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watch this video i think community should spam valve about fixing the game broken bullet registry
2016-08-13 23:24
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what color should it be?
2016-08-13 23:39
his shots missed. edit: nice yellow thread tho
2016-08-13 23:41
only first shot missed bro
2016-08-13 23:43
Brunei Jizzy 
THey dont care about CS nub
2016-08-13 23:45
Why does he keeps on asking where the bullet went, when 1 second after we can see the bullet going against the wall. Am I wrong? If so, explain it to me :/
2016-08-13 23:45
he missed both times, dont cry
2016-08-13 23:45
both? There was 3 shots not 2, and some of them hit this guy :)
2016-08-13 23:47
what about this, start at 2:05
2016-08-13 23:50
shox | 
World akkf32 
first shot missed by an inch second shot missed cuz nubazoid was moving when he fired his shot third shot was under his arm in conclusion, nubazoid is a raging silver nub who blames the game instead of his shitty skills or lack of^^
2016-08-14 00:00
Sweden godname 
#10 u are realy stupid
2016-08-14 00:02
shox | 
World akkf32 
are u silver??
2016-08-14 00:05
why people complain, we all know game is shit, valve care only about money, they will update the game when people start massively leaving
2016-08-14 00:10
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