last results and since they've gotten good results after going out ESL is given them one more chance. So why do it vote wise and not just invite the 2 stronger teams out there that dindt qualify for EPL? And if its because of it why not just say VP ur are the wildcard, be happy we gave u another chance and this time dont fuck it up? Why did ESL as soon as VP.Premier happened change the rules like in one or two days after they said that they wont compete on Premier (LUL btw why are they saying that? because they think is not strong because of the powerfull aimlocks of byali, and the SUPER HYPER MEGA awareness of Snax? LUL if u lost on pro level then u are a fucking premier team, so its fair for u to play against the other premiers teams) Other thing i dont get is Taz the humble guy, saying this shit: Invites were based on results? Still, don't worry, u still have big chance to beat us "online", if any of us get the votes. Is he dumb or does he not follow the scene of the "premier" teams that he apparently thinks they are all shit and nowhere near VP.Premier level LUL. Godsent would playin even better on lan why is he complaining about online? LUL i really hope they lose that shitty wildcard match, and if thats the case lets see what ESL will do. OMG NEW RULE ANNOUCED ONE LUCKY PREMIER TEAM WILL GET RANDOMLY INTO THE PRO LEAGUE, WE DID A RANDOM.ORG AND VP WAS THE CHOSEN ONE CONGRATULATIONS. If they did want to really do a wildcard thing, wich is bullshit, the whole point of this is because VP is out, why not just do 4 matches then?? Is ESL to busy or what? Ohhhhh i know, they are scared VP lose against those Premier teams....
2016-08-04 03:50
Portugal dascouves 
They lost fair ans square so they should be in premier. Btw if a team refuses to play in premier, they should be banned and never play on the pro league again. Why are they disrespecting so much the other premier teams? LUL VP are good LUL
2016-08-04 03:53
Australia Ohnorepo 
VP stated they were going to skip Premier league because the obvious drop in form means they needed to look at options. When they dropped out they were still toying with the idea of a roster change. It had nothing to do with disrespect. It was a tactical decision to help them get out of their slump.
2016-08-04 04:49
South Africa rAwRzZz 
Teams arent being promoted to the league any other way this season... So what if VP was relegated? They should still be able to get back into the league just like all other teams... They could have directly invited VP, but they didn't so be grateful other teams have a chance...
2016-08-04 04:02
Are u dumb? 12th place was getting auto-relegated until this season. They changed it after VP got last place and VP played against PENTA thanks to that change for relegation. And they still failed. Now they made a new bullshit voting thing for helping VP. They'll just directly invite VP probably if they fail again.
2016-08-04 14:38
World fox>Kennys 
you know that vp sponsored by russian corrupt bilionaire ?
2016-08-04 04:24
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