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U.S. Swimmers robbed (Brazil)
United States JonathanTHEBLACKMAN It was going good boys. Ah, something had to happen. A bit funny that they posed as officers, well played.
2016-08-14 19:53
expected from favela i guess ?
2016-08-14 19:55
Germany No_Kappa 
There were never robbed. They vandalized a bathroom in a gas station while drunk and then made up this shit story. Typical burger lying just like their next president. "Ryan Lochte apologizes for behavior in Rio" Perhaps mommy doesn't give them enough attention and they realized they will never be even the shadow of what Phelps is. So they seek attention in other ways.
2016-08-19 19:25
2016-08-14 19:55
2016-08-14 19:56
If I was one of the athletes there I would go only where I absolutely needed to and nowhere else. Going out into Rio is a big mistake
2016-08-14 19:57
2016-08-14 20:01
expected from RIO Kappa
2016-08-14 20:01
brazil bester best we have yum food! brazil best cs in world forever! brazil bestest brazil highest iq! smart then anyone in world!! brazil best athletes and best nice people!! brazil bestest top1 forever!! brazil bester army then burgers!!! brazil the best n1!!!!
2016-08-14 20:05
Canada pokz 
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA those swimmers burguers are so dumb, they faked this robbery cause they were cheating they girls?? typical burguers Liers
2016-08-18 23:02
2016-08-18 23:03
I think you clicked on the wrong flag in your profile
2016-08-18 23:04
Lives in an English speaking country and doesn't know the difference between liars and liers lel. Also, Lochte was the only one that lied. Typical spastic retard on the internet.
2016-08-18 23:08
Canada has two official languages, ignorant fuck.
2016-08-18 23:08
I'm well aware of that. English is one of the two national languages. It shares the place for the most important language in the country.
2016-08-18 23:09
What's your point? I've been to Montreal and Quebec City most people never use English, it's very likely that for pokz, English is a second language. How important English is is irrelevant. It's equally as important as French. Do you ridicule people from Manitoba or Ontario for not speaking perfect French I wonder. But of course, I know you're a fucking retard because I've seen your posts before so I know logic isn't something that comes easily for you.
2016-08-18 23:11
You have a point. I stupidly jumped on a simple grammar mistake because it was an easy target. If you've seen my posts you've probably seen that I'm more than willing to admit when I'm wrong.
2016-08-18 23:13
Canada pokz 
dude im just a brazilian who lived in edmonton for a year and i really liked the place, just it dont bother
2016-08-18 23:13
Canada pokz 
are u mad cause ur ppl are the worst kind of human being?
2016-08-18 23:09
Have any data or literally anything other than your own bias, that probably comes from watching the news or jumping on the hate bandwagon on the internet, to prove that statement?
2016-08-18 23:11
Canada pokz 
to prove that they were lying?
2016-08-18 23:15
There's no debate about Lochte lying. That dude's an idiot and Brazil is getting undeserved hate for it. From what I've heard, he's always been a cunt. I'm just saying it's ridiculous to say that Americans are the worst kind of people. Generalizations just get under my skin.
2016-08-18 23:17
Canada pokz 
but u guys are, there is no doubt about it, u and many others may not be, but the majority thinks because they country is better than the others in many aspects they think that themselves are better than others and i saw that when i had US friends in canada, and also history proves that US in general are a arrogant. but im not pointing fingers tho just saying and i know u know its true
2016-08-18 23:22
The US is far from the best country and more and more Americans are realizing that. I don't understand the logic behind the brief experience of one man proving that the majority of 320 million people are the same. Even if you somehow met millions of Americans that were total cunts, generalizing Americans would still have no merit because there are hundreds of millions of others that you have no idea about. I'm not trying to argue that the US is some amazing country. It's screwed up in an unbelievable number of ways and there are far too many terrible people here, but a statement like that is still ridiculous.
2016-08-18 23:28
Canada pokz 
by that logic ppl cant also say that rio is a dangerous place, cause not everybody here is a theif, but i know that this is fuckeup place, and a few ppl compare to the whole city itself or even the whole country can change the status of a place.
2016-08-18 23:32
That's kind of different. Someone saying "Rio is a shitty place and everyone there is a criminal" would be comparable.
2016-08-18 23:48
Haps dont feed this fucking troll. He is full
2016-08-18 23:43
20% french speaking
2016-08-18 23:09
We are loyal, We are friendly, We are from Bra71l
2016-08-18 23:08
lmao what did you expect from favela nation?
2016-08-18 23:10
Brazil Mirekz 
it was a lie shithead
2016-08-18 23:11
Brazil is an american to??
2016-08-18 23:18
Well, I mean, Ryan Lochte's IQ is about 80.
2016-08-18 23:15
They have a lot of wealth people who can afford swim lessons/clubs Even before that - schools have pool. A lot of kids are exposed to swimming. Certainly not all, but a lot. Big youth swimming infrastructure - YMCA, club, high school. College swimming. Seriously, many major American universities (NCAA Division 1) have world-class facilities and coaches and trainers who are the best. No other country combines school and sports like americans do. That's not always a good thing, but it's great for swimming. Generally, a swimmer who wins an NCAA championship (or in some events simply finishes in the top 3) has a damn good chance of competing at a high level internationally. So no other countrys have the infrastructure for that. Every good sportsman get the chance to be great an get all for free (school, college, University) and 90 % are stupid as fuck. You have only to be great as sport otherthings dont matter. In germany for example you dont get a chance to be great @ sport like swimming, if you are not good at school too. (not in soccer, so you can be stupid too) :D
2016-08-18 23:16
In America you need to hold a certain GPA to play athletics. Sure, you could be fucking retarded but if you go below the GPA then you can't play.
2016-08-19 19:24
Outside of school you can be as dumb as you want buy the majority of athletes are pretty smart
2016-08-19 19:25
United States clrksml Explosion at Maracana Stadium... Ramp at Olympic sailing venue collapses... Australian team evacuated due to fire... Australian athletes robbed during fire evacuation... Olympic flame stolen and extinguished... Athletes told to "keep mouth shut" due to contaminated water... Brazilian police officer robbed of gun... Chinese athlete robbed after thief faked being drunk... German sailor infected by multi-resistant bacteria, blames Rio's polluted water... Private security firm Artel hired to provide security fired after providing 500 contractors instead of 3,400... Shots fired in favela near Linx hotel, Jamaican team is not concerned... AP reports that ingesting three teaspoons of Rio's polluted water is enough to almost certainly contract any form of virus... Rio's air does not meet WHO's standard... Danish athletes subject to numerous thefts... Olympic stadium forcibly opened via boltcutter after keys were lost... Riot police mobilized to clear our protestors, tear gas and rubber bullets used... Swedish tourists held at gunpoint temporarily near favela... Wrong Nigerian national anthem played during Nigeria-Japan football game... Press "expressly prohibited" to make .gifs of the Olympics... Australian swimming team concerned about the quality of the pool water... More than 1000 United States intelligence operatives sent to Rio in order to protect American athletes and staff... Brazilian football legend Pele will not ignite the olympic flame, cites health reasons related muscle pain and recent surgery... Moroccan boxer arrested due to sexual assault... Swimwear belonging to Great Britain's athletes gone missing... No coffee at the Olympic Village. Caffeinated Coca Cola products provided instead... IOC bans media from capturing footage of the Olympic Village, fears further negative publicity... Taiwan forced to compete under name and flag of 'Chinese Taipei', sparks anger... Shot fired near Olympic equestrian centre, suspected to be stray military bullet... Controlled explosion carried out by Rio bomb squad near finish line... Man found dead near Maracana stadium during Olympics opening ceremony... Olympic rowers face horrible conditions, leaves Serbian boat capsized... Rio thief who stole expensive camera equipment caught by the very same camerman he stole from... Olympic kayaker capsized after colliding with submerged sofa... French vaulter Samir Ait Said suffers horrific leg break, NSFW... French vaulter Samir Ait Said dropped while being carried to the ambulance... Woman and mugger shot dead near Maracana stadium... Australians robbed at knifepoint near Ipanema Beach... All Russian athletes banned from Paralympics, International Paralympic Committee cites doping scandal...
2016-08-18 23:23
Europe Dan Zero 
you forgot the German coach that got killed
2016-08-18 23:26
He was ran over by a car.
2016-08-18 23:38
Europe Dan Zero 
He was in a cap and died in an car accident. Still because of favela driving.
2016-08-19 19:08
Russian athletes getting banned has nothing to do with Favelas.
2016-08-18 23:27
2016-08-19 19:19
Were they robbed or were they lying?
2016-08-18 23:25
Canada pokz 
lying for some pathetic reason
2016-08-18 23:33
Sweden W1sps 
This has already been proved that he faked it. Him and 2 other swimmers got piss drunk and peed all over a gas station after getting ticked by 2 prostitutes
2016-08-18 23:29
fer? coldzera? maybe taco+fnx?
2016-08-18 23:34
They lied
2016-08-18 23:39
Russia cuba_libre10 
expected from favela
2016-08-19 19:11
he made it up
2016-08-19 19:12
or the police paid him to admit he made it up :D
2016-08-19 19:13
No, he paid police to admit it.
2016-08-19 19:18
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