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f0rest | 
Brazil MommyStealer 
No one died so I think it was good.
2016-08-06 05:40
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How many people do you think have gotten Zika already?
2016-08-06 05:46
only 1
2016-08-06 05:48
how are you recovering?
2016-08-06 05:48
based god FitGuy has returned.
2016-08-06 05:49
I dont think I have Zika
2016-08-06 05:52
million LUL
2016-08-06 07:25
I really enjoyed the old guy with the guitar.
2016-08-06 05:48
Brazil barbs 
>look at flag >Brazil >close thread
2016-08-06 05:55
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
2016-08-06 06:35
Denmark qwedsa 
No one died, so it was boring.
2016-08-06 05:59
2 for 10
2016-08-06 06:02
it was good my friend, too bad the government tries to host the Olympics with more important shit that concerns them going on.
2016-08-06 06:03
United States Cheezyshooter 
2016-08-06 06:05
looool they built fences to hide the favelas hA ha ha Ha HA HAH h Aha H
2016-08-06 06:12
2016-08-06 06:15
2016-08-06 07:21
yes it is my friend ;(
2016-08-06 07:27
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
It was rly good xD
2016-08-06 06:18
Switzerland pazzo0 
Was cool, 8/10
2016-08-06 06:22
United States jub672 
Well their was no explosions or gunfire from mooselem so good so far
2016-08-06 06:22
As shitty as Brazil is, it's good that it's not in Europe. I'll take muggings and zika over suicide bombers and groups of gunmen, or giant trucks...
2016-08-06 06:29
yes and people in syria are so terrorists fuck them for beign mad at american sfor destroying their country and still petrol and rape the womans how dare they
2016-08-06 06:32
Which is why they attack Belgium, France, Spain, etc and blow up airplanes full of Dutch people.
2016-08-06 06:34
Get ur facts straight they did not attack spain, they attacked countries that bombed them like uSA
2016-08-06 06:33 - maybe you don't remember this, you were probably 2 years old.
2016-08-06 06:35
wow ur point? they also attacked America?i was actually 8
2016-08-06 06:36
Good for you. I'm so happy the Olympics aren't in Europe... especially not a peasant country like Poortugal.
2016-08-06 06:37
dude america is also a shithole wtf u talking about u have millions gorillas there killing people ur crime rate is one of the highest pe r 100.000 habitants , u ahve shootings in the school by native people u dont need terrorist xd
2016-08-06 06:38
It should have been in the US so it could have got shot up then we could all watch FOX news and eat McDonalds
2016-08-06 06:32
Why would it get shot up in the U.S.? The olympics have been in the U.S. many times and it was never shot up... however in Munich 72 some olympians were killed. So, I don't see your point.
2016-08-06 06:33
I was going for the HLTV sterotype
2016-08-06 06:58
Wasn't a shooting but in 1996 there was a bombing @ the summer games in Atlanta.
2016-08-06 07:23
3rd world/10
2016-08-06 06:31
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
2016-08-06 06:35
NBC destroyed it, they cut half the things
2016-08-06 06:37
2016-08-06 06:39
os caras conseguiram ser pior do que a globo, se eu nao tivesse assistido a versao original, ia achar que a cerimonia foi uma bosta
2016-08-06 06:41
Vários americanos tão reclamando que tá ruim muito por conta da transmissão msm. Melhor cerimonia até hj e os caras trolando...
2016-08-06 06:42
ya melhor cerimonia so pk e no teus pais enfim povo ridiculo fanboy e patriota
2016-08-06 06:55
chora filho da puta
2016-08-06 07:02
chora preto da merda
2016-08-06 07:05
não sobrevive uma hora aqui no rio seu fudidinho
2016-08-06 07:11
refugee olympic team xd
2016-08-06 07:06
Fuck NBC annoying ass commentary in the background and cut some much
2016-08-06 07:10
Brazil brancowhite 
Everyone is saying this. So bad. =/
2016-08-06 07:40
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